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  1. Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know the last of my slabbed 30 cent variants: Xmen 98, 99, and 100 are up on ComicLink and ending tonight in about 9 hours. Good luck and thank you for the continued support! X-Men 30 cent price variants ending tonight
  2. Thanks and the book looks as pretty as ever. I hope those Whites are still in your collection.
  3. Thank you all for the continued support.Tonight's offerings start with one of the hardest 30 cent variants to find, much less in this condition: SGT. FURY #134 and will go on down through WEIRD WONDER TALES #17, another rare horror price variant. Good luck tonight. ComicLink price variant auctions ending tonight
  4. 10 year sabbatical to find myself? Nah, just raising kids and focusing on family life. miss these animated forum emojis
  5. Thanks goes to anyone who bid on auctions that ended last night: Adventures on the Planet of the Apes 5 all the way down through Fantastic Four 173. If you've missed out, there are more ending tonight and tommorow night. Tonight's offerings start at one of my favorites: Howard the Duck 3 and will go on down through Luke Cage Power Man 34. Best of luck in acquiring any of these high-grade specimens of one of the coolest rarities I've ever come across in collecting comics. ComicLink price variant auctions ending tonight
  6. Carl, You have been away so long and still have over three times as many posts as I do. Hope your auctions go well, my friend. Harry, thanks buddy. They are going pretty well so far and I'm hoping they are finding their way back to board members or new enthusiasts up for a challenging goal. The number of posts attests to the amount of time I lived on these boards back then. I already seen some comic related TV series threads in General that I've been keeping some tabs on. Digging thru stock to see if I can find more unslabbed price variants I misplaced.
  7. For those who have inquired about any 35 cent variants, I wish I still had some on hand but those were the first to go when I couldn't come close to completing the set. Fortunately they went to one of our CGC forumites.
  8. Just bumping this to say hi and let all the 30 cent price variant enthusiasts know that I had posted a 100+ lot of my high grade near top census copies in the selling via auction forum. Good luck and hope you guys end up filling a hole in your collection. 30 Cent Variant Sales Post
  9. Just wanted to bump this as many auctions are ending tonight. Still plenty of great deals for a high grade 30 cent price variant, especially the for obscure reprint and horror titles. The X-Men variant auctions will be included in their next Feature Auction. Good luck and thank you for your bidding!
  10. As well as can be. Just took a long break but it's definitely been too long. Refocused on health and personal priorities. Glad to see some of the "old" members still active and posting