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  1. First in thread trumps any PMs. USPS PRIORITY with delivery confirmation and signature required included in the price. US only at this time. Payment: PayPal only. Payment to be sent in two days of sale agreement. Returns: No returns on graded comics unless there is damage during shipping. No probation peeps please. up for sale is a Daredevil #1 CGC 1.0 Need the money to help pay for wedding expenses. $400 See attached front and back scans
  2. Finally! Yoda June 15th I like this one too also June 15th
  3. That makes total sense! Thanks. I didn't notice the release date
  4. Has anyone received any shipment notices for the Bespin Solo variant? It's been 26 days and I haven't even received a confirmation email, nothing.
  5. The print run for the Bespin solo is 3,000. He revealed it on his Facebook.
  6. I am a low grade kind of guy so Kudos!!! Thanks! Me too. I like books that show character and lots of love. Plus it's easier on the wallet
  7. Here is my ticket. There are many like it but this one is mine. It's a bit fugly but even the beat up ones need a good home! Complete and unrestored.
  8. Here is my submission. Rough shape but I just got it today and I'm over the moon right now
  9. Hey guys. Looking for a CGC Star Wars #42 around 9.0-9.2 Thanks!