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  1. Daredevil 1 I will take per pm. Thank you Rick!
  2. I'll take this beauty per pm. Thanks Rick
  3. Thanks for the reply! Right in the grade range and eye appeal I desire but not books I am looking to add. I do appreciate you taking the time to post. cheers
  4. heh good question my post leaves it fairly open ended. generally speaking i look for designated classic covers of all genres that inspire me enough to want to ad it to the collection. doesnt necessarily have to be designated classic as there are too many cool covers out there to even count but i do like to see the designation on a label. so to answer your question... if you think its cool and if you want to sell it send me a scan and lets go from there! cheers
  5. Hi looking for low grade classic covers generally from the 40s. I am open to raw or graded no resto work. Ideal grade will be G+/- with strong cover inks and eye appeal for the grade. If CGC graded, really nothing over 3.0 and prefer in the 1.8-2.5 range. Please post or pm with scans and asking price! Thanks Would also be interested in a 9.8 NM 98 with the newstand code if the ask makes sense...
  6. Per messages I will take dynamic 11 thanks Rick!
  7. CGC 9.8 only. would be interested in the FCBD in 9.8 as well as a package. Thanks!
  8. wonderworld 7 sold happy to answer questions and provide additional photos of the Punch 12.
  9. Closed Punch 12 No longer for sale please see it in the next ComicLink auction... Wonderworld 7 SOLD
  10. This book has a ton of copies out there. Yes the demand is high but the supply is out there. When the dust settles a decade or two from now the books with fresh inks and perfect wraps will separate themselves from the rest since they are just so tough to track down. To answer your question I would take a perfect wrap ow/w without hesitation over a weak cover wrap w. You won't ever read the book you will enjoy it in the cgc case. Go with the one that looks the best in the case
  11. not sure its about being 'that cheap' just wanting to net a certain value.... great book glws
  12. kudos bud! one of the finest books ever created
  13. finger bends can likely be flattened out with a press. with the cover being black i would watch the spine stress lines. a press could really make those pop and any gain you have by removing the finger bends would be washed by increased spine stress. do you have a scan?