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  1. If the HG copies get bounced around that much, wouldn't that mean all the 9.8s get damaged on the way to CGC and already end up in a 9.6 or 9.4 holder? And I think that 9.9 Hulk 181 would hit at least $300K today, regardless of past stories about it.
  2. Will you all be selling the rest of the collection in your next auction?
  3. If you compare the overall structure, spine, deepness of colors and ink reflectivity of the Pay Copy to the recently sold Windy City copy, it's just not even close. Plus it's got great cover centering and doesn't have the interior miscut so many copies possess. It's an amazing book. The 9.0 grade is incredibly harsh for the actual level of preservation of the book, so they must have severely downgraded for the writing.
  4. Speaking of room to grow, the 6.5 Tec 27 is still sitting there on Heritage waiting for someone to make an offer if they won't pull the 1.2975 trigger.
  5. So we all know this ended up with Eric ("not the actor") R. , but what is the story of why it isn't with the Dentist? Did he just not want to interrupt the Church run he has, or he didn't offer enough, or you didn't offer it? What's the story there?
  6. I agree it's not always accurate and slightly allows for a wide interpretation. But Brittle is pretty explicit about the integrity of the book. It certainly looks dark in the CC scan (but their scan is darker than HA to start with), and the loose chip inside the holder doesn't inspire confidence. I get if you want to argue brittle to slightly brittle, or brittle to tan, or something along those lines, but brittle to cream/ow is like a 15 point jump.
  7. We were talking about upgrades and page quality upgrades on mega-keys in the other thread, but has anyone seen an unrestored book go from brittle to Cream/OW pages? (and of course the CC description takes it one step further and just claims "white pages"
  8. Full Kane signature, plus the circle at the top is not cut off, what's not to like? (Besides the fact it has already been pressed a couple of times)
  9. Really strange that he claims the book sat in a mylar the entire time until going off to Heritage. No mention of the fact that it was originally graded a 9.0 more than a decade ago. Wonder why that part was left out?
  10. I think these were talked about extensively in the Original art section.
  11. Continuing a semi-theme from the end of last year...
  12. As a side note, is there anyone who thinks Overstreet got it correct and that the 9.4 AA#16 would beat the price of this Bat 1?
  13. who is brave enough to make the next tracking bid? Surely this book is worth more than 11 copies of Detective 359
  14. I bet it crushes that estimate