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  1. Detective Comics #2 pg 12 signed by Tony Daniels and Ryan Winn. $650 plus shipping Will ship with the mat package or just the art. Shipping in US only
  2. Listing most of this Junk locally in a bulk deal so closing this.
  3. Transformers vol1 and Original concept Megatron art for GI Joe vs Transformers. $150 plus shipping w/o glass
  4. Detective Comics 2 pg 12 Original Art signs by Tony Daniels and Ryan Winn $750 plus shipping w/o glass
  5. Terms/Rules: No PL/HOS Members, Personal List or anyone I don't want tot sell to. First unconditional via post or PM rules all, timestamp wins. Paypal or cash in person. US only. No foreign at this time. Shipping is typically 1 to 2 business days after payment is received. Returns on buyer unless misrepresented ( please ask question before purchase) Please respond to PM within 24hrs and payment within 48hr of invoice
  6. All available for pickup in Phoenix,Az or will ship at cost to US only Original Comic Art Batman vs Hulk $375 Megatron $300 Glasslite Vader $ 435 Polish Unart Vader $165 Polish Vader $115 Polish Vader silver chest $115 ROTJ Italian 4 pack Header $295 POTF coins $185 8mm film $35 ROTJ 4 pack w/ Luke Xwing baggie $375 ISP-6 sealed Canadian box $100 MISB Emperor mail away $45 Prune face baggie $55 Ewok lot Logray, Lumat and keychain $120 Vader clip along $20 Vader stamp $15 Vader poncho $50 Stickers and giant card $25 Bootleg Vader $25 Vader toy store display header $50 Special Offer Vader Case $395 ROTJ 4 Pack w/ Leia (broken tape) and Vader Baggies $700 ROTJ 3 Pack Vader Emperor and Emperor Royal Guard ( open Baggies) $600 Burger King ROTJ collection $550 CGC 9.2 $100 Star War 3D poster $55 Boba Fett art $150 Vader 2 Pack $550 POTF Vader coin art , PBP Vader and POTF Vader coin $435 GI Joe lot $115 Batman pogo $75 Comic graphic novels and comic boxes and supplies $155 Acrylic and misc supplies 5 regular MOC cases 5 deep MOC cases 2 afc-003 loose figure cases 2 afc-005 loose figure cases 35 figure stands 45 6x9 cardback toploaders 13 coin holders and 7 stands Atari box protector Toureanu Classic 1900 $1650 Hamilton $900 Tissot $600 Bulova $165
  7. There big in a lot of the Facebook collector markets. Whole lot of people getting way more for items than they are worth and have seen them rigged so only a core group wins. You can rig the random number generators.
  8. Vintage Star Wars ROTJ 4 pack. includes Luke Xwing baggie only. $385
  9. Vintage Star Wars Darth Vader bootleg and foreign variants. $1100 shipped Uzay, PBP, Glasslite, 2 Polish, Unart Polish, Yuri and a bootleg.