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  1. kind of strange that when we asked for more information, we got practically nothing other than "northeast USA". I would expect them to be more forthcoming with information if they are truly trying to get help from this community. I suppose that this is all they do know but if they are holding back on the details, they are missing out on the ability this board has to go into detective mode.
  2. 01TheDude

    This guy!

  3. 01TheDude

    This guy!

    One last point-- this guy hit the buy it now button in less than ten minutes from the time it was posted on ebay.
  4. 01TheDude

    This guy!

    and if this dude is planning on sending the book into another grading service-- why not crack it open and take a look at the entire thing? -- not just push the glared filled image on the plastic up to screen. Oh I know why-- because then the .5 grade might become fairly obvious to everyone watching.
  5. 01TheDude

    This guy!

    OK-- based on what this guy said-- he paid $410 for this book. So he bought this already graded as a .5 So why is he complaining about the grade? If he felt it was under graded-- that is fine-- buy it and do whatever. Don't act like you submitted it yourself. Pretty obvious that you did not submit it yourself dude-- you opened a priority mail package clearly not sent by CGC. What a totally fake video. I also found the talk about his cat annoying-- I skipped over it. And this book is far more faded than he says in the video-- I copied these images up here so we can have these pictures available for future readers. I also agree that he is overlooking the graders notes and assuming the interior didn't also impact the grade further. CGC would not bother to put that in the description-- the detached cover comment is standard though.
  6. When I move, I put in a change of address with the post office and my mail is forwarded to that new address for at least one year. If this person recently moved, the package should make it to them as long as they filled out that form. Sounds fishy - don't ship. PS-- the whole cancel thing has to be done in the correct order or it totally screws you up. I learned that myself the first time. Now I only cancel via the ebay app-- they take care of the pay pall stuff and the fees that way.
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    What's the most ridiculous Stan lee SS???...

    yeah-- unfortunate placement for sure but at least they were using a super low grade book to begin with.
  8. 01TheDude

    What's the most ridiculous Stan lee SS???...

    while I agree that sigs on a comic are sort of ruining them as much as adding tape would be, I still think it is kind of neat to see some child writing their name on there to declare it as their property for nostalgia purposes. Not ideal for the high grade collector-- but for someone who just like to reminisce about simpler times, pretty neat. I think I only did this to a couple of my books when I was very young and just starting out-- but it wasn't my signature. I got a hold of a ink stamp with the words "first class" and went to town on a bunch of stuff-- class photos, some comics, my first Marvel calendar and other things. Kids! case in point.....
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    To Slab or not to Slab 2 -Electric Boogaloo

    I need some advice about bitcoin-- should I start a new thread?
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    To Slab or not to Slab 2 -Electric Boogaloo

    The Haunted Mansion was pretty cool-- starting with the elevator ride. I think they redid the whole thing though. Thinking back-- I was 7 and probably thought it was great but it was fairly tame by todays standards. we have a bunch of stuff like this-- a couple of reels from Disney and other family trips. I converted the super 8 to video about 20 years ago and then redid it 8 years using my phone. The early ones are kind of funny as my mom and dad weren't sure how to use the camera too well yet. And the people would stand still like you were taking a photo -- then suddenly start moving around all silly probably from having someone yell at them this is a movie camera. I still have the old super 8 projector and films. I sold my dads old stag movies on "ebay adult only" though.
  11. 01TheDude

    To Slab or not to Slab 2 -Electric Boogaloo

    I was hoping someone would put up a Dumbo GIF! Would you settle for a screen shot from some old Super 8 home movies of my brother and I riding the Dumbo ride at Walt Disney World in 1973?
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    What's the most ridiculous Stan lee SS???...

    only doing this because those links will be useless in the not too distant future
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    Stolen - Amazing Spider-Man collection

    I was thinking that flying Orb thing from Phantasm might be effective
  14. 01TheDude

    depression and comics

    when I first saw the title-- I thought this might be a thread about Depression era comic books and collecting. Early thirties GA titles. Not sure how much interest there has ever been in those books though-- actually, I just don't know much about that era in general. But the OP is right-- it is fun to look at scans of books and collections. The best is when you see one you need to fill a run or one you might have bought/still have. And the gore filled EC stuff is very interesting.