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  1. 01TheDude

    what a week I’m having

    bummer about the books-- it reminded me of a beagle I had back in 1987. A friend came over and we were about to play some backgammon when we had a rules question about how the board is initially set come up. I said-- "oh- I left the rules sitting on the bed, give me a second." For whatever reason, the beagle decided to chew the tiny rule book into a pile of tiny bits-- and he must have been working on it immediately as it could not have been more than 5 minutes between me leaving it on the bed and coming back. It looked like a hamster had chewed it and the pile was in a small ball. I came out of the room and showed my guest the pile and we both started laughing. They say the key to comedy is timing and this dog nailed it.
  2. Good eye-- I noticed that as well -- even the building the store is located in seems to be an antique. In my old home town of Tinley Park, Illinois - there are buildings built in the 1890's that have that exact same style of ceiling.
  3. agree-- never knew those existed before seeing the scans here. Interesting covers and then the sudden addition of the GI Robot is just whaaaaat? those have to be crazy stories.
  4. 01TheDude

    eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    I agree that ebay seems to be trying hard to make their platform worse all the time. Here is the latest email alert I got that apparently impacts a single item with this title: Update your listings now to ensure they comply with recent security, policy and listing requirements updates. As far as I can tell -- the only thing wrong with the listing is that the time allowed for returns is not long enough. And how did this happen? Well ebay defaulted my return time to 14 days a few years ago unless I manually edited the listings to 30 days. As I have done less listing with ebay, I have stopped caring about getting top rated seller status-- which is the only reason this listing would need to altered. It just seems like they work hard to find new ways to hassle sellers-- the purpose of which is baffling to me.
  5. 01TheDude

    Your Thoughts On My CGC Wall Display

    On the back of each piece, there are two pre-made slots that I secure them with push pins into the wall. I would be concerned with the method of mounting here-- push pins have no threads like a screw would-- and the weight of the slabs will over time vibrate enough to start pulling them loose imo. If you don't want these slabs to fall, I would suggest improved the attachment method, perhaps to drywall anchors. Maybe I am being overly cautious. But if just one falls-- you will really be kicking yourself I fear. And just one person slamming a nearby door can make a wall shake violently. Hope I am either wrong or that you rethink the use of push pins.
  6. it is as if we need a rule to never reveal the price you paid on anything in this thread-- it gets so many people running to claim moral superiority and try to lay guilt trips on the people sharing their finds. @Junkdrawer Nice find and that must have been pretty awesome to check out and buy. So many great books!
  7. Got my prize in the mail today (Sunday delivery-- weird but who I am I to complain?) -- thank you @toro -- Avengers 142 CGC 9.0 and also a thanks to @grebal for sending me the very nice copy of Marvel Collectors Item Classics #3 -- very nice copy!
  8. 01TheDude

    Comics on the Map.

    so he posed a year before the first Superman comic was ever published? I guess that is possible right?-- since I think they shopped that book around for a while before getting published. But who would even know what he was posing as before it got published save the creators?
  9. 01TheDude

    Steve Ditko has passed

    my bad - I did not look at the Marvel database and was going by what is in the comic book realm website. That information did not break it down by story but the overall contributors to the annual 2. I was confused by his other work in the same book being pencils and them listing him as having done pencils and ink. Thanks for the correction-- makes sense that Kirby was the main artist for that issue because the Torch was the focus of the book and he was doing most of the early Torch ST stories.
  10. 01TheDude

    Steve Ditko has passed

    I think he did work on Strange Tales Annual #2 (1963) also
  11. 01TheDude

    eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    pretty funny -- though that huge typo/misspelling with the word haggling has to further drive the OCD collectors crazy.
  12. 01TheDude

    Collecting Re-Prints

    Those true believers books are a nice option for the frugal collector-- I have one that reprints JIM 83
  13. 01TheDude

    Happy 4th of July!

    happy Fourth everybody!