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  1. Trying a new approach this round. Submit grades then check scans for the first time.
  2. This is the first time it has been graded. It was pressed by CGC. My brother expects to receive it in the mail today. I really want to see the back cover to see if the pressing fixed the issues seen in the original images I provided.
  3. Can we pay cgc to grade these scans (as part of their new grading service)?
  4. Thanks for all your work deadone! So... question for the sellers... did anyone take advantage of the rule change? Were your books for sale elsewhere too?
  5. 5.5 or maybe a 3.0 with a bad press
  6. The guy with the dog on his shoulder didn’t show up this year?
  7. Is it OK to ask if sellers read the book while eating or while on the toilet?
  8. It did! My thread discussed the housing crash and the comic crash.
  9. For the record, my market crash thread was the best one.