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  1. Crowzilla

    Ask Gator

    Success in the classroom of course should be a top priority for all schools, but I'm sure you well know about the flaws in APR, and the better tracking rate, as admitted by the NCAA, is the Graduation Success Rate. In that respect, both schools are nearly identical, with FSU posting an 84% rating while the Gators are at 83%. Of particular commendation is the fact that FSU has been singled out by the Education Trust as having one of the top graduation rates for black students. This is particularly good news for Athletics, where black student athletes make up a disproportionate percentage of the group.
  2. Crowzilla

    Ask Gator

  3. If I remember correctly Guardineer came to an early NY con and sold those covers himself. As for Kane having any covers, if he had any idea what they would eventually sell for, I believe he would have (ghost) recreated them the same way he did his Batman prototype drawing. He was convinced that large original art and paintings were what would have value, so he spent much more time having others create those so that he could sign his name to them. There has never even been any rumors of other Batman #1 pages out there, and the page that is known was known for a while before being sold. Others would know far better than me, but I don't think there has been any "surprise" GA art (of significance) discovered in many years. The big pieces that are out there have been known for a long time, they have just been held in collections (artists or otherwise).
  4. Crowzilla

    Ask Gator

    And yet, they had the lowest bar passage rate out of all Florida law schools for the most recent Bar Exam. (pretty cool that both UF and FSU are top 10 across all sports from all schools)
  5. Crowzilla

    Ask Gator

    Yes, FSU is playing LSU in the Super Regionals in softball this week, and of course conference tournaments are just starting in baseball. But I was talking about a sport that more than just the families of the players care about (or perhaps you think ESPN is handing out a 5 billion dollar softball deal soon?).
  6. Crowzilla

    Ask Gator

    It's now been over 2,000 days since the Gators have beaten the Noles on the gridiron, when do you think that might change?
  7. The Batman #1 page is the earliest
  8. Crowzilla

    Hayao Miyazaki sketch sells for $300K

    design sheet for the Barracuda ship (Miyazaki directed this, but did not write the story). I believe they have one more shikishi sketch still to come in this auction (not Nausicaa though), will be interesting to see where it lands.
  9. Crowzilla

    Hayao Miyazaki sketch sells for $300K

    Pretty much this. As far as Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli is concerned, I believe all of his originals are now part of the studio museum, and even tickets to go to the museum sell out months in advance.
  10. Surely this needs to fit in the top selling art prices somewhere, as Mandarake auctions sold a Miyazaki shikishi board sketch of Nausicaa for ¥34,100,000 today (including buyer's premium), that's a little over $312,000 USD at today's exchange rate.
  11. Crowzilla

    Action Comics #1 Cover OA...still exists?!?

    I wonder if Philip researched this angle more if he might be onto anything... As a side note, Irene did state that Marvel had 934 covers she found (along with the 35,530 pages). She started working there in mid-1974. Has anyone added up the total number of books they published from 1959ish (seems to be when most of the inventory starts) through 1974? Wouldn't be surprised if that number is around 40-50% of everything they did.
  12. Crowzilla

    Anyone else watch Pedigree Auction tonight

    When someone has proven time and time again that they have no moral compass whatsoever, you have to wonder why people would even look.
  13. A great explanation and so very true. If I remember correctly it was this basis which formed a big rift between Jon Warren and Bob during the heyday of the Overstreet Updates in the 90s. Jon's spreadsheet and input was pricing from NM down instead of from Good up the way Bob had been doing it and it was causing major discrepancies in the valuations of Fine/Good between the update and the annual guide. Not to mention the fact that Jon tried to actually keep up with market trends in quickly raising values on hot SA books. Remember when Cap 100 started streaking over the $100 mark, but Suspense 58/59 lagged behind at $8 in the guide and I think Suspense 63 was maybe half of that? Jon was constantly being vetoed by Bob on some of the pricing decisions and it frustrated Jon greatly.
  14. Crowzilla

    Brazilian Golden Age "Grails"

    On the surface of it, this does not seem to make sense. The first appearance of Human Torch and Submariner (in Brazil) weren't in the Brazilian version of Marvel Mystery #1? If not, what was in that book? Was Gibi Mensal a weekly publication? Trying to figure out how issue 142 and 168 came out the same year. Thanks for your help and showing these great items to us.
  15. Crowzilla

    Brazilian Golden Age "Grails"

    This is interesting - A Captain America that is post Cap #75, but before Young Men #24 Cap