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  2. no -- just that simplest explanation is usually the best place to start. Also -- if you ever watch that British show The IT Crowd you would get the second part about rebooting the machine http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0487831/?ref_=nv_sr_7
  3. step one--- make sure you don't have something simple like a stuck key on your keyboard--- the control or shift key can really mess you up. press all the keys to loosen a stuck key. sounds dumb but it happens also-- have you tried rebooting your machine?
  4. Action Comics #1; somebody jump on this! lol

    from the 3.2 million sale of the 9.0 copy a few years ago
  5. The article seems slightly misleading and/or misinformed-- as if written by someone who had only partial information.
  6. The Rosebud Thread

    I've had this one since the late 1970s. The name appears to be Stephen Shields. The writing on the book annoyed me at one point and I picked up another copy but then decided to hang on to both as the signature grew on me. I also have a handful of silver age Daredevils with the name Dan B written on the back cover from the same time period. Also-- did any one here engage in the practice of writing your name on your books? I can't say I ever did this.
  7. cool book-- I grew up in Tinley Park Illinois (address for the premium on the back cover)
  8. You won by default-- ignore what that says and MOVE ALONG
  9. almost glad I don't have do go through what appears to be almost the same set of books again. Evil!
  10. yeah-- that one shocked me as well-- it has stains galore as well as what I thought was a small fingerprint mark. Perhaps that mark was a production error but it seemed like it had fingerprint ridges on it. The other tough one for me was the Watchmen book-- I tend to read into those black modern covers as having more problems than are actually there. Also felt the staple was an issue. Oh well-- good luck everyone.
  11. I am not sweating it-- this is supposed to be fun after all.