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  1. Dre I’ll take an SS Campbell wolverine.
  2. Rich—I’ll take that tenth spot on this one if possible. Thanks
  3. Dre—I’ll take a graded ‘tec 880 and a raw if possible. Thanks
  4. Rich, I'll take one of the Realm #1 Convention exclusives, and a signing tour waitlist spot. Thanks
  5. AJsLongboxComics

    Dragon Con Facilitator?

    Anyone aware of anyone else who may be facilitating? Darrell unfortunately is unable to make the con.
  6. AJsLongboxComics

    Dragon Con Facilitator?

    I'm just wondering if anyone will be facilitating for Dragon Con? I have several books for Stan/Bagley others that I'd like to get done. Thanks
  7. I'll take a Batman adaptation CGC 9.8SS Keaton per pm.
  8. Rich-- ill take a Darth maul action figure variant ray park s/s with quote if possible. Will PM info.
  9. Please add to this and all future pm's.
  10. I think so. I know it's all relative to opinion, but I think the cover looks great personally. From a value/collectible perspective I think it's a good buy also. I tried tracking one down before it hit the 'bay with the markups to no avail.
  11. AJsLongboxComics

    New Venom

    I'm seeing 21 listed and sold and 4 on the 'bay when I search "Venom 3 Campbell"
  12. Hello-- I have just listed a CGC 4.0 copy of Showcase #4, a CGC 7.5 Copy of Fantastic Four 45, a CGC 8.0 copy of FF 46, a 9.4 copy of FF #44, and a whole bunch of nice moderns on my eBay account. Thanks for looking! http://www.ebay.com/usr/ajslongboxcomics