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  1. Me too, intentionally passed. I think I’ve already spent my entire comic budget for 2021... might have to start selling some stuff...
  2. So shall we preorder 10,000 or 100,000 copies?
  3. Any hint of a key first appearance in issue 3 or 4?
  4. So hot I asked my employer to pay me with darkhawk #1s.
  5. They were all sold out. Agreed though, perhaps some of the best options in all of Canada right here in Calgary.
  6. My order has been in limbo in California for the past week...
  7. I ordered 10 High Republic #1s (A cover) from them. Has anyone received their order from them? I actually didn't think my order went through until I noticed the payment being processed two weeks later. Even though I thought I set up an account with them initially, it is showing that I no longer have an account with them... even though I'm still getting their promotional emails... maybe I just ordered as a guest and didn't actually register?
  8. First look was on my phone, looking at it again on my desktop, I'll go with 9.2, I didn't notice the bottom right corner previously, the bottom left corner looks worse too. The right side of the book is just production issues.
  9. This is a pretty sweet cover. Still selling for ~cover for pre-orders on ebay. (3/10/21)
  10. 9.4 I have 2 x 9.4s, 2 x 9.2s and a 9.0 in my collection. When I sent them to get graded a few years ago I thought they were all around 8.5/9.0.
  11. Before foc and people are paying a premium on eBay for this? 🤪
  12. And if it’s the cover only, why not leave the internal pages blank.
  13. And another 1,000+ with comic traders. I guess we have some options if there is another toilet paper shortage.
  14. The print run for ASM 55 1st print will be less than the 2nd print. Maybe twice as much? The desirable book will obviously be the 1st print unless the 2nd print cover is deemed to be better?
  15. The ASM 55 2nd print is not surprisingly being heavily ordered - saw someone say in a Facebook group that they ordered 100 copies!
  16. Spent so much time on the legs had to save time on the arms otherwise would have missed their deadline.
  17. I have 11 at cover price. They look minty fresh. Maybe I’ll send them to CGC with a prescreen 9.8. Curious to see how these do in 9.8.
  18. I have a few submissions that I would like to send, but I am waiting for a response first as well. Hoping a solution is found.
  19. So I guess ASM 55 1st print will in the very least hold its current value. Some crazy sales in the past few days for slabbed (presale) 9.8s...
  20. How did the copper age come to be? Who gets credit for naming it?
  21. Interesting regarding HR #1, curious to see what I can find at my local comic stores once I finish work. I tried several pre-orders (after FOC) with limited success. Best case scenario I have about 20 copies of cover A today... and maybe a variant or two...