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  1. Crowzilla

    Cap 1 vs Bats 1

    Does the other company even have purple labels?
  2. Just have such a hard time with this story, and not just because it seems very opposite of the publicity-minded face of Marvel. If Stan felt so bad about having and selling others' art, why didn't he return the AF15 art to Ditko after the SS4 sale? We know that on at least one other occasion Ditko accepted back art that he believed should have been returned to him. And while I have no problem believing that Ditko told a possible owner who was "gifted" the art from the company he made it for as a work for hire, that it wasn't his and he didn't care what happened to it - I think it would have been a different reaction if it had been Lee himself who had taken the art and then claimed ownership. Was Stan unaware of the initiative of Marvel returning art to the artists in the 80s? Or did he just feel that if he had taken art before it was inventoried that the returning to artists part doesn't apply to him?
  3. But of course Overstreet was just as out of touch then with reality on hot books/covers as it is now. One of the dangers of looking at old guides and assuming you could actually find books for the listed prices. I remember talking to Ernie Gerber about buying the Suspense 3 he had pictured in the photo journal and asked him if 10x (new) Guide would pry it out of his hands when much to my surprise he told me he had already sold it to Majik for a higher multiple.
  4. 80s yes, but after the 89 Batman movie it switched back to Action 1/Tec 27. The first Sotheby's auction in late 91 helped drive that point home when the Tec 27 there sold for $50K
  5. The best stuff goes in their quarterly auctions, but Mandarake always has 1,000+ cells listed at any given time plus lots of original art.
  6. Crowzilla

    Pedigree's high grade DC sale in January

    I think it was that Doug couldn't trust himself with the money he would get from selling the collection. If you will steal from little old ladies, everything else is easy.
  7. Again - there is a page from Batman #1 out there. So that would be earlier than Batman 9 or 13
  8. Crowzilla

    Bizarro not comics feeding frenzy

    It's been listed on ebay several times with no takers. It might find a single bidder, very much doubt there will be a bidding war.
  9. Crowzilla

    Batman by Jiro Kuwata coming to auction

    Well Mandarake has added this back to the preview for their upcoming auction, scheduled to go live on the 20th, so I guess the sale didn't go through last time or it has been re-consigned.
  10. Crowzilla

    Batman by Jiro Kuwata coming to auction

    150,000 yen hammer plus 10% buyers premium
  11. Crowzilla

    Batman by Jiro Kuwata coming to auction

    Sorry, I totally misread the date on the post I saw. You are quite right, this sold last summer.
  12. Mandarake auctions in Japan announced that they will have a vintage color shikishi of Batman by manga artist Jiro Kuwata (creator of 8-Man and the original artist on the 1960s Batman manga in Japan). Originals from this series will most likely never be available, making this is a pretty rare chance to get an art from one of the key contributors to 60s Bat-mania. This might be a little off the beaten path for most collectors, so I thought I would point it out.
  13. I already posted the CBG that states Metro was the (re)seller on the Allentown Tec 27 (Payette was only involved in the initial sale). Snyder has confirmed he was the seller of the Action 1 to Anderson (pretty sure I posted about this several years ago after talking/semi-interviewing him about the sale).
  14. Crowzilla

    Ask Gator

    6 cents comics are like FSU offense - an implanted false memory.
  15. Crowzilla

    Ask Gator

    Yes! Thank you