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  1. I have 2 of the Arcade1up machines and definitely get the riser if you purchase one. I think they are now including the riser in the box for the newer games. Not much room for any more, but I'm holding out a spot for a Double Dragon one if they ever make it.
  2. Jay, does that Kirby Genesis variant vault into your next top ten list?
  3. How do these compare to the Arcade1up machines? Why would they make Street Fighter 2 only one player?
  4. After reading the spoilers for this movie, trust me, everyone is going to be scratching their heads wondering why and what.
  5. The Empire Strikes Back made it sound like freezing somebody in carbonite was not a usual method used to capture people as Vader himself calls it "crude". Here we see it being used like it's status quo. Not sure if I like that, but visually this looks pretty good. Looking forward to it.
  6. It does look like a jumbled mess. Goes back to the notion that they never had a set outline of what this sequel trilogy was supposed to be. You had all three OT characters willing to return for a trilogy along with Lando, and the droids and they deliver a non sensical story with no regards to what happened before. These new characters that Disney has featured in this trilogy won't even be involved in future movies so why embellish them at the sacrifice of what the majority of fans really wanted? This new trilogy has been a total waste of time.
  7. "All comic books in very good or better condition." Mile high...
  8. There is a dealer on ebay that has sold over 50 (probably more) copies of a 1:1000 and 1:2000 book. I highly doubt he had ordered over 100,000 copies of said book. Marvel just dumps these on people regardless of ratios. There is no way to know.
  9. So Unicron was funded after all. What really sticks out is that the Haslab webpage said it was funded at 287%. That would be like over 20,000 Unicrons.