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  1. Just a sample of the Keys being auctioned off-- over 100 CGC slabs selling! ASM 129, 20, 6, 8, 14, 13, 5, 121, 18 Avengers 1, 57 Iron Man 55 SS GLGA 76 FF 45, 25, 46, 67, 48 Daredevil 2 New Multants 87 TOS 52 Cap America 100, 117, 118
  2. HUGE Silver Bronze Copper Marvel KEY Collection up on eBay Hey all-- I have been selling several books over the last few months and have auctions ending tonight and next week--- will be listing even more over the coming weeks-- several marvel silver age raw lots cgc avengers going tonight FF and spiderman keys going next week GLGA 76 in 9.0... please check em out! thanks!
  3. xmen 20 cgc 8.0 ow-w xmen 29 cgc 8.0 SS thomas WHITE xmen 52 cgc 8.0 WHITE xmen 54 cgc 8.0 xmen 61 cgc 8.0 xmen 85 cgc 7.5 white xmen 85 cgc 9.0 white xmen 89 cgc 8.5 white xmen 94 cgc 8.5 xmen 99 cgc 9.2 oww xmen 100 cgc 9.6 OWW xmen 102 cgc 9.4 xmen 105 cgc 9.0 xmen 105 cgc 9.6 oww xmen 106 cgc 9.2 OWW CL xmen 106 cgc 9.8 OWW CL xmen 108 cgc 9.4 w xmen 110 cgc 9.6 w xmen 110 cgc 9.6 w XMEN 111 CGC 9.0 xmen 112 cgc 9.4 xmen 113 cgc 9.6 oww Xmen 115 CGC 9.2 OWW xmen 119 cgc 9.6 XMEN 122 CGC 9.4 XMEN 125 CGC 9.2 xmen 125 cgc 9.6 white XMEN 126 CGC 9.2 xmen 127 cgc 9.8 OW-W xmen 128 cgc 9.6 w xmen 129 cgc 9.6 xmen 129 cgc 9.6 oww xmen 130 cgc 9.4 white xmen 133 cgc 9.6 xmen 137 cgc 9.6 xmen 140 cgc 9.6 xmen 141 cgc 9.6
  4. ebay seller : halroark selling Marvel Omnibus' 12 different also high grade X-men Silver and Bronze age I have many items not listed for sale, PM me if you have any specific interests
  5. So sometime last week, Ebay eliminated the option to view by Number of Bidders. This was only available when you first filtered Auction format, but it was the way I preferred to go through listings. You can go to Advanced Search Options and Filter by of bids with a range of 0 to 999, but this does not accomplish the same results. Wondering how everyone else performs their searches on Ebay --?- This effects not only me as a buyer, but also how I will be planning to list books in the future Any thoughts/comments are appreciated!
  6. I started collecting these and have a few of the bigger name titles-- they are heavy and taking up shelf space--- wondering if these will be reprinted (I think some already have) or if you think they will retain (or stay OOP and go up in value?) In other words, keep em or list em? ASM 1-2 FF 1-2 and Byrne Journey into Mystery X-Men 1-2 Daredevil Miller 1 thanks for any thoughts!
  7. I just cant stomach paying 300-800 for a book that has been mass produced and came out last month--- the miller sketch one went for 1600.00...
  8. Insanity---
  9. All great advice--- hard not to get a little caught up in the frenzy I see on Ebay over some of these books--- I went into my LCBS yesterday and saw that issue 2 also had variants selling for 15 and 20 apiece, but I wasn't a fan of the art--- I want to read the story, but I guess I'll wait until the trade comes out --- thanks--
  10. With 50 different covers, I am at a loss as to which cover will end up being worthless and which ones will gain in value--- add in the signature series options and it's already mind blowing what I am seeing on Ebay--- Is there a site that accurately tells the number of copies actually made for each version of cover? when they say 1 in 50, that tells me something. but if they are printing 5 billion copies, and there are 40 variants that are all 1 in 50, I would think that that reduces the value--- I'm guessing the Miller Variant cover with Miller's signature might be desirable, but I'm just curious if there are any other specifically known covers that are more sought after--- thanks! Happy New Year Everyone!