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  1. You may or may not be aware, but a few earlier Hellblazer pages just went up on Splash Page a few days ago - http://www.splashpageart.com/newitems.asp
  2. Felix, kudos to you for providing your platform to Seth's family for this sale. Glad to see almost all of the pieces are gone.
  3. Not sure what happened, but the tier I was most interested in contributing under suddenly had capacity left. When I originally posted in this thread, there were 0 available, so ... I dunno, maybe someone canceled? Maybe more capacity was added? Either way, worth checking back in to Nick's Patreon if whatever tier you were hoping to support under was previously out of capacity
  4. Sad I missed the $50 tier, but I'll check out the others. Nick's a great artist, pretty cool that he's offering instruction along with the usual rewards to those that can benefit from that sort of thing.
  5. (attempted) Flip of the Day!

    Not really a true story you've created here about that thread. I actually commented in that thread about the duality present in Glen's story... by 'duality', I mean the fact that it is an interesting story, if nothing else just due to the level of the art, but I still personally found the casual manner in which the 'flip to a friend' was commented on discomforting. I do agree with you that it didn't seem like the general commenting public agreed with me, but as others have said, silence doesn't equal acceptance. Edit: I'd also like to note - again, as I had to in the thread - that I don't judge the quality of a human being on one story on a message board. I think often people have too much of a 'one and done' mentality, they judge people by very harsh standards, and that tends to be more true for online communities than any other in my experience.
  6. Batman Hush Covers - The Poll

    This sounds like a story that may involve a contemptuously tossed wad of sweaty money and one innocent art collector's coming of age.
  7. Batman Hush Covers - The Poll

    Ah, gotcha. That looks like a more normal comic book cover to me, I don't love it either. I like the game piece one better.
  8. Batman Hush Covers - The Poll

    To be fair, they're game pieces on a board, so at least there is some reason for it.
  9. Batman (Hush) 618 Cover up at C-Link

    This is just what the cartel wants you to think. In reality, all of the big guns are lining up to make a run, I just need one more clue to break this whole thing wide open.
  10. Modern comic art

    Otherwise known as why a lot of people don't read Marvel or DC anymore. I'm primarily an indie guy, though they've had some serious chronic problems as well... but nothing that equals the treadmill of blah peddled by the Big Two. The great thing about modern comics, when despite all of the odds something good is created... it's really easy to go back and get it after the fact.
  11. Modern comic art

    Yep, the age of trade waiting exploded for a reason.
  12. Modern comic art

    I'd be fine if everyone else felt the same way and quit buying modern pages.
  13. This is easy for me - I just consider those pieces not for sale.
  14. The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    The perspective is tough on that one, I couldn't tell how much closer to the viewing angle it really is. The tiny head looks like nothing so much as the shrunken head from Beetlejuice but that doesn't feel like it fits. But I mean.. how many tiny headed individuals from popular culture are there that also have their mouth sewn shut?
  15. Well I don't know if it was dishonest or not - there are no details as to whether or not it was disclosed that the art was picked up that same day or at what price, etc, etc. I wouldn't argue that cutthroat as a term has negative connotations, but I was more using it to be illustrative of the hobby and the type of deals people will drive. Is it the wrong term to use when you sell someone something you've owned for a few hours at a 75% mark up? The dictionary states 'cutthroat' (in this connotation) means "(of a competitive situation or activity) fierce and intense; involving the use of ruthless measures." I think it fits? "Ruthless" could be said to be negative as well I imagine, but without getting too much in to semantics, you'll just have to take my word for it that I don't view OP negatively as a human being for this singular interaction.