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  1. Yes, cello wrapped like the batboat as shown in the first post. Definitely not shrinkwrapped.
  2. Definitely not factory sealed. All Aurora kits from that time have a long seam across the bottom and fold-overs on the ends.
  3. Here is a link to the original discussion about it. The artwork was stolen from DFW Airport, returned to the original owner after a court battle, and then sold privately. It was never offered by Heritage.
  4. The two people whose vote in this actually count disagree with you at this time. Of course, who knows what the Church Action #1 will grade once it's been pressed a few times.
  5. I think you are really underestimating the impact the 60s show had on a lot of young kids/collectors. One who didn't grow up with George Reeves as Superman. A lot of them fell out of collecting and were brought right back in as adults by the 89 film and started collecting again. Saw lots of them in our shop at that time. The first Action #1 I ever sold went to a guy just like that, he loved Batman more than anything, but it was still Action #1. I agree there are lots of kids who like Batman more than Superman, but who knows if they are ever going to want a Tec 27 or Acton 1? Fantasy #15 has been the #1 SA book for such a long time, it's hard to remember back when it wasn't. It has actually been the #1 book for more years now than it hasn't been #1.
  6. All This^ Batman was the #1 title for a few years in the late 60s due to the TV show, the people who watched that as a kid have certainly reached their earnings peak, and while it dipped in the 70s, it has been DC's #1 character since shortly after Dark Knight Returns (and certainly by the time of the '89 movie) with the brief exception of the Death of Superman storyline. That's basically 35 years now as the top character for Batman, but Action #1 is still king. It's most likely not going to change.
  7. The ask for it last year was "only" $12,000, so it's nice to see the value is still rising.
  8. 1) True, I've had some crazy offers emailed to me for the one piece I have on CAF, but have no interest in selling at this point. 2) Yuck, and brings back bad memories of trying to buy pieces at SD from them. Specifically remember they had the cover to #21 on display for a while and I tried my darndest to get a price out of them the entire weekend, only on Sunday to find out Jonathan had bought it for much less than I would have paid. Oh well. 3) Don't leave us hanging - what amazing Godzilla piece?
  9. From Wiki: "The #1 Barris-built Batmobile, built from the original 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car, was purchased by Richard Champagne of Ahwatukee, Arizona at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in January 2013 for $4,620,000. It was subsequently purchased privately by Dr. David Anderson, owner of Batmobile #2, for an undisclosed sum* The #2 Barris-built Batmobile is owned by Dr. David Anderson of Virginia, and has not been repaired or restored. Original purchase price was $225,000. " *Sources state that JamesEdition advertised the Batmobile at $5,000,000, one article I saw suggested it was advertised with a Batcycle, but I can't find any other reference to this.
  10. Rob recently welcomed a new grandbaby into the family and is definitely enjoying life now. I thought I recognized that mustache, but it's been a while since I've heard the voice, so I wasn't sure.
  11. Might as well post up the one from SD that year with Steve showing a VF Action 1 and VF Tec 27
  12. Cap 1 was a year later, so more understandable, but the claimed 2nd print run for Marvel Comics #1 has always mystified me. Superman #1 was current and had gone through three print runs to reach 900,000, and we know that earlier in 1939, sales of Action, Detective, More Fun, and Adventure combined were just over 700,000 copies a month. It just doesn't seem probable that a thrifty publisher made an order 15% higher than the combined total of those four titles. I think it more likely that Goodman misremembered the number in later years, or exaggerated it for effect of how dominant Marvel was to become.
  13. There is no way Bob Kane drew any of those cards.
  14. The Prince Valiant was in the same auction, bringing $40,800. (Are there really 4,000 Prince Valiant Sundays? That seems like a lot.) More pieces from the Jack Kent Collection were also sold last August, some this past February (including another Valiant Sunday and a Mickey daily) and at least one piece is scheduled for July.
  15. That got graded a 6.0? That's also a crime. And yes, your book has much more eye appeal.