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  1. In case it's not clear to some, I own GoCollect. Both Heritage and ComicConnect have been a joy to work with on the sales data side of things. I appreciate each of their unique visions for the future of the hobby. I also appreciate the transparency they each offer, which is why I sold through them. I did initially sell the first batch of sealed Carolina Collection games with CL, but ultimately decided to go a different route for personal reasons. There are still a couple thousand more games in the Carolina Collection and I'm not prepared to exclude any sales direction just yet... including a potential, longer-term hold. Up to this point, I've rarely sold much. I buy far more than I can seem to part with So I don't have much seller history to speak to. That said, I do a ton of data analysis and both of these companies do a stellar job of maintaining consistent results. If you've got some good stuff to offer, bring them to both companies (and your other favorites) to see how much negotiation there may be available on those fees But do yourself and your potential sellers a favor by being transparent with them that you're shopping around. Ask each of them when the next auction will be and what else they expect to be included. Then start your data digging. Timing and overall offerings always seem to play a role. And...thanks for the congrats and well wishes!
  2. No - I was ready to hold ownership. My goal (if I would have bid) was not to increase the overall bid, but to buy back at a price that I would have paid had I not been the consignor. It is the only copy that I know to exist. I've been told of 2 others, but have never seen any proof that they exist. I'm pissed that I don't have it anymore. And I would gladly purchase it back if the new owner wants to quick flip it. It was sold as part of a very large collection that I had already agreed to sell in that historic event. I'm an emotional collector... and I don't mind admitting that. I appreciate you asking. This is what I pulled as a good description of shill bidding:
  3. So long as I'm spamming this thread (sorry... saw a lot I wanted to respond to), here's the books I took down Most of these were upgrades. Some I bought because they were cheap (GL #2, MF #73). And a couple were bought because I'm a junkie for ultra rare books in high grade - all of those Mile High Champs were unbelievable to see come back to auction again. I'm just glad you all aren't monitoring my concert poster purchases!
  4. I was disappointed with this single sale. But overall, I sold about 300 nintendo games for nearly $500,000. I'm pretty sure I shot myself in the foot on this Mega Man. I told everyone I knew that I would be the high bidder if it went for under $100k. Before the auction began I was kindly asked to trust the system and not bid on it (it would have been the only game I bid on). I agreed not to bid and whomever the new owner is did EXTREMELY well on this purchase. Time will prove that hands down. I have no idea who won it. Had I not ran my mouth about bidding before-hand I likely wouldn't have scared away a few of the bigger bidders. Lesson learned!
  5. This was the single book I was winning at all costs in the auction. I was shocked I had to pay as much as I did, but it's the first decent copy that's crossed my path. If a nicer copy is offered to me I'll likely buy it and push this one back to the masses (and likely take a loss).
  6. I don't flip books. I decided to prune and refine my comic collection a bit. I have an 8.5 that's just a nicer looking copy. I'm a big fan of vibrant color and this copy was lacking that. I admittedly overbid on it initially. I had about 50 books in the HA auction and another 50+ in the upcoming ComicConnect auction. Those who know me know I'm a big fan of transparency. So if anyone is ever wondering what my motivations for selling (or buying) any comic (or the countless other collecting obsessions I have) is welcome to send me an email: jeff@gocollect.com
  7. Thanks for the plug The Carolina Collection that's being featured are mine and I've only released the sealed stuff. Buying that collection from Dain sent me into a tailspin for collecting and introduced me to a ton of new types of collectors. It pulled me away from GA books for awhile and helped me to realize I needed to purge about 100 GA books to continue exploring my other collecting interests, while holding onto my super-heavy-hitter prize books (according to me at least). I don't even want to say what I've spent so far this year on movie posters, concert posters, albums, old books, ..... sheesh. The game you linked there is definitely a special one (made the cover of the catalog for the collection). I'm told there's at least one other sealed copy that's known to exist in like a 4.0 grade, but I've yet to see proof. If this doesn't hit six figures, I will likely rebuy my own damn game!
  8. It's definitely a 7.0. I had it in an old holder and then resubbed it in hopes it might get that 0.5 bump to highest graded. Very solid structure and looks nice in hand. The reds from theHA pic look slightly amped, but not the yellows. I put a pic of it on our Instagram in the old holder:
  9. CLINK actually doesn't pull ALL of their sales down. If you were a bidder on any item, you can still access the sale details on their site. Also, many of their sales never get disabled...it just depends on the auction and the lot. My suggestion to find those prices would be to talk with someone that may have bid on it/them. For example, I bid on a lot of the golden age stuff and/or save final prices in a personal spreadsheet for many of the books on my radar. Good luck in your hunt!
  10. Fiction House? Yea, I'll have some... but only if you like classic and bondage covers These will be with me (and more that I don't have pics of)
  11. I had good luck buying here last year (Charlotte is my new home town). @G.A.tor even cut me a deal on a nice mid-grade copy of a Centaur I needed - Keen Detective Funnies #20 I've loved that cover ever since seeing it on the Gerber book jacket. Is anyone hosting a Thursday night buy/sell/trade event? I'd really enjoy meeting anyone from this GA forum if you're attending. My real name is Jeff and I look like I lost my razor and the desire to buy a new one: I'll also have a couple booths there to promote GoCollect (1010 for comics and 719 for video games). Comics booth will be books from my personal collection... apologies in advance for my asking prices as I do far more buying than selling. Oh, and if anyone reading this likes swag, ask one of the people working the booth for the good stuff and mention this thread... don't get too excited, just some higher quality t-shirts that cost too much to hand out willy-nilly... but they're super cozy
  12. Did someone out here win this one? I got sidetracked and missed the end of the auction. If you took it down, I can offer you an instant profit It's one of those covers that leaves a nasty pit in my stomach... so it fits well into the "WTF were they thinking" area of my collection.
  13. Nicely done on all your scores! I bet that Jungle looks amazing in hand. You stole this Phantom Lady - great catch!