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  1. Buffalo ComicCon April 2018 - Report

    Wait - duck dynasty is cosplaying jimbo??
  2. Stan Lee on 5/25/17 to 5/27/17 Megacon

    I have one of the ASM treasure editions with his sig ( they had a 1000 piece signing with him and Romita) - you want a pic of the sig? I think these are from ~ 1974 ish
  3. PGX Reputation Rehab?

    - still around - I had to reread many pages of that old thread - still entertaining.
  4. Closed

    Ahhhhhhhhhh too slow....... nice pickup -
  5. Closed

  6. As I mentioned earlier Peter is not always in the store and he is the only one that can do something. Yes I am an hour away from the store so I can’t drop in every few hours to check if he is there. Everyone should be CALLING CGC - make sure to ask exactly who you are speaking with. State dates and invoice numbers. RECORD ALL ANSWERS - make sure the person on the other line knows you are writing every detail down. If the 1st per person online cannot really help you - ask to speak to a manager. Do the same thing ( record exactly who they are and what they say) --- state specifically that you have tried to contact paradise and they have not given any information. If they do not give you any information - ask to speak to a manager of their registered dealers. You are looking for an answer as to when the books were submitted. As far as the shop - ask specifically WHEN "peter" will be in the shop. Make sure to schedule a phone call - do not accept " he will call you this weekend" - get a commitment that he will be in the store on "friday" and call you back then ( or whatever) - keep hitting CGC too - do not simply email - CALL CALL CALL AND MAKE SURE TO RECORD ALL INFORMATION. In the US - with only limited recorded contact - you could take them to small claims court pretty quick after multiple refusals of contact.
  7. Kudos for J. Morrow

    Bought IM 1 and 55 - great price, fast shipping...
  8. BCW bags and boards --- can be .10 a set if you order as an individual ( need to order 10 sets each plus enough total for free shipping). If you are a wholesaler - you can get them for under .07 a set but the minimum order goes up ( $1000 to get free shipping). bagging and boarding can go fast with help - and you do not need to be especially careful with the comics ( they are the cheap ones after all). I see it as protection for moving the books from place to place - as well as rough handling by people digging.
  9. This --- I do have --- time permitting I will even try to make patches of like books ( hulk, xmen) ...... - the one big show I try to do ----- probably 10 longs of just indys!!!!
  10. I see a lot of people looking thru $1 boxes with want lists so I'd think those people would be more inclined to grab a stack of books if they are in order. True - you make it easier for them - but the the list guys might only look in specific locations. If they dig - odds are they look through a lot more of the boxes and might pull extras on a whim....... I only had one person complain about digging. I kindly explained that then they would have to be $2 books to justify the labor to sort. I will bag and board most - but then I have free labor for that ( my kids) - well, almost free - they get comics......
  11. Great - just great. So he got paid to grade books which makes him ineligible for this event?? Edited 1 hour ago by 1Cool hmmmm - so you are one of those....... "not a professional grader" types??????
  12. I believe that the phrase "time in a bottle" refers to the amount of beer you can drink before last call.