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  1. from ballet britches to a strap-hanger web-spinner
  2. These books are not my type of thing but I would never tell someone else that they should not buy them. If they want them-- go for it. Also-- they look to be in pretty excellent shape across the board. As for the claim that there are 500 keys-- I would not take that too seriously as a reason to buy a bag (or 18). That part seems like a bit of a con
  3. speaking of death defying superheroes....
  4. that book sure looks like Copper--- that won't Fly here
  5. ALSO--- That means the last mystery box is (congrats @fatlab123) 2 Lorna, the Jungle Queen H.C.
  6. Mine came today--- thanks Dr! Regards-- THE one and only Daily Double Winner! (there can only be one)
  7. Throw stones at one Thor, throw rock men at Thordis
  8. so cold as the icy touch of death?
  9. @ThreeSeas - did you attempt to look at the bags and discern which ones were different as well? I ask because you variation is far more substantive than what the fellow in the youtube video showed. He had some books where he ended up with 5 or more copies out of 18 bags opened or near that on several certain books (iirc True Believers: Captain Marvel had at least 4 repeats).
  10. Corrected lists of winners or "dorks" if you will..... (had @1webslinger written down incorrectly.)
  11. I'm confused -- did they use the same image on the cover as the splash page or is this splash from a different book entirely? Also-- what is keeping that enormous monster from falling to the ground? He isn't on a ledge. (I"m just being picky now--- I still love the cover/art)
  12. man without face - meet man without AIR
  13. Raffle winners: @awakeintheashes and @1webslinger
  14. I like BA and SA because it was what I grew up with. I wasn't around the hobby after 1978 until about 2014. I knew it went through some tough times. That the way books were sold changed radically. The art changed and the quality was different. Even when I picked back up in 2014, I realized my 13 year old self understood the hobby better than I do. But through these forums-- I have expanded upon some of my interests like PHM, Kirby 4th world, and understanding and appreciating more about the golden age even especially the horror stuff. I know jack about the 1990s and make no effort to know
  15. Magnus Robot Fighter- meet some robot hoarders