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  1. I use CLZ as well. It’s awesome. I never thought about numbering the boxes and putting the number with issues on the app. That’s a cool idea!
  2. The awesome thing is there are so many ways to go about it, do whatever works for you and makes sense. I change how I do it about every couple of years and add little things here and there to help out. They way I do it currently, and it works great for me, is I break them down by publisher first. I put DC, Marvel, Image, Independent on the outside of the box. Then I use dividers to label them by series, Vol etc. On the outside of each box I also put a label with a quick glimpse of what's in the box, "Daredevil Vol 6", Batman Vol 5", Saga, Outcast" etc. When I get my new issues for the week I b
  3. 5.0, maybe 5.5 with the front and back cover cleaned up.
  4. Hello my fellow lovers of funny books. Thoughts on this one? Thank you for your time.