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  1. SquareChaos

    Scott Williams seeking your opinion

    Some collectors definitely seem averse to blue line, and I imagine some will show up in thread sooner or later, but speaking for myself there are really only two problems that I have - when multiple versions of the same page result from the process as described by @comix4fun (a problem that is not totally unique to modern methods), and when the end result is a page displaying figures floating in a void... backgrounds to be digitally added later. I also know that many of us also would prefer to see dialog on the page, but that ship has definitely sailed - and circumnavigated the globe a few times by this point - and it isn't very relevant to the thread, but I figured I'd mention it anyway since it is a common topic of discussion when this is brought up.
  2. I did say that roughly a year ago... but having seen the movie I have to admit that so far they've handled things pretty damn well. Doesn't stop me wanting to see Adam on the big screen though.
  3. SquareChaos

    Do Jerome Opena Uncanny X-Force Pages Exist?

    Far as I know he is still sitting on his Seven to Eternity art as well and I know a number have asked after it.
  4. SquareChaos

    Thoughts on art dealer Spencer Beck

    1. Seems weird that just based off of one email from someone he has never worked with before, that he'd immediately send that out to Perez to be worked on 2. Posting here, at this stage, isn't going to help 3. I wouldn't post the email thread, it isn't going to help either, it'll just turn into fodder 4. I can't fathom what you hoped to gain from this post, but I hope you can turn your personal situation around and get on with your collecting life
  5. I think for many, it clearly has nothing to do with your last sentence. And artists are clearly allowed to charge what they want, but obviously certain price points will cause discussion... I'm predicting certain price points may cause about... six+ pages of discussion.
  6. There is a massive difference between a published page and a commission, we all know that.
  7. Jim Lee commissions are going for $15k? The few I've seen over the last few years haven't gone anywhere near that. To me, this looks like a potential gouging of his super fans. I know it is easy for me to say, but if I were in his position I'd never go this route, I'd go about offering commissions differently, and that is my choice just like this is apparently his choice. Personally, if I were spending this kind of money for Lee work, a brand new Jim Lee commission is probably the last thing I'd look for, but I guess there is always 'the fan that has everything else' to consider.
  8. All respect to Mr Lee, but why do artists let this situation arise? All this does is make Jim look bad, regardless of if this is 100% him or not.
  9. SquareChaos

    Art Prices

    The title of this thread should be edited to reflect what most of it is now about. Romita is fine, I grew up reading him, just like a lot of the rest of you did, I'll never not like him. And that is more than I can say for JR. Some of the points brought up though, they point more to how the hobby works than towards anything approaching a skills hierarchy of artists (if such a thing is even possible). Characters and arcs can add massive premiums to art that would otherwise sell for more modest sums. I don't think anyone should be arguing that, and I don't think anyone should attempt to use that fact to 'put an artist in their place' contextually. It is what it is.
  10. SquareChaos

    Black Hole - where is all the artwork

    I read the title... and thought the latter, then I read the thread, and thought the former.
  11. SquareChaos

    Suspicious Bidding Practices

    This behavior is intended to A) prevent sniping and therefore B) theoretically maximize closing prices. With regards to your suspicions, who knows? I work in software, and there is so little regulation in online marketplaces that I've always been amazed that online auctions (perhaps most tamper friendly format for a marketplace?) have grown so huge. Maybe it was a chandelier bid
  12. SquareChaos

    NJ Comic Art Con Guest List,"GOT THE LIST"

    The sad story begins here I believe:
  13. SquareChaos

    How old are art collectors?

    Nostalgia - we always talk about it here, but I'm not sure that we often talk about how it is rather conservative at its heart. Its a yearning for 'the good old days'... or the next best thing, something that can transport us back to that time. Not everyone feels nostalgia to the same extent, and young people specifically obviously don't have a lot of 'old days' to feel nostalgic about. As the saying goes, you can't get all nostalgic about something that just happened! So of course modern art buyers skew young, they likely just love the medium, the nostalgia will come later - if you stay in the game you're in, you can likely introduce a few generations to the hobby. You're peddling a gateway drug that no one ever thought to warn their kids about
  14. SquareChaos

    New to OA Collecting, Advice, tips?

    I'm not sure the brand matters too much as long as the materials are archival, but it seems like most portfolios out there are Itoyas.
  15. SquareChaos

    Advice Needed

    That's a great cover. I doubt I'd have paid the extra $500 considering how it went down, but it is a nice cover at $2000 or $2500.