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  1. Looking to but VF and up Tony Lee issues of Doctor Who comics. Wish to purchase in bulk - VF or better - duplicates are ok. List below are the series/dates we worked on - reprints ok too... Doctor Who (2009) Doctor Who (2011) Doctor Who (2012) Doctor Who 100-Page Spectacular (2012) Doctor Who Graphic Novel (2004) Doctor Who Magazine (1979) Doctor Who Omnibus (2013) Doctor Who Special 2012 (2012) Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Archives (2015) Doctor Who: The Forgotten (2008) Doctor Who: Through Time and Space (2009) Doctor Who: Time Machination (2009)
  2. Do you have the numbers/grande of the other books ? - pm them to AP and he can check if they match up and get you other very numbers. I did scan registry sets that would likely have that book and did not find any other 8.0s
  3. So - found at a garage sale - for TEC 38 does not really add up - suspicious for sure ( and the asking price realistically will tell much more) That stolen collection - the owner did have a TEC 38 in 8.0........ ( from his registry set) --- LOL - trying to delete the one image.... not working so hiding in spoiler tags .....
  4. My prize offer.... CGC 9.8 Harley Quinn 17 convention edition SS... Added pic....
  5. The 550 is not large enough for slabs -
  6. -- that explains it --- The V600 has - 12-line Epson Matrix CCD as the image tech. These work best for slabs - the V600 is the least expensive I have seen - would be a good choice for the price ( looks like 230 street) Most new scanners - use a different tech - CIS - that is not slab friendly. Looks like only USB 2.0 connection https://news.epson.com/facts/epson-perfection-v600-photo-scanner-150179
  7. Kind of depends on why u are scanning - Standard scanners today are not good at depth. Work for raw - but slabs are fuzzy. Not that good for selling. Consensus is usually to ebay/craigslist an older scanner like an 8300 and use vuescan. Long and best overall discussion thready, best to start from the end and read backwards for the latest recommendations. A decent thread with some other slab image options. Some image apps work ok for cell phones. good
  8. You said you have the book - then 'the seller wants 15K' Which is it? Book was sold for 13,400 july 31 by ebay "seller" midbloom2001 I put "seller" in quotes - the ebay user has no other sales for the part 12 months..... Book is currently listed for sale by nekobooks (ebay) Book was also sold by nekobooks on 8-19 seller received positive feedback for the sale The images you posted were from the July 31st sale What gives?
  9. Detective Comics 6 CGC 5.5 Restored $3500 Edgar Church Copy From the Collection of Jon Berk SOLD per PM .......