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  1. This was one of my favorite offerings since the Berk auction a couple years ago. I went in thinking I was going to grab some nice upgrades to a few of my classic Centaur covers and ended up being wildly outbid on all of them (and I'm admittedly terrible about controlling my bidding finger). @G.A.tor congrats on the favorable results! PM me if you'd like to see a sortable breakdown of results on the Centaur books. I have one of the GoCollect engineers working on something interesting there. I was able to grab 2 upgrades (CA 25 & CSS 22) and 2 completely new additions (CSS 20 & BB 54) from the auction. I can't wait to get them! Was it someone out here that made me pay the crazy prices on the CSS 22? The BB 54 was stronger than I figured too, but I didn't care how many times I had to click my mouse. I've been waiting for a nice copy of that book for too long Missing the 8.5 on Heritage a while back has been unsettling.
  2. https://www.comicconnect.com/bookDetail.php?id=803097 https://www.comicconnect.com/bookDetail.php?id=787092 https://www.comicconnect.com/bookDetail.php?id=785080 https://www.comicconnect.com/bookDetail.php?id=803099
  3. Thanks for asking! It's the most actively sold graded comics. You can click into any book, then click into "All Recent" under the "Fair Market Value" section to see each of the logged recent sales in all grades. Or you can use the Analyzer to drill down deeper. So with ASM 300 being on the top of the list, it has sold more copies in the same time frame than ASM 361. Close, but that list represents books that were sold. ----------------------- This list isn't attempting to represent the most desirable comics (that one would be quite different IMHO). I'm personally into golden age books. It pains me to say that the list of GA books from that Most Popular area of the site is pretty worthless. The "good stuff" doesn't sell often enough to make this list. That said, I'd be open to ideas on how we could assemble a desirability list. What factors would go into your list? Some of the data points we have available: Total represented within user lists Total represented in CGC census Cert lookup activity (cert scan feature was just released for faster phone lookups using your camera) https://comics.gocollect.com/cgc-lookup Total being actively "watched" by members Individual book page visits Etc ...and just about everything has historical references, so we can evaluate change too. GoCollect has a large and active user base. So maybe some sort of social/voting system might be worth exploring? Have a great weekend everyone!
  4. Wow - thank you Bob! You sir are obviously a fine gentleman. Sorry my passion spilled out and hopefully it wasn't taken as too aggressive. And thanks to others that are enjoying the service and willing to speak out. We're going to release a new feature tied to CGC very soon that I think you'll enjoy for looking up your own slabs or doing quick lookups at cons or online auctions. Little hint... typing the the CGC cert number into the home page on GoCollect is a little tedious BTW - I have an open offer to anyone on the CGC boards: if you'd like give GoCollect a try for free for 30 days, just shoot an email to help@gocollect.com with the email address that you use to sign into your free GoCollect account (and mention that you're a CGC board member). Our support staff will gladly hook you up!
  5. GoCollect owner/founder here - Jeff Meyer. I'm no rookie to buying comics. My niche is high-grade, classic GA covers (http://blog.gocollect.com/my-golden-age-comic-collection/). I don't want to even admit how much I've spent over the past few years in public auctions. I still use GPA, but I started GoCollect because GPA has zero transparency. If you trust that one 8.0 is the same as any other 8.0, that's the rookie mistake. If you want to see where a book sold and link to it so that you can investigate pictures.... now you're truly utilizing the value of GoCollect. And if you want to do a search for a book using an actual number... GC will get you there faster.... and if you want reference pictures... and if you want to easily slice/dice lists... and if you want to look up CGC cert numbers with friendly output... and if you want to model your own values... and if you want to see sales of "the other grading team"... and if you want... I could go on and on for how GoCollect offers a great supplement and/or replacement to GPA. Full disclosure, I use GPA myself. I circle back to it when I'm curious to see if they might display some sales that GC doesn't have listed. GC currently tracks sale links back to eBay, Hake's, ComicConnect, ComicLink and Heritage. That said, if all you've done is analyze GoCollect using the FMV values... you haven't experienced all it has to offer. At which point I can understand your position. Thanks Tim
  6. Rick is a class act all the way. Our first transaction was 5 figures and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thanks!
  7. I had some requests to put my collection up on Instagram, so I have a nice hoard out of the safety of the bank for a few days I'm taking pics now and going to post slowly over there @gocollectcomics if anyone wants to see (yes - shameless plug). Here were my favorite pickups from 2018 - I'm just happy I didn't have to pick only 3 to post this year!
  8. Couldn't agree more. BUT who's hypnotizing who here? He looks like the one that's about to start clucking like a chicken BTW - is that a bracelet she has on or did bondage covers make it to the backs too?
  9. Part of me wishes these were all still together... in a museum somewhere that I could take a trip to every so often to take pictures and do research. Edgar's passion was (in my mind) the best thing that ever happened to the GA slice of this hobby. I JUST WANT TO DIVE INTO THOSE PILES!
  10. Thanks to ComicConnect: https://www.comicconnect.com/bookDetail.php?id=744129
  11. GREAT topic! I'm a big fan of the back covers. I get a cheap thrill from a few things on back covers - I'm pretty easy to please Pretending I'm a kid in the 40's in awe of what I could possibly order (microscope - the colors in person make we want to send away today) Pretending I'm a kid in the 40's in general (Baby Ruth ad just feels so damn wholesome) (Dynamic Comics #22 pictured below) Well drawn/colored ads for other books and/or characters (Catman #13 pictured below)
  12. This has been bugging me since receiving my latest invoice from the last auction. The book below could cost some folks $935 more than what I ended up with as the final hammer ($13,800). Backstory: I recently moved from IL to NC. I didn't yet have my NC sales tax number on file with Heritage, but I had changed my address to receive catalogs. I got my invoice and it had an additional $935 for sales tax. Since I use my own system, I saw this book pop up on my GoCollect watch list and it hit me... we have no idea who does and does not pay sales tax. I checked my GPA account and apparently they don't either. Here's the thing - I would have paid a few grand more for this book, so if the confusion of the sales tax didn't flesh out, I would just pay it. But then the world would think I paid $13,800 instead of $14,735... that's pretty significant difference! And even though I have no intentions of selling any time soon, I'm well aware that the price I paid will be a consideration to the next buyer.... whenever that day may come. Most of us use past sales history to determine the prices we're willing to pay at these auctions. And Heritage is a special player in that they get great GA inventory and generally command top prices (at least for the stuff I hunt down). All while charing a lot of folks sales tax now. So, is it possible that by not factoring sales tax into sale history that we're artificially keeping valuations down? Part of me thinks "Phew! Please keep them as low as possible!" but that doesn't feel good for the hobby as a whole. Or who knows - maybe we all have sales tax numbers and it's meaningless. At the end of the day, I was super happy to land this beauty I hope the colors pop in-hand as much as they do in the pictures!