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  1. I had not really been looking at the thread closing until he started listing Batman's. Quoting GPA is always weird to me when selling raw books and think I will pass on that sale. Although the buyer who bought two cheap books then proceeded to claim ever free book
  2. Is there some Batman non Tec coming up
  3. Terms/Rules: No PL/HOS Members or Personal List First unconditional via post or PM rules all, timestamp wins. Paypal Preferred ,Money Order or cash in person Feel free to PM me with offers US only. No foreign at this time. Shipping is typically 1 to 2 business days after payment is received. Returns on buyer ( please ask question before purchase) Warner Brother Batman Animated Series bowling shirtPicked this up from a WB employee Size L/XL This was a custom made Shirt for employees. $100 shipped in US
  4. Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    My first GA Batman in a long time.
  5. This week in your collection?

    Had all this waiting for me when I got back in town today
  6. In 1989 that would have been cheap.
  7. [CLosed} Batman 7 CGC 4.0 PRICE REDUCED

    If I had the money I would help out a fellow vet but alas I cant right now.
  8. Collecting every appearance of a character

    I was on my way to every Original Batwoman and Catwoman cover . After I had to sell, not sure I want to try that again.
  9. eBay harassment

    Makes me wonder if eBay would do anything if you told him to go pound sand.
  10. eBay harassment

    I kinda want to know what the book is now. Doesn't excuse rude behavior. Sellers price at what they want, if you don't like it and they don't best offer move on. Amazing how hard that concept is for people. Not someone I would want to sell to.
  11. Batman New list added 11/10

    When you have time please pm me condition and price thanks
  12. Some of these new sellers are making eBay look cheap.