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  1. thems fighting words .... i know one of the artists....
  2. This - right here - I have had people then try to up the price - based on my sales price. Then you go through the description of auction fees, overhead, actual work for individually listing books and the risk involved with hidden damage. They either get it or they don't. The only real bargaining ploy you may have if they want more $$$ - is to increase the offer as long as all of the other books are included. All depends on what that other stock is.. Sometimes you do have to just walk away.....
  3. bad press.....BAD PRESS
  4. also have packaged lots/runs - at the table! Pack refill boxes underneath. Go with 6 longs - 2 table "slots" with the packaged items stacked so people can see them. Things that are hard sells at a dollar each - you make decent runs for .75 each and you can move a lot quickly. Things like alpha flight or Excalibur--- come to mind. Examine ebay prices for runs - then undercut them for the show!!!! The more you can get people to glance at a stack and buy -- the better. With that kind of volume - focus on bulk packaging items first! I do not know the layout of the show - but I would almost consider all packed runs and bulk for the table. When you process - separate where you want to sell book - and get items for sale in parallel!! if you try to move items here - then at a show - then ebay - in many ways you are using up excess energy and could be using that time to list/sell separate items on the sites that make the most sense. I would consider getting an ebay basic store if you have decent sales there - you get 200 more free listings and it gets the most eyeballs on the merch. If you get into pure drek - that goes straight to the "auction house box". Try and pull 4 longs of that right away - then get that to the auction house!!!!! Keep doing this every time they have an auction- until you cannot find any more drek!
  5. I'd definitely expect some Berk auctions just sucked ~ $ 3.5 million ( likely more) out of the spending potential of auction buyers short term.... May have some effect.... I know I am most likely deberked for a while
  6. The crumbchaser .... overpaid for this but loved the cover.... My first larson.... And why not - it was cheap!!
  7. my other target for tonight.......
  8. Was one of the cooler covers - that was in my price range. Like the minimal amount of restoration as well.......
  9. KEEP CALM and SELL COMICS ok - to keep from freaking out too much - take some time to set the priorities and plan. MAKE SURE TO TAKE BREAKS. Do not work 24/7 on this. This will seem overwhelming - and it should. IT is a ton of volume and you have not dealt with this before. If you overload yourself you will find that real life items get put off - and this will not go over well with the significant other. Take time to be with family and friends! - as this will refresh you and keep your spirits up as you stare at the sea of boxes....... for me - the key items ( in the order I would address them) 1. Pay off the collection ASAP I do not mean getting all of your money back, rather get all of the payments over to the seller. If you have the scratch to pay this off quickly - do it. If you are under water, you need to get that covered 1st with the least amount of effort. This means the big books. If you are planning on keeping some of the top books - great, but limit this to 2-3 for now. Get higher value books selling until your nut is covered. Snag the keys, minor keys, hot books, miniseries. Singles or sets that will go for $20 and up. Sort through ones that make sense to CGC - move them to the back of the sales pile. These you can hopefully slab - but might need to sell raw if you are under water. In the beginning you need to get cash quick and minimize the sales effort as you still have to ..... 2. Move em Reading the tale -it looks like you are progressively moving the pile. Good. Do not overexert yourself - but try and get this done quickly. Using the seller as a storage locker - is good for you, but they might sour on the idea the longer it takes to get everything out. Get a friend or 2 - rent a trailer or whatever you need to get this moved in 2 trips (so you can do on a weekend). 3. Store em No idea how much room you have in the homestead - but that is obviously the best (and worst) location for you. You may need to get a storage locker. Chicago area - 5 x 10 climate control unit~ 90 a month ( with insurance). Prepay a year and you may get additional discounts. A year? --- well ya, you got 40K books so this will take some time. When you are still in payoff mode - you will have to cherry pick during move/storage phase. Otherwise - your main goal here is to get them in areas for long term storage. 4. PROCESS THEM Ok - after the nut is paid off - this is when you can make a more formal plan with how to move. THINK BULK! I see some of your threads here - have $1, $2, $3 books. Drop that mindset. Better to group 10 books with FMV as $30 and sell them as on bulk $20 group. The value for you with a score like this - is in moving lots quickly, not eeking out every dollar with individual low dollar sales. Your goal should be to have $20 and up in a single sale. This will greatly reduce the overall work. The higher end books---- they are the ones where single unit sales make more sense. .... use this to organize for....... 5. BIG BULK SALES - So - after you get the books moved - and you are in the comfort zone with the $$$ made. Now - you go into clearout mode. Figure out your comfort level for packaging/shipping. If you have some standard ( I have a box side that fits ~ 50), set that as a lot. Going box by box - you snag the dreck. Hopefully there is some organization of the books so you can get runs together. If not - random still works. Online sales - keep things simple. Make sure you have a solid shipping rate - and have an idea of the minimum price you want for each lot. This needs to be low - if you can move the drek and break even in large batches - you win. I have sen many 50 book lots do well with an auction format. A couple of decent pics of the group --- let it fly for 9.99 auction plus shipping..... Craigslist might also be an option for this- sell by the (cherrypicked to death) longbox. Figure out how many you can transport in your vehicle - sell that many as a lot - list for like $75 a longbox and accept offers down to your minimum. If that does not seem to work - blow them out for $25 a LB.... This is not the time to set up a lot of individual sales - you are picking and sorting the best of what remains, sending the goodies to CGC - and moving bulk bulk bulk. Things that wont move regardless of price - HPB or donate. once you get that mountain into a manageable pile - go back to whatever mode suits you!!!!
  10. Just one win yesterday --- but that is ok ( saved me some $$$)........
  11. Seriously! Wow. might also be good candidate for a press --- I will have to see the book in hand - but the grader notes are below.... aside from the resto - major flaws are creases......fingers crossed ... This is a keeper and apologizes to the purists - but if this can pop a grade I will CPR........... Grader Notes: Color touch (Average quality or materials up to 4"" x 4"") Cover B-4 Cover cleaning (Average quality) B-1 Piece fill cover (Archival material, average quality up to 1"" x 1"") Cover B-3 Re-glossing B-1 Reinforcement to cover (Archival material, average quality) B-1 Tear seals to cover (Archival material, average quality) B-1 light, multiple crease front cover light, multiple crease full top of back cover
  12. my other win ---- This was the one I really wanted. The #6 ended at about the same time, I was really happy that both were mine Presents great for a 5....