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  1. I just can’t find an X-Men 132 with the cover cut properly...
  2. Action 429 is Rosa, the others all Monterey...
  3. This one has nicer QP, but distributor ink overspray on top and bottom? And back looks pretty toned... 🤔
  4. Always a thrill to find a nice copy of an issue I owned as a kid!
  5. Always satisfying to score a nice copy of a book I owned as a kid...
  6. The stories were good but I couldn’t warm up to Luke McDonnell’s art at the time.
  7. ...avoid the “nose era” at all costs! 😂
  8. This cover was based on the cover of Batman 272 from 1976, but it looks like the artwork was redrawn. Was that typical of these annuals?
  9. Not really wild about the right edge cut or the centering either.
  10. As I revisit this thread I can’t stand seeing the crappy photo of my copy, so adding a better one....
  11. Haven’t been this happy with a graded comic purchase in a long time. I’ve seen so many 9.6s that look terrible lately that this was a pleasant surprise!
  12. The issue to be really OCD about is 132. I still don’t own a copy because I’ve never been able to find one that isn’t miswrapped.
  13. Have owned this copy for almost exactly 25 years....
  14. The only other really nice one I have from this run is 24. To bad that seems to be the most common 9.8.