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  1. Is there a way to go to the unread content using this links above? if not-- this is not a good alternative for me.

    We were discussing pre-orders and lower costs, cancelling, etc. you said you didn't want to deal with me, likewise I didn't want to deal with you which is fine, so we don't need to deal with each other. Happy to stay on your red list, but I'd rather you not quote my handle in the thread, as I've had nothing but good interactions with boardies and eBayers and don't want my reputation tarnished due to personal reasons or opinions. This is an example of why we should not just share our own lists in this thread. Most of us are willing to put in the effort to read the thread and judge each one of the situations to determine on our own who needs to be blocked. Not everyone put up in this thread has been blocked by me but most have and deserved it. I don't even think we should have some master list as someone managing that list can hold a grudge against someone for non-Ebay related issues.
  3. the ridiculous L.A. post office

    Wow-- pretty shocking but hardly unbelievable based on others reporting similar problems. If I were having such expensive items sent to me, I would definitely get a PO box or have it sent to a secured receiving department like at work.
  4. Social Media and You

    I have one account that I use as my public persona-- one that collects all my old contacts basically from throughout my life. I do not post much of anything on there but I can use it to check out what my friends are up to. It is my original facebook account and I even went to the effort to remove everything I had posted on it so that it is nearly a blank slate. I also created a second account-- an alias account if you will -- that allows me to post anonymously. I have added only the people who I interact with frequently - a handful of close friends and immediate family. I post there as freely as I want with no repercussions or worry that future employers might find something they don't like. As much as you simply dismiss option 3-- I really think you would find it useful for everything. Use two different internet browser type (I use firefox and chrome) to sign in to facebook for the two different accounts. Pretty easy.
  5. sort of sounds like they were using some sort of language translation program that failed hard. Probably meant to say "Just let me know when" in the affirmative (although it lacks the "sure" part.
  6. https://twitter.com/i/moments/916744924585975808 In case you missed it about the McDonalds sauce debacle
  7. 20% Ebay Code PROMONYCC

    this-- I tried using a credit card and it would not let me use the discount unless it was pay pal. I didn't see any of those savings in the listings themselves others are reporting-- just applied the coupon code at checkout (and also used my ebay bucks after the discount).
  8. 20% Ebay Code PROMONYCC

    did you buy comics ? yeah-- I bought one book I had been waiting to buy for a while (waiting for the extra ebay bucks or a coupon)
  9. 30 hour and 18 hour drives seem like some sort of typo-- did you mean miles or minutes instead?
  10. 20% Ebay Code PROMONYCC

    thanks--- worked for me!
  11. eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    Not sure how that is possible. I thought as soon as you have any bid on an item that the Buy It Now is no longer available. - and yeah-- it looks very suspicious for many reasons other than that.
  12. You mentioned some pretty good sales figures in your first few weeks. What sort of margin are you working with? I'm assuming the gross sales for the week are not factoring in the cost of goods sold and other fixed costs need to run the store.
  13. eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    if you check out their completed sales (use the end date most recent first filter)-- you will see they have sold the same books over and over--- and the winning bidder places 95% of their bids with this one seller-- which screams shill bidding. Unless they have a stash of this same book in minty high grade, I am guessing they keep trying to sell the same books (not just this single book-- many others) over and over again and pump the bids up with their own shill account to the point that they keep winning their own auctions. List, pump, win, oops, rinse and repeat.
  14. Marvel Westerns and Romance Comics

    It almost has a certain Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse feel to it at first glance.... if the darker horses were black and red (they have white and pale covered) Four Horsemen
  15. two hours long and just Stan sitting at a table at a con signing book after book after book..... ok maybe not that