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  1. I added a copy of this one to my collection because I saw this posted by you a few years back. I have posted the question is this the first true (Atlas) Timely horror book more than once, but shockingly no one is up for debate/discussion on the matter. Truly qualifying (Jack the Ripper inspired cover)murdered policeman, implied stalking of next victim, term 'corpses' in the title. Cool book Marty! You are our living legend
  2. Would NEVER guess a super hero makes his first appearance inside that one!
  3. @circumstances @comicjack @Frisco Larson Cool books gents!
  4. Loving oneself to making a move on your friends girl
  5. Forbidden World's to Forbidden Love
  6. Ouch! But if it's any consolation my friend, it still is a pretty copy (not as alluring as the scan depicts, but a solid 8.0 from what I can see in your pic). I've got my eye on a bold blood red cover book( in the scan) ending on HA this weekend. If I win, hope I'm not disappointed
  7. '39 to '48 from what i have read (though the bulk of the books are from '39 to '42 if i'm correct, -and if i'm not i'm sure i will be schooled )
  8. I would e-mail Stephen Fishler from Metto or James Payette of Rare Books with pics of the book.
  9. ..That Sure-Fire #3(#4) is now an 8.5