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  1. Another first rate transaction with Rich. Books came perfect and he's a great guy to deal with.
  2. Daredevil #185 - Frank Miller — FN/VF — $1.00 Daredevil #185 - Frank Miller — FN/VF — $1.00 Daredevil #185 - Frank Miller — FN/VF — $1.00 OR 3 for $2.00 I'll take it 3 for $2.00
  3. Just sit one in the sun all week long and you can make your own variant.
  4. Punisher #1 (slight curve bottom RC from improper storage) — VF/NM — $8.00 OR 3 VF/NM copies for $18.00 I'll take 3 for $18.00.
  5. So what's heating up? Side note, I just flipped through that Dark Metal 1 and if that goofy Robin King character becomes hot i will have lost all hope in the modern market.
  6. Didn't Thanos 14 come out before the 3rd printing of 13 anyways? People are desperate in this market...
  7. My 9 year old daughter loved the Wonder Woman movie and still asks me to pop in the blu ray once a month. She didn't even finish watching Captain Marvel and could care less. Don't know why exactly, but I'm sure the lack of personality, charisma combined with wooden emotion probably had something to do with it.