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  1. 11 Have been on a. Ventilation systems for that whole time. Sucks hard Anyone seen my sternum Gross
  2. 01TheDude


    am sorry I cannot send the package about two months ago I had a heart attack and only recently have been able to communicate so I apologize for that and I hope you have a few understand Not all the way there but beats not breathing
  3. Welcome to the 7th annual (AND VERY LAST) CGC Green Eggs Grading Contest. everything ok or are you just tired of doing all this work?
  4. should we wait until you die first?
  5. how closely did you examine the photos for the item? I found the one in question and I could tell from them that those books were not in that great of shape-- nice but high grade is a meaningless term without parameters. No back pictures, mention of writing on the back, and the smell--- those things were a surprise for sure. Did you try taking them out of the old bags etc? I've noticed books kept in attics in bags do absorb those attic smells but much of that can be alleviated with new bags and boards. Regardless-- it is not your job to have to deal with that. So the negative is justified as an "Items not as described" situation. You can't just leave out strong smells like that and blame the books as being old. We all have plenty of books from that era that do not have intense smells. They have the pulp smell but not obnoxious across the room gross smell.
  6. while definitely blockable or avoidable going forward-- I would have probably given the guy a neutral rating and noted the lecture and inability to grade comics or disclose defects like writing on the back. Note: Not that a negative would not be out of the question, but they do appear to being processing the return. Had they just taken it without that response-- I might have deemed them worthy of a positive. But they went down kicking and screaming. What was that whole response going to accomplish? A negative or neutral for sure. Your return was by no means unreasonable and it was the sellers fault for not doing a better job with pictures, description or understanding what the term "high grade" means to most collectors- which is also the result of having no idea how to grade a comic book at all.
  7. so when it came to ordering the books on the racks-- did you do it by MVS stamp number, title, or the distribution date -- or just by how you like to look at them.
  8. people with mega money who have so many problems really baffle me.
  9. If I am in a haggling type situation (live - not through the internet) and I see something priced a bit higher than I think is right, I will ask to take a look at the item, examine it, even compliment it if the item deserves it. I then go to hand it back to the person and at that point, it is up to them to offer any type of discount they can to get a sale. I won't beg for it or even insinuate it. I might say something like "this is very nice but a little bit more than I want to spend on this item". If they are a motivated seller and throw out a better price, I am more likely to say-- "hmm-- yeah, that works." I don't want to haggle so much as feel out if the seller is willing to come down some on their own. At the very least, I get a chance to inspect the item more thoroughly. I try not to point out things that are wrong - as that might offend the seller. I hope that doesn't sound like I am playing games with sellers. It is just my process, kind of similar to @oakman29 . This technique is not limited to collector items. On the other hand-- if something is a bargain to me, I just buy it.
  10. That sounds like something sexual or perverted. The only definition I am aware of is this one: idle one's time away, typically by aimless wandering or loitering. "don't let him see you loafing around with your hands in your pockets"
  11. I apologize if what I wrote made you mad or something. No argument that the person is totally in need of blocking for their actions. I guess what you wrote and responded have me confused. Were there other bids for the item that their bid won over? If there were no other bids - I assume they bid the minimum. So without them, there are no bids and a relist would be inevitable. You did not address the question and seemingly yelled at me as if I know all the details that you failed to bring up. Without details, you leave all of us having to guess what is going on based on your words. The guy bid 6 days before the auction ended -- that to me means they were an early bidder-- likely the only bidder. The point being-- you never mentioned any other bids, offering to a second chance bidder-- nothing. That auction would have ended I assume after 7 days total regardless of this assumed single bid. Yeah-- pain in the arse to deal with this clown, but is the relisting that burdensome? The week would be wasted either way. The listing would be wasted. The relist would be needed. What am I missing other than dealing with the clown bidder?
  12. on the plus side, it doesn't sound like there were any bids that lost out -- not that this excuses them, just less of a bite on a possible sale or people thinking there was a shill bidder