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  1. Silver Surfer/Hulk to SS and Spidey
  2. "possibly" a thinking man's Hulk to one who seems upset those kids are on his lawn.
  3. I have a couple of his FF books thanks to prizes he donated. @trmoore54 is good people! Thanks to him, I have this (albeit trimmed) copy of FF Annual #2 RESTORED/TRIMMED top and bottom edges CGC purple label 8.5 and this beauty.... and last this reader copy (his words- I love it, taped spine and all )
  4. New to the thread--- did you ever share any pictures of what you currently have of Action #2? You never know-- it might inspire people. Also-- what happened with the coverless copy -- why was that not a good match? I didn't anything said other than "not a good match". Did it have something to do with the condition or pages? Just curious.
  5. I am having trouble tracking down a decent affordable copy of any 30s FF issue-- so I have to rely on some poignant reprints.
  6. That is a really neat Ditko cover-- thanks for sharing. Gorgo don't screw around.
  7. when the suspense is killing me, I feel Doomed wait-- that sounds weird. How about: from one classic comic to another "Classic"
  8. this one was posted in the Silver Connections thread over in the Silver Age by @frozentundraguy
  9. ok-- time to reboot this thread --- a new line of silver connections, with any luck "Super Skrull" proof. The near end of the thread to the End of the Universe
  10. First-- beautiful copy! this cover seems like it would deceptively hide any newton rings. I know it freaks me out when I look at my scanned copy thinking I forgot to take off a warped bag ..... but it is just the artwork as this is not in a bag
  11. That would have been an ideal candidate for a sloppy old Stan Lee signature though good luck getting him to sign right on the old donger. ahem- -- especially now. Nuff Said!
  12. My latest addition to my FF collection. 2 cent Arvel!