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  1. Sweet! They look swell in their new slabs! This Thread has been humming along again and i love it!
  2. sagii

    Centaur Comics

    My guess is the Spring Event auction with other books from other consignors but with 'special acknowledgement' much like the Planets in this weeks auction, since there will be more books to follow . But, we will soon find out.
  3. sagii

    Centaur Comics

    ...I concur. It will be one for the ages for sure.
  4. Hey Walter When i submitted it was during the roll out at NYCC. That little nugget wasn't in the deal yet. CGC sent out a follow up e-mail adding the $credit to the pot as an incentive after NYCC. I suppose i could ask them to honor the deal for me, but just haven't reached out. ..But i have read Boardie posts where they have been (or were 'promised' the $10 because swap out came in lower in the CGC case.) @n2wdw may be the Boardie i'm thinking abaout.
  5. sagii

    Centaur Comics

    WOWZA!! 6k for the 1.5 Amazing-Man Comics #22!
  6. sagii

    Teen Humor--Anything but Archie

    Very nice RM! Tough ones indeed! The 'Scream' series morphs into 'Andy Comics' after this one.
  7. sagii

    All books pre- June 1938

    One month in
  8. sagii

    Fiction house anyone?

    Beautiful! You are on quite the roll my friend! Well done!
  9. sagii

    Baker Romance

    Congrats! Yesterday would have marked his 97th Birthday. Happy Belated in memoriam Mr. Baker!
  10. sagii


    ..To more Winter..
  11. Thanks to super Boardie @ft88 for selling this one and @AJD for alerting me to the listing with the '@'. Not particularly 'tough' but was just waiting for the 'right' copy for me. Every time one was listed i could go for, some HTF hero book was also listed in said auction so i'd throw the budget at that, knowing i'd get another shot at a copy of this one again eventually. Four Color #16, Also known as 'Porky Pig #1' self titled comic series. (There is a linen book that predates this comic book). 'Slight' Horror edge to the cover
  12. ...of the same mind: I figured i'd post to this Thread after CC this week, just in case.....
  13. sagii


    ..To Beach
  14. What say you?