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  1. Was the desired result achieved this time around? I simply mentioned that sales for X-Force 11 in 9.8 are increasing, actually doubled, in the last month. I then concluded by saying it was one of the last modern keys to do so. The next response I get is from GeeksAreMyPeeps and he states that "There's nothing "key" about X-Force 11. OK, but that actually isn't true. CGC (and several other sources) have made X-Force 11 a key regardless of whether they are right or wrong to do so. I too do not agree, the key for the character "Domino" should be NM 98 and I agree the key for Neena
  2. I should have just said xforce 11 is going up, wasn’t aware of the response I’d get when I inferred it was a key... moving on...
  3. I totally understand why X-Force #8 should be the first appearance, however I buy comics to collect them, not to read them. Over 35 years ago I first got into sports cards, I tried to complete sets and to acquire as many rookie cards as possible. I have been collecting comics for over 30 years, its all about collecting the comic for the cover, its significance and its value. Similar approach as sports cards. Yes, I don't read comics, and you know what, who cares! As long as CGC notes X-Force #11 as the first appearance, guess what, that is the comic I'll buy and apparently I'm not the only one
  4. Yes, that’s the problem with the modern comic era, too many domino keys.
  5. So who is ordering big for Batman 108 first full appearance of miracle molly? I’m going to pass completely, DC is trash lately. Their books have disappointed lately. To stay on topic, xforce 11 in 9.8 has quietly ~doubled in price in the last month. Maybe one of the last key moderns to do so.
  6. Great booths so far everyone! Good luck with the sales. No booth from me this time.
  7. Me too, intentionally passed. I think I’ve already spent my entire comic budget for 2021... might have to start selling some stuff...
  8. So shall we preorder 10,000 or 100,000 copies?
  9. Any hint of a key first appearance in issue 3 or 4?
  10. So hot I asked my employer to pay me with darkhawk #1s.