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  1. As we have discussed via pm the book is no longer for sale. I had said in the thread I would be pulling it and then closed the thread or marked it sold. I reopened to update status of shipments and forgot to close. Best of luck finding your copy.
  2. Update all books are packed and labeled. Due to a variety of things mostly work related I wasn’t able to ship out today as I planned. All books will go out Monday around noon , my lunch break from work, and tracking numbers will be sent. Thanks again for all the purchases. I hate waiting for books when I buy them, but life happens and the post office is about as good as a bank for hours. John
  3. I have a lot of interest, questions, and offers on the ASM 129. The book has vibrant colors and the pic doesn’t capture that at all. I will try and get some better pics tonight. Having sold most of the books listed so far, I’m firm on the price as that is the best 9.2 anyone is going to find. I will pull it tonight if it doesn’t sell possibly relisting later in the month depending on how my other listings sell. I will be listing a few Him/warlock books later tonight and quite a few modern keys. BA 12, NM 87, y the last man, bone (my fave), and a variety of others. I will work with anyone on bundle deals and if by chance there are any Batman new 52 Snyder collectors out there still, I have nearly every issue and variant which I will price to move very generously. I know that series took a hit but long term I think it is solid classic series run.
  4. Thanks. It’s one of the best copies I’ve ever seen. I fellow board or searched and searched for his perfect copy and then needed to sell. I lucked out and picked up this and his Daredevil # both phenomenal copies in all ways and both 9.2 deserving higher in my book. By the book not the grade. Book is NOT on hold btw if you have any interest I think it’s priced to move based on how it presents etc.
  5. Very true. I had a bunch of these done onsite in Baltimore two years ago. I apologize for forgetting to mention that.