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  1. I believe Heritage resold a number of the books the following year on behalf of Tadano America. You can't replevy cash, so whatever the guilty party purchased, Tadano could not force them to refund money for the books. I don't know if they removed offers the guilty party made from the website or not. But it appears the actual sales that were made are staying on the website as a part of the historical record.
  2. Gotcha. Horrible feeling for sure. check out - still totally free, and I've never had a failed snipe on ebay yet.
  3. Why didn't you use a snipe service?
  4. most likely, these were bought by the person embezzling funds from Tadano America Corporation and he made the offers once he had secured the money. (just like the AA16 that sold in this auction for nearly 100K more the following week, the Action 1 that sold for 100K more, etc, etc)
  5. wow, is the market really moving this quickly that he could pay a world record price for this just a couple of months ago and already flip it for a profit? will be interesting to watch the auction.
  6. No, not the solicitation copy. I purchased it from the 2nd owner who had bought it in the 70s from the original owner. It was an old label (original old label) 9.0 with White pages. last sold through Heritage in 2004, so you can see it in their archives. For a long time I thought Halperin had bought it, but he said no. Would assume this is the one coming to auction, unless the guy bought the CC one a few months ago and it trying to flip it already.
  7. I had wondered what had become of my Wonder Woman #1 9.0 - guess I will find out how it's doing soon.
  8. Ask Gator

    McElwain is 3-7 vs. ranked teams (was named SEC Coach of the year after going 1-4 vs. ranked teams in 2015) and the Gators are back-to-back SEC East Champions. Wait, is that a question? Oh, I know - How bad is the SEC East that something like that can happen?
  9. This. 100% Yes, Action #1 will always be "the" prestige book and have the wow factor, but it's much easier to find 10 people to buy a 50K book, than one person to buy a 500K book
  10. Bob Lubbers Tribute

    He did 2/3 of all the covers for The Arrow title.
  11. Bob Lubbers Tribute

    With the news of Bob Lubbers passing away this past weekend, I thought it would be a good time to have a dedicated thread to this very talented artist, should be easy with all the Centaur and Fiction House fans we have here. Thanks for the fantastic imagery, Bob.
  12. Jon Berk collection to be auctioned.

    This one. It means HA waves the seller's premium and you also receive a piece of the buyer's premium. Of course they aren't doing this for every Hulk 181 you send in, it applies to better material on a case by case basis.
  13. We are pretty much on the same page, except I'm still not sure I believe the movie hype thing affects anything at the very top. Yes, in 1989 we sold every Batman item that wasn't nailed down (and even a few that were) and it might drive $5 comics to $500, but I don't think anyone who isn't a collector sees the Batman movie and decides they need to spend $1 million on a comic. But it definitely makes existing collectors who were already predisposed to buying books more likely to do so.
  14. I think this is precisely why comics continue to be such good investments. They mix the perfect level of desirability and more importantly availability with nostalgia and investment. If you collect some of the other things (like rare movie posters) it can literally be decades in between one of the "mega-keys" being offered, but with comics you can pretty much track down anything you want with a little patience. The Dracula one-sheet that Fishler has is the only known copy, and he bought it more than 25 years ago - if that's the piece you want, you are pretty much out of luck, he's not selling and there aren't any more. There are four different style Dracula one-sheets known to exist, but if you add up all the known copies together you can still do it on two hands. If you want an Action 1 though, that's cool there will be a few offered this year, take your pick. When things are impossible to find, and never come to market, people get an out of sight, out of mind mentality about it and can get frustrated and give up, but they are also less likely to view it as a legitimate investment since it's so hard to track sales data (and as much as I bash the OSPG, this is another leg up we have on most of those other hobbies - a price guide that comes out every year to "verify" how the investments are doing). A first edition Frankenstein sounds really cool, but where's the sales data to let me know how this has performed over the years, or the guide to make sure I am really getting a complete first edition, etc.
  15. Jon Berk collection to be auctioned.

    If you go by multiples of guide, FC3 destroyed SC3.