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  1. While I appreciate the information on sellers being less than stellar--- the problem is you cannot really block them (or yourself) from being used on ebay. I wish they had that list-- even better would be the ability to exclude specific sellers from showing up in any listings you see. Not that ebay will ever make that part of their system. One thing that has been annoying me lately but I've just sort of let it go are sellers who use MEDIA MAIL to send comics, sometimes charging more for it than it costs them, and to make matters worse-- using priority mail cardboard and envelopes wrapped in some other envelope or paper. I guess some people don't care. I just see it as doubly wrong using the service improperly and then adding to the wrong using the USPS Priority resources like that. Oh well - Happy Friday
  2. Statue of Liberty from a distance to an extreme closeup
  3. My #25 has no cover, but it still reads well....
  4. The Giant from outer space to the guy who operates the giant
  5. reboot -- not sure what all that other stuff was
  6. this one sort of covers both responses
  7. Doomed Hulk to Insanely Over the Top Defeated Attitude Hulk (Puny Humans!)
  8. many foes in front of you to many foes behind you
  9. Was the first one redone to make the art more enticing? First I have seen a second version if that cover. I prefer the one they used but it is interesting.
  10. Best part is it only cost 30 cents of the rack at 7-11. There was a time when others had me convinced that these reprints were no bueno and not worth having. Thankfully reading this board reversed that line of thinking before it was too late. Though I did offload some Marvel's Greatest Comics and Marvel Tales among several other groupings I had.