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  1. Ah, this Thread is back! So many cool MLJ's being shared! Ginoooooo! How do you continue to score such rarities?! That right there is arguably one of the Top 10 WWII covers of all time. With the 75th anniversary of the war having ended approaching next year, would be nice to have a Thread to sort out an 'official' Boards Top 10 next year to commemorate. Paging @tabcom Congrats!
  2. That's a cool one! SO much to take in: The Blow Dart guy, The girl tied to the (wheel?) The one eyed man, the curtains, vat of flames, and of course, the Skull Faced Bad Girl
  3. Looong work day, otherwise would have closed this when promised, wouldn't want to break any rules (can't for the life of me find certain functions on the phone version of the Boards (like following Thread options, or closing a sales Thread ) Anyway, market has spoken, this one just isn't 'there' yet. Ok with keeping her. Thanks for looking!
  4. Hi all. May regret this if it sells, but it won't hurt to keep it if it doesn't. The results in the recent CC auction that yielded great prices on Baker Phantom Ladys and Romance books prompted me to "test the waters" on this one to see if any of the Top tier Baker guys want it for their collections. I will keep this Thread open for only 24 hours after it goes live. First in the Thread trumps all PM negotiations. Payment by Paypal preferred, due within 3 days after 'taking'. Add $20 for shipping USPS Priority Mail box ($35 Canada). Returns accepted up to 3 days after you receive the book, return shipping on buyer. Book(slab) must be returned in same condition it was received in. I pack the way i would want to have a book packed shipped to me. Western Bandit Trails #3 (CGC 8.5 0/W pages) Stunning copy. This is the single second highest graded copy of this issue. Only a single 9.0 grades higher. I have never pressed a book, but that could push this copy to tie or top the current census topper if the potential buyer is so inclined. With that in mind, the 9.0 bought 'around' 2k when it was auctioned on eBay recently. I'm asking $1725 for this copy. Not his Romance stuff, but his other genre books are surely catching up. Thank you for looking!
  5. It looks really nice in the Black Pedigree slab imho..
  6. ..Would also be nice to see a pic of the Marvel #1 in it's new black label slab with the Windy City notation
  7. Yeah, would be nice to see. I'm skipping this year (picked up so much great stuff from the Big 3, eBay and The Boards in 2019 that I just didn't feel the 'need' to go box diving this go round). So yes, bring on the Pics
  8. Nice books Gents! Blue Ribbon 11 is a Top 10 cover for me. Love how the Train isn't so 'obvious', one doesn't notice it right away due to all the action in the forefront and the skyline background.. Hey, is the MLJ Thread seeing some action like the recent Timely Thread explosion?
  9. Congrats! That is a stunner! Usually that book turns up in gd/vg range. ....but man if I saw that before you did
  10. ...Yellow Glove to White Gloves