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  1. DC Silver maybe more

    If I didn't just pay for a training trip I would be all over this.
  2. How much is the Trilogo Yak?
  3. nice key lot, comics added

    GLWTS. Unfortunately don't have the funds right now to do this.
  4. 2017 Official Holiday Raffle thread

    form submitted
  5. Due to family scheduling we did Christmas last night. Not sure who this was from.
  6. Is it a bad idea to remove rusty staples? I know it would be considered restoration but it would also save the book from further damage.
  7. [CLOSED] One Book Only - Superman 10

    Kinda surprised this is still here. One of my favorite Sups covers
  8. Closed

  9. Letting stuff go

    At some point you realize its just stuff. It comes and goes but is not, should not be the center of your life. We have all bought sold and rebought. Chose what means something to you and let the rest go. I figured out a long time a go that it is not always about what I have but the journey that got me there. I think the answer is different for everyone.
  10. I unfortunately don't have 3 choice for comics this year.
  11. Mine is complete with baggies and figure box only missing the cardboard insert that held the figure box in place.