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  1. Awesome seller!!! Books were sent fast and packaged well! There was a little mixup as far as which books were sent but he took care of me, no questions asked. That's legit and very appreciated Thank you very much! Jason
  2. Candletric: Thanks for the link to read C&D 50! I don't usually get involved in comic arguments, but I do want to point out that on page 3 of C&D 50, Deadpool calls the symbiotes 'Venom look-a-likes'. That would mean that C&D 50 is not the 1st appearance of Venompool but is the 1st Deadpool covered in a symbiote that resembles Venom. Correct?
  3. Gunnz: This thread totally works!!! Just not in the way you probably suspected (yet).
  4. Awesome and thank you!!! It's great to see all of the older books but I definitely consider myself a Copper/Modern guy (because that's all I can afford - ).
  5. I'm re-reading Batman New 52 End Game and in Chapter 3 (I think it's issue 38), Jim Gordon is doing research. It shows a picture taken in 1910 and another one in 1946 (both at Gotham Pres, Gotham's oldest hospital) and the Joker appears in the background of both pictures and his arm in a third pic. Could End Game be a clue into who the 3 Jokers are in Rebirth? Dionysium. Joker. Three Jokers all with Dionysium that only manifests in cases of catastrophic damage. Unable to be killed? Y'all are smarter than me with this stuff so if you want to take a look at it, I'd be interested to know what you think. Edit: Also, the next chapter seems to be where Duke and Batman forge their bond. There's a panel that shows Duke's faith in Bats and they 'knuckle up' ('knucks' for short). This is not part of the Joker question, just thought it was interesting.
  6. I don't question them at all. If I like it, I buy it. I'm not buying the variant to read the story, that's what the 1st print is for. Anyways, if someone likes the story, hates the cover art and still gets a book slabbed - WHY? You can't read the dam n thing after it's slabbed.
  7. Love that cover Same boat. Picked two up, one a little over cover and one at cover. It really is much better in person
  8. 1. Grail (long term) 2. Duke Thomas (heat is just getting started) 3. Jessica Cruz (will be interesting to see what Marvel does with her) 4. Alpha (is not Negan, short term heat (but I could absolutely be wrong ))
  9. Do NOT go with current size ML4's because they are too small to use with Full Backs. It makes the book wavy as has been stated. Go with at least Standard size ML4's and Full Backs . I learned the hard way But mylar is