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  1. There were a couple of 2-pack from Kenner with Star Wars Shadows of the Empire comics. Also a few years back, Hasbro packed in comic reprints with Transformers figures.
  2. Devcon, Autobot Bounty Hunter by Dan Khanna and Serge LaPointe. Appeared in one episode of the original G1 Transformers cartoon, and a couple of Fan Club comic issues. Image used in Fan Club comic profile page.
  3. Same here. Plus cheaper tickets, free parking, and yes the superior guest list has made this my go to BIG con for Southern New England. It's been run well the times I've attended which is a HUGH plus over the other large area cons. Plus the casino aspects (gambling, shops, eating) makes it a great destination.
  4. Looks like IDW is in fact rebooting the universe. https://www.seibertron.com/transformers/news/new-idw-transformers-comics-reboot-confirmed-for-2019/41798/ I'm both sad and interested at this news. I like that this universe has lasted as long, and as many issues, as it has, but I feel that there is way too much to remember with the number of series and one-shots. Hopefully the new universe will be a little more concise and streamlined. Maybe one on-going series (monthly or possible bi-monthly when able) with a couple one-shots or a mini-series in a year? Basically an easy to understand reading order would help too. No crazy time jumps across different series and one-shots.
  5. Transformers UK #124 painted cover by William Simpson & John Burns
  6. Published: Transformers: Robots in Disguise #29 Subscription Cover by Casey W. Coller
  7. Arrived Friday safe and sound! SPOON!!!!!!!!! Thanks again vsndesigns!!!
  8. Thanks vsndesigns! What a great way to start the New Year!!
  9. I believe they started in the Bay Back Convention Center, moved on to the Westin in the seaport, then the Hines Convention Hall, and finally the World Trade Center. Not sure what it will be like with the new owners at the BCEC. Hope ticket prices aren't going up. $40 for a day (plus parking/T fare) made it tough.
  10. Yeah, overall I'd say the DW stuff was not good. At the time I was all kinds of happy for a new TF series, as the Marvel one was what I grew up with, and started my comic collection! I seem to remember DW saying that their series were to fill in the gaps from the old cartoon season 2 and the movie, buy the 1st mini blew that out of the water as the supposedly killed off Wheeljack and the Aerialbots, if I remember correctly. I ended up really liking the Armada/Energon series a lot! That was probably the only one I missed after they went under.