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  1. Nice MLJ's there Sha! Lots of 'Wilbur' being posted lately.. trend?
  2. ..wonder if 'the Jeepers Creepers' film drew inspiration from this cover
  3. ...With Memorial Day and June (Summer) around the corner, time to bump this baby for it's 2019 run.
  4. Always like seeing this one sir. Great looking copy and seamlessly fits right in with your pre code horror books
  5. Amazing pick up there! Great tastes!
  6. ..A character catching fire recently. A Boardie posts copies of this book now and again that put this on my radar. Escapes me who..
  7. ...and Wedding Bells 16 to be added to the accounted for list
  8. ..Nice to see Billy Wright books exploding. I was a lurker here when they came out first time around. Was the auction that put Centaurs on my radar (though i still wouldn't be even a casual collector of the publisher for another few years after). Were some nice books in that Pedigree. Congrats if a Boardie picked up the Planet #1
  9. So was I. Not even a years time later. Much like the Berk auction, maybe a case of too much to spread around the first go, then war chests get replenished and that second or third highest bidder snags it the next go round at a higher price
  10. Yaaaay, Superman 1 Still king of the Superhero hill.
  11. ...While not a player on anything today, i do have the day off and will be curious to see if the recently sold/reslabbed Church Planets hold/surpass/under perform their recent hammer prices from a few months ago,.