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  1. Loved the original series, don't own any of the art, have 15 or so of the deluxe trades. So... there are dozens of us.
  2. I'm sure Lukas would thank you for your kind words, I appreciate them as well. This piece is the only unpublished, non-commission piece I own, I usually don't collect in those waters, but I did want this one when I saw it.
  3. (Apologies for the picture) Published The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #1, page #22 by Tradd Moore
  4. I use a Google Spreadsheet - I used to use Collectorz when I still collected comics (and I might still if I had an art collection near the size of what I imagine @mister_not_so_nice has) and definitely include purchase dates, prices, artist, published, acquired from columns, etc, etc. If I didn't track the dates or where I picked up a particular piece there is no way I'd remember half of that information with any accuracy... and like I said, I have a small collection.
  5. I'm too verklempt to add meaningfully to the discussion.
  6. It was interesting, but more as a character study than anything else. I'd have liked to see more exploration of the institutional failure, more exploration of the techniques to reproduce individual works, but I understand there is only a limited amount of time. The thing I will likely remember the most is Beltracchi's comment that being involved with the art market makes one less passionate about the art (paraphrasing).
  7. I watched this earlier this evening - thanks for the heads up.
  8. I have to imagine his... technique... makes it easier to meet deadlines.
  9. I mean, we can certainly tell which parts were 'sourced' elsewhere on that one
  10. Reverse image searched this so people can see it better - see below. Value is probably determined by how many PMs you've received since posting.
  11. I can imagine no incentive for them to actually do this - they'd need to see a huge increase in volume to even break even.
  12. He became divisive in comics for 'milking it', but I'll always have a soft spot for him. Having grown up reading the soapbox I guess it is hard not to. Stan, Jack, and Steve are all gone now, maybe the rest of us can let it go.
  13. Posted in Variety as confirmed by his daughter - RIP Stan.