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  1. Surprised I didn't make that leap before, but many of these double entendre covers require a leap into the gutter , or where's the hidden meaning?
  2. So Banana Split? I still ask, how the food reference?
  3. Repost, I only have this book from set of 4 left, so no need to hold this one. Ernie Comics #25 Great teen humor book , not common FN+ condition , price reduction now asking $125
  4. Just Married # 104, my undercopy. VG, but slash (box cutter?) That runs through book in second 'R' of logo area. Sought after cover. Asking $35
  5. Stories of Romance #8, gorgeous Colletta cover (with 'rumored' assist from Everett). Spine split to just above lower staple. Top staple detached. Chips mid spine. Tough book. FR/GD asking $35
  6. ***(SOLD)*** Moon Mullins # 5, crazy cover, that probably wouldn't fly today. Tough ACG issue , VG+ asking $65
  7. Next the Bronze age Betty And Me 16 and Archie 50: Betty And Me #55, this is a new fave, I have two more higher grade copies, that I am keeping so selling this VG- copy. Slight color breaking crease on lower right corner, some fading in top center. Crazy innuendo cover. What split compares to food (I think Pop Tate is play on Pop Tarts). Outrageous! Asking $45
  8. 15Hi all, some undercopies and refocus so must go. 1st Trumps any ongoing negotiations, returns up to 3 days after you receive book(s) return shipping on buyer. PayPal preferred payment, USPS Priority Mail in U.S. only. Add $8 for shipping, ($8 flat also for more than one 'take'). First up, my under copy of this Charlton oddity, Unusual Tales #5 (Pr/Fr) spine splits, cover detached, pieces missing, tape. Asking $15
  9. Lordy, how can you possibly pick a Top 10? AMAZING!
  10. Those are stunners! Wow,,look at those colors 😍
  11. +1 I have a deal closing soon on a book that will automatically get #2 (if not #1) status in my PC. So holding off till then , but everyone certainly keep them coming