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  1. You guys that only post one page from a story force me to go read the thing on Comic Book Plus...I love how they made William Randolph Hearst the villain in the 2nd story, calling him William Furst, the newspaper publisher...
  2. Don't delete the Startling...that's a great cover...just change the statement...
  3. I see 1 Nedor and 1 Fiction House. Am I missing the other Fiction House book?
  4. Sometimes it's good to take a chance...MCS called this a 4.0... It does have a small spine split at the bottom...but 4.0?
  5. they got real original toward the end with the cover themes (except for #20). LOL "I'm going to kill you now"..."No, I'M going to kill you..."
  6. 3 more yesterday... This one is Beat but complete...looks like a dog took a bite out of the lower right cover edge...
  7. Did you mean the book looks rather low-grade? Because I didn't offer a grade for it...
  8. I thought about that when I saw the scan, and I did look...but no check marks. That's the wrong style of check mark for a Cosmic Aero book anyway...
  9. I don't really have a history of sales with the book, just a history of buying one in 1979. It was $150... I guess it's worth more than that now... But I don't want to sell it...
  10. I'm one of those geezers you hear about on this forum, and I can't remember what comics I've posted here's a few from pick-ups in the last year or so... I used to own the Mile High copy of Gang Busters #3, and I was always afraid to read it. You know, possible damage, so this year I picked up a lower grade copy to read...