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  1. Now that image has better logo placement! And yes, Shockwave gun is a nice touch, but why is Optimus wielding Megatron?
  2. Dig the Optimus one, Soundwave not so much. Maybe its the placement of the logo partially covering his head? Or that hand? But its a set, and nice score!!
  3. Yes, I agree! Galaxies has been great, with the main series, while interesting, could had a condensed the story so far. Though if whats happened so far was only 12 issues, it still would be deemed slow.
  4. I think #2 of '84 is out next week. Digging it so far! Art is superbly great and retro!
  5. Ah, Mr. Big Toyland! Anyone in the Boston area watching Force Five and Starblazers knew all about this place! Constant commercials lead to constant nagging of the parents to bring you there. When I finally got there, it was like heaven! Child World was also where I remember getting my Star Wars toys. Then there was I believe a place I think was called Tons n' Tons of Toys. Bought many a Transformers from there!
  6. Arrived safe and sound last week! (sorry for the delay in notice!) Thanks again! You rock!
  7. Haven't got many sketch covers done, even though I keep buying the blanks when I see them! Last weekend changed that! ROM by Joe St. Pierre, and Supergirl by Hannibal King at the Super MegaFest in Framingham, MA.
  8. Attended with kpaqu1 on Sunday. Seemed less crowded than last year, but that was a plus in my mind! Was able to get 2 live sketches from Barry Kitson and Tom Grummett, plus prelims from Greg Hildebrandt and Barry Kitson. Still my go to Big Con for New England! The free parking, reasonable ticket price, creator guests, and choice of food options and slots from the casino make it outstanding!
  9. Starlin does not do any art anymore, not commissions or any production art, due to a home soda maker exploding and putting a hole in his hand, as he put it. It's too bad too since he was working on a new Dreadstar series, that now will not happen. I saw him at a Con last year, I never thought to ask for a remark due to the long line. He was charging $10 per signature, and had maybe a dozen prints that were $20 signed. I'm happy I got the below remark about 9 years ago. He had absolutely no line then, and signatures were free! We talked a few minutes, then on the last book I asked if he could d
  10. There were a couple of 2-pack from Kenner with Star Wars Shadows of the Empire comics. Also a few years back, Hasbro packed in comic reprints with Transformers figures.
  11. Devcon, Autobot Bounty Hunter by Dan Khanna and Serge LaPointe. Appeared in one episode of the original G1 Transformers cartoon, and a couple of Fan Club comic issues. Image used in Fan Club comic profile page.