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  1. Lol —— moot point — but I did turn in scores.... would still be a zero......
  2. W16227

    Overspray or Mold?

    I was just curious ---- ( I saw the ebay sale) --- I was wondering if this was a case of you thinking something was not as described - or just unhappy with that top edge. Since the seller does accept returns - kind of a moot point with weather or not you had to pressure them with a not as described claim.... Interesting if that was mold---looks like the latest gen slab so not like it has been ageing for 10+ years. I have seen some real fugly distribution ink marks - but usually that is because of way too much ink. This looks like the sputtering end of the spray can ( if ink) ..... glad it worked out for you....
  3. W16227

    Overspray or Mold?

    The top is likely distributor ink - edges of which are somewhat visible on the sale scans. The green stain - also visible on the sale scans. IMO -- -looks like you got the book as described/scanned.... so why the return???
  4. QC error - https://www.cgccomics.com/pdf/restoration-grading-scale-handout.pdf Look at the restoration grading scale - trimming of any kind is a C ( poor) category for resto. This book is likely not trimmed given the location of the text ( on the top label???? ) --- very strange for sure.....
  5. I do not follow him - bu did a quick look just to see --- looks like he deleted his facebook active on twitter - bitcoin crypto bitcoin crypto..... so - looks like he is focused on his crypto get rich scheme......... kind of sad - if he would put half the effort into a real job and/or improving himself with a trade school (or equivalent) - he would be so much better off...... but at least he is surviving.....
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  7. W16227

    6th Annual Green Eggs Grading Contest Sign Up Thread

    In in in in in in in in in
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    per PM!!
  9. W16227

    PGX terminates entire staff?

  10. W16227

    Gone the way of the Dodo

    another thread exists for this subject.... I feel like an old time boardie now!!!!!!
  11. W16227

    PGX terminates entire staff?

  12. DECOUPAGE!!!!! Don't worry - I got this......
  13. W16227

    5 years later...

    When we first joined, that name was already taken. I thought it was CopperAgeJanet...... congrats......
  14. The directors addressed this question - she got away along with others, including the Kronan from Ragnarok, via escape pods (all off screen). Remember Thor tells the Guardians Thanos slaughted half his people so we know not all the Asgardians died.  What sticks with me --- this falls under Thanos' standard theme of killing off "half". So might not really be an escape as much as Thanos being Thanos and this might be one of those times where he set the seeds for his undoing. The late scene with Thanos and Gamora in the soul stone.... I know how they like to tie everything together and drop easter eggs... This scene seems to me to be more of the last scene from the next Avengers movie. Thanos states - it cost him everything... but how does he know that at the instant he snaps his plan into action? And what is "everything " to Thanos? - he already sacrificed Gamora earlier, so his everything now would be what?????? Only other observation I had that appears not to have been discussed--- GROOT!!!! So, he was part of the 50% taken at the end of the movie... or was he??? He gave up an arm to stormbreaker - the weapon that can take down Thanos.... This had to be done for a reason in the plotline ( other than Peter D not knowing where he put the handle after the axe was forged) ..... My thought is that this will play into how they bring back the people that were "dusted" as it can serve as an anchor between reality and where they ended up.
  15. W16227

    Is this unacceptable or is it just me?

    I do not think OP said there was no tracking - I have a sale waiting to ship. I can add tracking and insurance. USPS will do up to 5K for insurance, the ebay shipcover will do $1000. Though.... if I were a USPS postmaster - insured media mail with even 5K insurance deserves a look under the hood...... OP - there is at least some clues you can see in your order-- "economy shipping" comes up as media mail ( you have to click the shipping details). Standard shipping does not show any specific, and expedited shipping ( for my listings anyway) - is USPS priority. If there is no tracking -- seller is complete buffoon...... Hopefully things arrive ok - then neutral feedback. I cannot believe anyone would ship a 6K book like this. I give more though to a $10 book......