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  1. Time to go to a hockey game.... last update until later tonight Here is the updated list….
  2. Here is the updated list…. We now have THIRTY new names with entries to this contest.
  3. oh-- I converted it to 2000 bitcoin
  4. leave it to dingus to screw up my entire spreadsheet with his million dollar guess. check this one below for what impact that would have the totals: Sorry-- not falling for the banana in the tailpipe-- your guess will stand but I am using 2K as your entry point and will adjust higher if someone else gives a "reasonable" guess higher. Here is the updated list….
  5. Off to work for a while... Here is the updated list….
  6. ok-- my guess: $1304.35
  7. no problem! My biggest struggle is understanding the size of that boxed toy to figure out the size of the containers. Hard to make an educated guess otherwise.
  8. Here is the updated list…. 25 new names that were not part of last years contest so far
  9. Too bad he didn't win some thicker skin.
  10. Interesting how someone can take offense when so many others gets some silly response to their guess. Ned-- Welcome to the internet NOOB!
  11. Here is the updated list….
  12. Where's your guess, or do you just "second guess"? And while you're coming up with your guess, check out 2015's list of winners, I'll wait...
  13. Quick known prize summary:
  14. Here is the updated list…. FYI --- 14 people who haven't played this game in the past couple years have joined in so far (or 14 new screen names at least).
  15. eBay Transaction gone sour... "Smudge Gate"

    was that scratch present prior to shipping? None of your original offer pictures show them. Directly wrapping the books in bubble wrap if you have no bags to put the slabs in seems a little shoddy as far as packaging goes. Even some paper of somme sort would be useful to cover the slabs from the bubble wrap. Could be a scam but if it was in direct contact with them, might have made these easily removable marks. The books are certainly not destroyed. The buyer is a bit of a pain for sure. Some folks get all nasty about not getting the items exactly as shown in your photos. We still would like to know the buyers ebay name----- Here is a link to the original offer for those who want to check it out: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Batman-The-Dark-Knight-Returns-1-4-CGC-9-6-Signed-by-Frank-Miller-Janson-/152806872842?epid=85439280&hash=item2393ffd70a%3Ag%3A6aEAAOSwzppZ~WLK&nma=true&si=nsroHNfpCZZ4WD%2FlUb7dD8slCn8%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557