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  1. This one. It means HA waves the seller's premium and you also receive a piece of the buyer's premium. Of course they aren't doing this for every Hulk 181 you send in, it applies to better material on a case by case basis.
  2. We are pretty much on the same page, except I'm still not sure I believe the movie hype thing affects anything at the very top. Yes, in 1989 we sold every Batman item that wasn't nailed down (and even a few that were) and it might drive $5 comics to $500, but I don't think anyone who isn't a collector sees the Batman movie and decides they need to spend $1 million on a comic. But it definitely makes existing collectors who were already predisposed to buying books more likely to do so.
  3. I think this is precisely why comics continue to be such good investments. They mix the perfect level of desirability and more importantly availability with nostalgia and investment. If you collect some of the other things (like rare movie posters) it can literally be decades in between one of the "mega-keys" being offered, but with comics you can pretty much track down anything you want with a little patience. The Dracula one-sheet that Fishler has is the only known copy, and he bought it more than 25 years ago - if that's the piece you want, you are pretty much out of luck, he's not selling and there aren't any more. There are four different style Dracula one-sheets known to exist, but if you add up all the known copies together you can still do it on two hands. If you want an Action 1 though, that's cool there will be a few offered this year, take your pick. When things are impossible to find, and never come to market, people get an out of sight, out of mind mentality about it and can get frustrated and give up, but they are also less likely to view it as a legitimate investment since it's so hard to track sales data (and as much as I bash the OSPG, this is another leg up we have on most of those other hobbies - a price guide that comes out every year to "verify" how the investments are doing). A first edition Frankenstein sounds really cool, but where's the sales data to let me know how this has performed over the years, or the guide to make sure I am really getting a complete first edition, etc.
  4. If you go by multiples of guide, FC3 destroyed SC3.
  5. I guess, I know we sold some above that price around that time, but bargains are around. Probably could have gotten a solid VG Cap #1 at that time though if you were lucky. And certainly could get solid copies of AS8 and WW1.
  6. Cap 1 for sure. Bat 1 would have already passed 4K to be able to get a complete copy
  7. 5 minute listing. good deal for the buyer, that double cover 50 looks really nice.
  8. Shouldn't that make you happy? Gators might have a chance to end the season (and a 4-game losing streak) by knocking off the #1 team in the country. (though I probably just jinxed it by even suggesting that)
  9. Do you buy into the ESPN line that OSU is the preseason #1 post spring practice? and who do you have as your upcoming top 5?
  10. One of three books that is at the magical "100K per point" status (as compared to 25 years ago when there were maybe three 100K books in the entire hobby). It will not be slowing down anytime soon.
  11. So you are saying we are missing Ewert and Dupcak? And if discussing (in)famous dealers/people, I would suggest that Maybruck was pretty darn important in helping to focus on investment in comics via key issues/high grade copies.
  12. This cover has always been identified as Sprang and pretty sure he verified that fact.
  13. Certainly Bob didn't do the art on this Joker-puppet litho, so I don't know why anyone would think he did the art on the sketch either
  14. Also my favorite - this one absolutely rocks!
  15. Very cool. Still wish you had gotten that Tec 27 I brought down to show you one time...