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  1. Couple more decent pulls from the boxes. This lot overall was 3 longs total - about 50% moderns, the rest mainly copper and bronze. Many modern hulks to sort through -- includes run of planet hulk/WW hulk - Kamandi - 1-10 with an extra 1 the #1s here - are likley slab worthy... ( along with the MM 1 from above post)
  2. Some pickups from the weekend Nice ww run ending with Some more ww Early JLA - low grade but still some nice books
  3. I would think the 'no-resto-check' portion is extremely reliable........
  4. I think the good til cancelled is only for fixed price listings, not auctions. --- think his strategy is to run fixed for "x" days - no sale, then list at auction , no sale - then relist back as fixed ... So now 1C has to 'remember' to cancel the fixed now and port over to an auction.....
  5. likely not eliminated ----- just a very low seed !!! - this was only the seeding round not a knockout - also - send in grades anyway - the results are late ( CGC still has some of the books) - so they might take pity on you ....
  6. Plus $1000 cash???
  7. and define long term..... trading 2 keys plus cash for one key ---- you should not really end up under water to start - how are you valuing each comic - as is - looks like a horrible deal for you -
  8. Everything is NOT going fine if a dry spell at the office means you are living on a credit card for three months..... Some people live paycheck to paycheck - for various reasons - but the responsible ones who have to pull out the card for an emergency then PAY IT BACK as they plan for these things...... If people are not buying - then what are you changing??? -because something is wrong... Hulk 180s sell all the time. Heck - around 25 CGC ones sold in the last month...
  9. You had three months trying to support yourself with "sales" - and you had to go into debt for it. While not directly on the card, this means you were "paying" yourself with high interest DEBT and is very related to your "business" ..... This is a sure fire sign that the business is not viable for providing for you. If you were half as dedicated to a day job as you are to your other endeavors ---- you would not be having all of these issues... You want to swear off something for a year - make it your comic/video/cypto dreaming. Get a job where you can earn a consistent pay check . This is a foundation that you can THEN add extra activities to later.....