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  1. Yes I have. Was watching ‘Cleanin’ Up The Town: Remembering Ghostbusters’ when that pic was taken
  2. Go to USPS site. They say everything is slow due to Covid.
  3. Must have been a good discount, they are usually way over market. I quit dealing with them decades ago when they started sending repro weapons.
  4. Those days are long gone and I would never suggest it be brought back. I do have some fond memories of it and enjoyed the fun and distraction from life that it was. Also got to know some boardies because of it.
  5. I picked up the guitar at a charity auction years ago. I still can't play for nothing. My dad was a good guitarist.
  6. I decided to reorganize what I have left. I don't have near the collection I had a few years ago but still love what I have.
  7. After selling all but one of my Comics awhile back I actually picked up something comic related this week, just got done framing it Hope to be able to pick up a few CGC books this year .
  8. Latest pickups. Also if your in Arizona started a group for toy collectors.
  9. Thanks for the info but been collecting a long time have removed tags in the past on both comics and toys packages. I come from having owned art and frame shops where we were involved some art restoration, Naptha is your friend. Now its really a part of the history of the toy and would rather just leave it. I don't care about the values anymore.
  10. Yes, G2 Megatron. Well past when I cared about TF but I wanted the G1 Trypticon.
  11. Well I had not planned on getting anything else anytime soon but for a couple of bucks
  12. Now they just open a thread with one over graded, over priced book, then post a pic of stuff they might sell. fishing