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  1. From the Netflix show "I am not Okay with this" -- S1:E4 at the 13:32 mark.
  2. Sonic the Hedgehog movie--- the character reads through an entire stack of Flash comics.... all around 6:58 into the movie
  3. I have Godzilla issues 1, 3, 4, 6, & 8 which I got off the 7-11 rack back in the day. They are all in really nice shape (I graded them out from 8.0 - 9.0, the #1 an 8.5-- nothing crazy high grade). But just buying the rest to read them seems expensive -- and there in comes the reason I am asking you-- an expert Godzilla collector... is there a decent TPB that covers all the Marvel Godzilla run without breaking the bank?
  4. and while not on the cover-- my sources show that DD also appears in ASM 18. I've never read that book myself but it might be one of only 8 early issues where he is donning the yellow duds. Not that I would count that against any collection that had DD 1-6 - a task I have long since given up on. Those may be the only books where he appears in the yellow outfit (not counting reprints like Marvel Tales 11).
  5. Not be to a pain but -- to have a complete set of the yellow costume books-- don't you also need to have ASM 16?
  6. from ballet britches to a strap-hanger web-spinner
  7. These books are not my type of thing but I would never tell someone else that they should not buy them. If they want them-- go for it. Also-- they look to be in pretty excellent shape across the board. As for the claim that there are 500 keys-- I would not take that too seriously as a reason to buy a bag (or 18). That part seems like a bit of a con
  8. speaking of death defying superheroes....
  9. that book sure looks like Copper--- that won't Fly here
  10. ALSO--- That means the last mystery box is (congrats @fatlab123) 2 Lorna, the Jungle Queen H.C.
  11. Mine came today--- thanks Dr! Regards-- THE one and only Daily Double Winner! (there can only be one)