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  1. I think they all get killed. But you know, Infinity Stones, time travel, all that Jazz. I mean if Robert Redford is back, they certainly can't kill Cap.
  2. Your Top 3 pick ups of 2017

    That’s just hurtful Maybe if you're lucky no one watched the basketball game tonight also. 4...
  3. That will be reinforced when Cap is the guy that ends up beating Thanos in the Avengers movie.
  4. Your Top 3 pick ups of 2017

    I remember when our softball team won the city league championship. Probably watched by more people than any Gators baseball game.
  5. Well Marvel just lapped DC with but a trailer. "Get this man a shield!"
  6. TEC 27 THREAD.

    was there really an offer of $375K? I think many times CLink lists a book and then does a "highest offer" of just under what the consignor has said they will take just to keep people from wasting their time.
  7. Action Comics 1 - Cover Color Guide

    Except of course the original art from the first page that were cut up for use as the first daily newspaper strip.
  8. That can't be correct. Mitch tells us all the time that it's the Hong Kong billionaires who are rushing to buy these books because of the massive popularity of superhero movies (except for Wonder Woman of course, and that is if they can pry them away from the hands of the Russian oligarchs).
  9. Detective Comics #27 CGC 9.2

    All Star 8?
  10. Detective Comics #27 CGC 9.2

    Would certainly explain why Mastro has said he can't find the 8.0 copy anymore - because there's not one to find. And totally agree. If that very light crease at the bottom right could be made to vanish, very easy to imagine this in a 9.2 holder.
  11. Detective Comics #27 CGC 9.2

    20K would have bought any book in the late 70s. Just ask John Snyder.
  12. MF73 CGC 9.4 Mile High

    What about Plastic Man and Blackhawk? And not to mention Ducks, Tarzan, Lone Ranger and some other Dell titles. Or are we only talking DC characters?
  13. 9.4 All-Star 8 up for auction

    D'oh! correct - and one has sold higher. Supe 1 is such a mega-key I tend to forget it's a non-first appearance. Ok, any non-first appearance outside of Superman #1
  14. 9.4 All-Star 8 up for auction

    or it could be because they didn't feel it was worth a million
  15. 9.4 All-Star 8 up for auction

    How could it be the wrong venue when there has already been a $3 million sale on said venue, and two of the books sold for record prices (double the previous sales)? Almost a million dollars for AS8 (As Duck pointed out - more than any other GA book except Action 1 and Tec 27). and a non-first appearance just sold for more than any other non-first appearance in the history of comics.