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  1. 01TheDude

    To Slab or not to Slab?

    wow-- slabbing that book is almost criminal I think my cousins collection of early X-men had more to do with my liking that version of the title. It was kind of short lived and I never went deep into collecting it. When the new team came along, I did buy the books from the rack-- but rarely had time to read them. Sold that small set of books (6 or 7 in the high 90s through low 100s) in the mid 1980s for what seemed like decent money. Later I checked to see if I had sold away some awesome books-- there were a couple but mostly they were average ones. I think most of the keys sold out before I had a chance to see them on the rack which I would buy out every Marvel title from every month-- but missing some of those books did not bother me-- I was more into Thor and Daredevil
  2. Has anyone gone through this list to see how many of the books listed are from post 1980? I would imagine it is around 85 out of 100.
  3. 01TheDude

    To Slab or not to Slab?

    I don't doubt that-- just one of those titles that I haven't dived into. I was more of a fan of the old X-Men stuff though.
  4. 01TheDude

    To Slab or not to Slab?

    only keys? Hmmmm Not sure you know what that means
  5. 8 of the first 100 - agree that this is Spider-man heavy influenced list. Didn't bother to try other lists. Seems like the newer stuff that has more available sales and much more activity outshines the bronze age and earlier stuff unless it is red hot or movie influenced. Seems like this type of list is more for the speculator than the collector perhaps.
  6. 01TheDude

    To Slab or not to Slab?

    if it were a personal copy-- I could see cobbling together some sort of restoration project out of it. That type of damage to the top makes me think that many of the pages are fused together though. It would be interesting to look at it raw and page through it. I don't think I've ever read that comic (never a big new X-men fan).
  7. 01TheDude

    To Slab or not to Slab?

    I can't say for sure that this is termite damage for one. Could just be the remnants of serious water damage where the top part of the book was destroyed. regardless-- I would think, given enough time -- that pages from this book might actually have some value to some collectors. Some of those single pages from Action 1 go for big money - not that this book is close to that valuation BUT again-- given time... might be possible. Now if you find some who has an intact front portion of the comic that has major damage to the back-- a nice Frankenbook could be cobbled together as well. ABout the only thing the slabbing has done is verify that it is a legitimate, albeit really terrible copy, of GSXM1.
  8. 01TheDude

    To Slab or not to Slab?

    Nova #1 ? What year is this? Your timing is way off - do you only buy books that are peaking in price? also-- that only one person has reported you is amazing to me. You've earned plenty more
  9. 01TheDude

    If Stan Lee worked at DC

    He has lots of powers-repulsor rays, flying and stuff. the suit is not a power. He is a genius-- that might be Tony Stark's power. Same goes for Doc Oct and several others. Now Paste Pot Pete--- sure, a villain -- but what does he bring to the table other than a paste gun? Honestly-- the actual super powers part seems less important sometimes than the willingness to face the danger itself. either way -- this thread could have been so much more but because it started out with a basic attempt to see what Stan Lee would rename/embellish already existing DC characters-- it got sidetracked from the start imo. The real question should be -- If Stan Lee had only worked at DC (or had Atlas/Marvel gone under and he went to DCin the very early 1960s for example), would any/all of the characters he created still be created? Would Jack Kirby et al have ended up at DC? Would there be a Fantastic Four, Hulk, Thor, X-Men, Spider-man, yada yada? Would the Marvel-type universe ever exist? Would the stories be more than just the fight and show these people had flaws and other issues? Would comics even still exist or would the art form peter out as they ran out of goof ball stories that DC seemed so dead set on running with all the time? I think without the rise of Marvel, DC never changes course from the camp style of product. Either that or some other form comes along and provides a new outlet/thought process to what a superhero world could be like.
  10. 01TheDude

    To Slab or not to Slab?

    reminds me of some 1970s Hotrod magazines I used to have in the garage that suffered from termite damage - tossed the entire box why anyone would slab that mess is beyond me.
  11. 01TheDude

    Help me decide on a collection.

    It sounds like you have made your decision already. Just pull the trigger
  12. 01TheDude

    The "Newsstand Edition" Phenomenon

    - remember when this came out ?
  13. Kind of crazy on the values listed - for example, is X-Men #1 in 9.8 really worth $1.4 million There are other shocking values but that one made me gasp
  14. 01TheDude

    Ebay seller Tonfulle-84. $357 for a Stan Lee forgery

    I see you identified this as Chris Evans. I was thinking it was Arnold Palmer but just the Arnie part... way off though....
  15. interesting. I get Wrightson signing it-- he did add his art. Did King do anything to warrant being included? Maybe help produce the book