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  1. Original Art Aficionado [New Article - 1/12/17]

    I'd personally be fine if the articles were just about what sold, for how much, and every now and then a spotlight piece on a particular artist, genre, collector, etc. I don't really care too much about the predictions before hand - I'm impressed by the knowledge of some on these boards, it is a neat trick when one of you come to a conclusion that is close to where the gavel falls, but it isn't necessary for me in an article attempting to keep people up to date on the happenings in the hobby. I understand it may be more necessary for others.
  2. Let us know when you've read it - maybe you'll enjoy it. There is a thread I created in the Modern forum for a series discussion but there really hasn't been much of that as that forum is primarily obsessed with 'rare modern variants.'
  3. Finished the newest podcast - interesting discussion. Felt bad for Mr Robbins as the gang ribbed him a bit, but it sounded all in good fun. Interesting to hear a little bit of Nick talking more about his Quietly bromance, and I also gotta agree with the group's advice to DWJ - make a move on that grail page, even if it is only to start a conversation. Another good listen on an otherwise mostly quiet work day.
  4. I've been pretty restrained when I've spoken about it, I don't want to rain on any one else's good time. But... yeah. I hope he didn't lose Snyders number.
  5. Original Movie Poster artwork FB group

    I hope you continue to share here, but will understand why if you don't!
  6. Original Art Aficionado [New Article - 1/12/17]

    Great choice, I know it must be even more impressive in person.
  7. I'll donate money to a charity long before I get involved in the Apple ecosystem
  8. There are definitely at least two tiers of collectors active here. I think the majority probably consider the investment side of things, but I also never see myself moving into that realm of the hobby. If I was a Batman collector, I wouldn't be a Capullo or SGM Batman collector right now - not that I dislike their art, quite the opposite, just the bang for my buck is terrible on that front. When I stack up what I could get for the potential cost there versus other options... it's not even a contest.
  9. The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    I asked him a few month ago if covers would be available and from his response I know he hadn't planned on selling any at that time. I think I mentioned it again as we got close to the time when he'd be able to ship (due to a gallery show he had some of his pages showing in) and he sort of suddenly decided he would make some, but not all, of his covers available. He didn't have all of his pages on offer either, I imagine he was holding personal favorites back as artists often do. As to who all purchased, I have no idea - hopefully more people buy his art, Lukas is a really nice guy and a talented artist. One of the few framed pieces I have is a Witch Doctor commission he did for me some years ago, so I obviously am biased
  10. The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    That is a nice page as well - I actually had that one under consideration until Lukas decided to make some of the covers available. I have a third page that I bought, but I didn't have a picture of it handy so I didn't post it, but it is a nice highly detailed environment page from issue #3. Like I said, I'm glad he decided to do some non-digital work, I'm happy to have had the chance to pick these up.
  11. They just need a few of them to be heirs to the Wayne fortune, and so far they've found them - no reason to change it up when people are buying. I don't blame them, but at the levels I play this game at, I'll never own a piece of their Batman art.
  12. I actually prefer the inked version if there are pencil and inked available (both are, of course, the ideal).
  13. Good for Sean negotiating tough with DC. I think he's a talented artist, but I'd like to know what exactly he means about being the 'next Frank Miller' - I don't think so. It is good to have some healthy confidence in his own abilities. I'll listen to the podcast over the weekend most likely.
  14. The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    I just received a few pages in the mail today from Lukas Ketner - I've been a fan of his since I first saw his work in Witch Doctor. Unfortunately, all of Witch Doctor was done digitally, but I'm happy that he decided to go pencil and ink on his new project. See below (sorry, I don't have scans) for a splash and a cover from the recently completed mini Kill the Minotaur.