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  1. And this as well, if I met the free threshold. Edit: Dammit, top of page again, sorry
  2. Dang, work caused me to miss the 119/120. Can add these to the pile, please.
  3. No Quarter

    GPA Help, Please

    Thank you very much guys. I really do appreciate.
  4. No Quarter

    GPA Help, Please

    So, had someone take some stuff from my house, including a copy of ASM 129 I had, pretty much the jewel of my collection. I purchased the book on eBay in November, so it was tracked by GPA. I have an account, but current don't have much use for a subscription again, except to get the number on the book. Was really hoping that someone with an account would be nice enough to get me the CGC number on the book for the police report. The issue is the 5.5 that sold in November 2016 for $415 with a B1 next to it. I will be getting a subscription again, just can't really buy comics right now, so don't have to much need for it currently. I was hoping that you could look at your collection when logged in without a subscription, but you can't (that is the only comic in my collection ) The eBay purchase history picture is too small to make the serial out on and the other pics have been deleted. I appreciate any help that anyone could give. Also welcome all th criticism for not cataloging my collection better
  5. I liked having the option of the all button. Was nice to view all of a thread at once if I was late and there were already multiple pages.
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    Can't access previous PMs

    I've also got a 1 after my name and no PMs.