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  1. @Electricmastro Had no idea this cover was by a female artist, thanks for the Info
  2. ..The 'other' Robot cover! Another one i really liked in the run. Nice to post the later JLA swipe also!
  3. Never ever, let him hire the maid, and never ever let them send you on the errand to pick the last minute party favors
  4. Makeshift Raft with oncoming Boat to Raft with oncoming Boat
  5. The Enoch Bolles covers from his run on Breezy Tales have been on fire on eBay. Got blown out of the water on one i really wanted a few days ago. Here's one of his covers originally used for Bedtime Stories but used again i think only a year later for this pulp in 1939
  6. Hi all One cool book up for grabs, Witches Tales #20 Classic cover CGC 8.0 old label goodness. First in the Thread trumps all PM negotiations. Sending in U.S. only for this one, shipping on me (USPS). No returns on slabbed books. Book will be well packed for safe arrival. Payment by Paypal preferred. Asking $660
  7. Congrats! Beauties! The colors on that Firehair are insane!!
  8. Wow, what behind the scenes information you scholar you ! Thoroughly enjoying this diary style roll out!