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  1. In response to the edit with your age, I'd hazard to guess most here trend older, but I bet some others might show up in their late 20s to 30s. Though I have read many are on FB art groups... personally, I won't touch that site. Welcome, and I hope you find what you're after!
  2. What are we talking about here, do you need someone to buy you beer or are you just looking for an older kid with a driver's license?
  3. I have a soft spot for that one, even as inscrutable as it was at the time.
  4. No issues, she's very supportive, but relatively speaking, I spend peanuts and focus on keeping it in check. I'd be real surprised if most didn't find the level of pushback proportionate to how well or poorly they manage to keep within their means - or are we really looking for real tales of horror with this thread? Now to just wait for a similar thread asking female collectors if their husbands hate it (I'll be waiting awhile I think).
  5. That's a real bummer, I've been there. I don't even bother with these sales anymore, they always start in the middle of my EST work day and I'm typically in a meeting Grats to the winners, they're damn fast! Good luck to the OP on finding the pages they're after, Tradd does special work.
  6. I still like some of his work, I just really hate how the lifted faces tend to "jump" out of the images.
  7. Tell us how you really feel, don't hold back! For what it's worth, not a big Larsen fan either, but I'm still impressed and feel his longevity, and commitment to, Savage Dragon is an accomplishment. Especially in this day and age where creators are constantly moving on to the next thing at a quicker and quicker pace.
  8. I happen think charging $15k for a commission is a bad look, that's just my opinion, highly subjective and all. I know others share it, and many others don't, it is a topic of discussion but no one can call right or wrong... not objectively. Having said that, I would never dump on people's commissions or experiences. I honestly wouldn't have been surprised to see this thread get moderated after some of the recent comments. I feel this is more in objective territory... don't be a jerk people.
  9. I have to wonder what you even mean by 'sane' here. There certainly must have been something about the environment the Crumbs were raised in.
  10. One of the best documentaries I've ever seen focusing on a living person. He is shown as a fascinating individual - in every sense of the word - even to those that know nothing about the art. Worth everyone's time in my opinion.
  11. I also thought about adding Frank Quietly. His influence will only continue to grow.