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  1. I left Rochester long ago but I still crave trash plates. It's all about the "hot sauce", which nowhere else in the country can get it right. Glwts.
  2. Enjoyed the final episode, considering the pace of events, I thought they pulled it off quite well. Only a couple things that I questioned. Greyworm takes Jon prisoner for 2 weeks instead of executing him when he has just killed their precious queen? Immediately after Jon kills Dany, Drogon comes down, destroys the iron throne and flies off with Dany's body. So how does anyone else know what really happened at that point besides Jon? Jon could have easily walked out of there and told everyone that Dany flew away with Drogon and she just never comes back.
  3. LOL. I guess they are looking to get that teenage girl market locked down. DC should really just shelf Batman and Superman movies for like 10 years.
  4. Purchased a Daredevil 1 from Todd and the whole experience was top notch! Will look to do business again.
  5. And? Sadly, rumors are enough nowadays for a book to catch fire. If you wait for an official confirmation you're probably too late.
  6. Rumored to be in the GOTG 3 movie. Not sure how high it can go since it already had a hefty price tag for a copper book and there is a ton in high grade. I think the Canadian price variant is the way to go with this one.
  7. Wizard stated that Moon Knight 55 went to a second printing. Never seen one of those, probably just Wizard spewing nonsense.
  8. Eros (Starfox) is rumored to be in the upcoming Eternals movie so the heat isn't completely over as far as movie speculation goes. It is definitely a bronze key by the way.
  9. I think it's safe to say Rian Johnson is not going to direct another Star Wars film, especially not a trilogy. Thank god.
  10. Somebody should list all the loose storylines that still need to be wrapped up in this upcoming final episode. My guess is there is alot that won't be addressed.
  11. Thor 134 First High Evolutionary Looks to have a role in Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Raw copies being scooped up left and right on ebay.
  12. Hulk 234 is nothing but a name change right? Not sure how the MCU is going to have all these similar characters coexist on screen. Nova, Ms Marvel, Quasar, eventually the Silver Surfer...
  13. So rumors are coming in now that the Rian Johnson Star Wars Trilogy has been scrapped and the GOT guys Trilogy has been greenlit. Hopefully the last 2 episodes of Game of Thrones delivers as it would suck to launch their new project with a bad taste in everyone's mouths.