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  1. It depends on the collector. Some only care about the toy. Other like me care more about the packaging. For me the vintage card and box art is what I love more than the toys itself.
  2. Shadow Images

    Legal Artwork question for all our resident attorneys

    Unless the artist releases the rights, No. It would have to be made clear upfront that you wanted to reproduce the work in other mediums.
  3. Shadow Images

    Life Consolidation Sale

    Would be willing to trade local but at this point in my life I would rather trade multiple of my items for one item. trying to down size at this point.
  4. Shadow Images

    I seem to be losing interest again........

    After I sold off my Batman collection I have not really had a desire to collect. In fact it has made me want to get rid of all my comic art and toy collections. I still love seeing the stuff on the forums but I just can't see putting money into collectibles anymore.
  5. I never understand this. You show examples for sale already well under their original prices but you buy two to try and pay for both. New toys/collectibles rarely see gains.
  6. Will be listed a lot of stuff. Not a fire sale so not going to give anything away but might consider offers on some.
  7. If you know the store you will find the idea of store credit hilarious. He would have to spend another $5500 minimum to just use the store credit. You have to love someone offering a solution that only benefits them.
  8. Shadow Images

    Custom Framing for standard comic art page

    still available
  9. It was a CGC labeled" from Jerry Robinson collection" not a signature. They cut off the grade portion of the header and then slide it back into place in the inner well and yes put a higher grade than CGC did. It too was a consignment item but the tag with the grade was theirs. They have always over graded in the 30 yrs I have know of the store. Have found a few deals they got caught slipping on but usually old school high price comic shop.
  10. Guaranteed it was higher than most would have put it. I was looking at a early Batman issue they had awhile back. It was from Jerry Robinson's collection that had Benn CGC'd. It had been cracked out but left in the inner well with the grade cut off. If I remember right CGC had it graded 2.0 and the out a 3.5 grade on it. The CGC # was still on the label they had just cut off the grade.
  11. It's the same store that crowd funded there last move. It has been around a long time and the owner has a fanboy club. They have always had some interesting business practices.
  12. Shadow Images

    Dealers / Rinse and Repeat model

    This is the biggest problem in the collecting world today. There are fewer collectors and more "I'm going to make a million dollars" flippers. This is in most all hobbies today. People are not necessarily in it for the love of the hobby but some perceived notion that they are going to make a ton of money. The collecting market weather it is cars, toys,comics, etc. is not a replacement for a savings/retirement fund and the way society has become there is constant bubbles to burst in every investment.
  13. Custom Picture Frame with museum quality materials including TruVue Museum Glass . $65 picked up in Phoenix,Az If you know how much museum glass is, you know this is a good deal.
  14. I have most everything listed separately but its still a pick up deal only. I will not take the risk of shipping framed art anymore.
  15. Have whats left of my complete collection listed as one lot. Forum price is $3600 and for all the one of a kind and rare items its a killer price