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  1. SquareChaos

    What makes an A–Level PREACHER page?

    Reverse image searched this so people can see it better - see below. Value is probably determined by how many PMs you've received since posting.
  2. SquareChaos

    November HA OA auction

    I can imagine no incentive for them to actually do this - they'd need to see a huge increase in volume to even break even.
  3. SquareChaos

    Stan Lee RIP

    He became divisive in comics for 'milking it', but I'll always have a soft spot for him. Having grown up reading the soapbox I guess it is hard not to. Stan, Jack, and Steve are all gone now, maybe the rest of us can let it go.
  4. SquareChaos

    Is it True Stan Lee Dead

    Posted in Variety as confirmed by his daughter - RIP Stan.
  5. SquareChaos

    Non comic art from established comic book artist

    I wonder what happened to JSC's Lockarm pages?
  6. Despite the original request for just an amount, you can find some of what you're after in this recent thread.
  7. SquareChaos

    The Next Generation of All-Star ARTISTS ???

    I collect several artists that I'm pretty sure will not become 'All Stars' as defined by this thread. While I don't personally think there is anything at all wrong with not being the 'Top Woman / Man' in their field (I'm certainly not in mine), it does seem as if, in general, it may be in poor to taste to right out say it ain't happening for so-and-so even with the follow up caveat of '... but I obviously like their work.'
  8. SquareChaos

    The Next Generation of All-Star ARTISTS ???

    There are absolutely people that buy any book Tradd Moore works on as well. Probably a lot of them. Hell, I read an issue of venom because he was the guest artist, if that doesn't say something I don't know what does.
  9. SquareChaos

    Cover / Page / Commission

    I'm trying to imagine how much of a fight you put up against yourself on that
  10. SquareChaos

    #comicsgate and your collecting habits

    No doubt on the first part of what you're talking about, the 'Jewelry' part is certainly more subjective. Hiding it further by making the second 'E' and the 'L' fully visible suggests, if he did do it with intent, that he knew that what he was doing was in tremendously poor taste and he felt enough shame or fear in doing so to add those extra two characters as camouflage. Of course, the 'Jewelry' sign may be a complete coincidence, but after the rest, I see no strong reason to be too charitable in my view on this. I do hope Mr. Ardian learns something from all of this situation, it is true that some people have realized the error of their ways in similar scenarios, but in general, I tend toward the old adage that 'people don't change' and look forward to being pleasantly surprised if I'm ever proven wrong.
  11. SquareChaos

    #comicsgate and your collecting habits

    This reply seems way, way out of line purely as a response to what Magnus actually wrote. I actually considered reporting the comment it is so ridiculous, and I've never done anything of the the sort.
  12. I live in Ohio and I'm one of the few residents that considers it a greater state treasure than the college football team.
  13. SquareChaos

    The Original Art for Batman's...er...member.

    I have it on good authority that the DC decision makers aren't even aware that they still make comic books
  14. SquareChaos

    The Original Art for Batman's...er...member.

    Maybe I'll live long enough to outlive American prudishness... but I doubt it. To add my thoughts: 1) Of course DC knew this would get ink, but who can say whether or not the art was instructed toward this result, or if it was done as directed by the -script and given approval afterwards at least in part for that anticipated ink 2) Bermejo is not a bad artist, I would want to hear more 'behind the scenes' info before putting him down for his behavior here 3) I'd rather have this Batman moment go down in history over Kevin Smith's scripted Batman 'bladder spasm' tarnishing Year One 4) Batman has all of the appropriate parts, we all get death and taxes, and everybody poops - big deal
  15. SquareChaos

    Keeping your collection private

    Unless a blackhole collection defines art that goes in but doesn't come out (as in, it is not sold or traded) and is naked to the eye once captured, then metaphors are being mixed and narratives are confused... which is likely par for the course for this hobby considering other terms like 'grail.'