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  1. I have Disney + and still buy 4k physical disc's. The format will stick around even if the majority of sales are in digital form. Look at audio cd's, they are still released even though the preference is digital now. Of course I don't buy all the Marvel movies in 4k. I passed on Ms. Marvel...
  2. Is this a thousand dollar book yet in newsstand? Just found 2 copies.
  3. I'm up in Temecula area and there are only a handful of Comic shops up here. Do you have a timeframe of when they were actually stolen from the storage facility?
  4. A better question is why did it even go to a second or third print when the first is still out there in abundance.
  5. But why the big prices on this book? Nova becoming a herald? Makes no sense even when considering goofy movie spec. Crazy times...
  6. Didn't Dominoe show up in one of those Cable files pages in an earlier issue than #8? I vote NM 98 for her first appearance even as a likeness, similar to how Avengers 83 is Valkyrie first.
  7. Where does this Marvel series fall in the Alien timeline?
  8. Will leave it up through the weekend.