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  1. Bwwwwwwwaaaaaaaahahahaha! I remember that one. DECOUPAGE BABY!!!!!
  2. This is what I was thinking... and a quick edit here - for Gabe - this is one of those opportunities for you to get feedback email the manager - ask POLITELY why you were removed - state that you are trying to improve you chances for future positions and what to know key areas where you did not perform well Hopefully the person will be honest and you will act on the feedback. A face to face visit may be better for feedback as long as you are HUMBLE and behave as you are seeking advice......
  3. Are you sure? - not being mean , but you tend to miss or gloss over details at times. I would be willing to bet that the pay provision were in there, but not a full guarantee of 12 weeks employment. The forts two weeks are probably a trial for the employer to see if they want to continue. I do not know how the legal system works up there, but a guaranteed contract like you describe being broken in the states would be followed very quickly by a lawsuit and quick settlement.
  4. has anyone ever listed a placeholder for "random drek nobody wants "????......
  5. Sales Tax on Comic Sale

    As a buyer - I would think it depends on how the listing was worded - and if you have the listing set to add in the sales tax for a specific state. Kind of like shipping - unless there is a specific negotiation in the offer/counter process - the shipping is extra. However, most buyers may not realize that tax is extra when going the best offer route. If BIN or auction - it is in there as a separate line item when purchasing, so obvious. As as seller - I just consider this part of the costs and pay it. Simplifies the listings and puts the effort more on me to recognize when an offer is going to my state so I can figure out if I want to adjust the haggling.
  6. Sales Tax on Comic Sale

    Well - you realistically have to pay taxes on any gain. Paypal will not issue a 1099 unless you hit specific requirements, but that does not mean you do not need to pay taxes without one.
  7. My donation - X Men 60 - first Sauron! pretty good shape - has some cover dents - very pressable if you are in to that..... Also - winner will receive one of my Chuck Fiala sketch covers. Can pick naughty ( Zatana, WW, Harley, Harley with power girl) --or nice.... WW, spider woman, spider gwen, or batman/joker morph) .....
  8. ah -- ebay grading at its finest!!!!
  9. i'd totally love to do something like that! Even better .... ask to borrow the tailors tape measure , then hit the bathroom
  10. Tips on pressing

    I think you need a professional presser to fix the cockling..... the good news - according to CCS - " Cockling can be corrected nearly 100% of the time with a proper pressing"
  11. UGH --- hope it works out. Is the bathroom you want to measure "public" ( accessible to customers) ? - if so - go right in and measure it - or any other areas. Bring a friend ( or even have a couple of buddies do this for you). If questioned - just say the new store coming in is planning out the fixture placements. Then ask about when they will be cleared out completely. Make the operation non confrontational - but with the emphasis that the new store is moving in. Maybe even a couple of calls asking the same - stating that new fixtures are being delivered so you need to know when the store will be clear.
  12. 5th Annual Green Eggs Grading Contest Sign Up Thread

    Well - I can say that whomever picks my prize package - will have some included.......