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  1. from episode 9- shows an earlier book and one new one. not familiar with these comics or even if they are from the 1977 time frame.
  2. From Hunters (Netflix) episode 3 inside a NYC 1977 era comic book store.
  3. You know a lot of people go to college for seven years. I know, they’re called doctors.
  4. you can record the collection on a website-- I use Comic Book Realm https://comicbookrealm.com/ . My advice is to take a couple of months reviewing the numerous informational threads on this site -- especially the one in the Newb forum-- you know-- research and effort ---- that will give you the best idea how to approach it. If you simply throw out some generic questions expecting everyone to figure this out for you-- expect that your results will be as worthwhile as the time you invested. I've read a handful of your interactions so far and you seem to think the people here and not very knowledgeable -- a massive under estimation of the expertise here. That said - the people here are also not fools or your servants. So maybe roll back the expectations and animosity toward people you have barely ever met.
  5. some of my first comics I owned -- well loved/read but all are either replaced or simply sold on ebay. I think I got three in a multi-pack (FF/IH/DD) but recall that ASM being one of my earliest reads. I had seen/read other books thanks to neighbor kids and my cousins - but these were special since you've got to start somewhere.
  6. well I sort of have a slot for it now.
  7. Just a heads up -- i named you as my "local collector who knows what things are worth" in case my brother had to sell part of my collection. I probably should have run that by you first but my collection is fairly manageable at around 1900 books. I would be willing to offer similar aid to your family if it ever came to that. But in Phoenix, you are my go to collecting friend.
  8. getting involved with a message forum is more involved then most people are interested in diving in. My guess is we have plenty of lurkers who enjoy the content but stop short of signing up. Then there are the people who jump in all excited but without heeding some useful advice found in the Newb board - often leading to the general feeling that they are being picked on or driven away. I found those situations frustrating because far too often they will ignore the advice and double down with their non-standard posting, tossing in those phrases that directly challenge the expert advice they are seeking. I've seen this on many sites I have been a part of over the years. Even the most robust conversations can grind to a halt. The beauty of this site is you can discover a topic covered 10 years ago and find valuable insight. Message forums are tools that can expand the understanding in some crazy topics and an excellent resource that provides us all so much enjoyment of the hobby. As for promoting the forum-- I have done next to nothing in this respect mostly because I rarely encounter fellow collectors. I feel this forum is the most informative of the social media varieties (facebook, instagram etc) and most likely to answer questions with a proper search.
  9. really? i guessed the grade for the TOD 10 to be about 3 or 3.5 at best. Maybe I am out of touch with current values. are you giving it a better grade?
  10. Did the dealer know about the value of this book? I guessed the dealer had no idea about it. the condition on that copy seems reasonable for the price paid - that copy is pretty rough on the bottom edge
  11. The real tough part was living in a hospital for that long. I am recovering - that is all on track. My chest has some pain and dialysis is a chore but being home is the best thing. And my family and friends are definitely checking in on me. I do live alone but I set my PT with that in mind so I can take care of myself. I still will have the occasional in house visits from health professionals but no where near the intensity of hospital care. At this point-- the thing I appreciate most is how quiet my home is compared to a rehab place and the level of privacy involved.
  12. Well it certainly wasn't quick but I am getting out of the hospital for the first time this morning. It was hell living in this place since September 21st-- the day i suffered from an aortic dissection (look it up-- it is nasty). I no longer have a sternum and I still have to deal with three times a week dialysis for my kidney issues but it will be so nice being home again after such a long hospital stay. Thanks again for all kind words.