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  1. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    what happened to the Tec 38 on CLINK Xchange Disappeared No pending sale either ? Thoughts on the Jerry Robinson coverless on CC coming up Beautiful copy
  2. Green Lantern #1 (GL1) 1941

    Wouldn't count on it but always a good idea to get a GA key copy sooner than later (in most cases)
  3. The Wonder Woman all the Time thread

    Anyone else think that the AS 8 in the most recent CC Auction went low ? 4.5 Blue for around 48kish I believe ??
  4. Coverless Tec 27's for sale

    I was expecting that response One day I will get my hands on a unrestored , complete copy but until that day comes this one will suffice
  5. Coverless Tec 27's for sale

    No plans to do so. Part of the fun is of this club is being a member with you
  6. Coverless Tec 27's for sale

    To clarify, that was the minimum bid accepted via CLINK on the one on the exchange. I , on the other hand, am always accepting offers or trades on mine
  7. Coverless Tec 27's for sale

    You beat me to my computer woowoo!! Min bid accepted is 27,500.
  8. Coverless Tec 27's for sale

    No bids on the coverless Tec 27 on CLINK ?
  9. Coverless Tec 27's for sale

    Put away now but I did snap a pic of the front and the back before doing so (to chicken to separate the pages) Here ya go Woo -Woo! papagespages)
  10. Marvel Comics #1 Club

    Love me that Oct copy !
  12. Looks like IGB are back at it

    Od rather have a .5 Blue than this 9.4
  13. Coverless Tec 27's for sale

    Thanks Peter ---and with a increase in price to boot! Do you think it will sell on that venue for the asking price of 55k (or even his last price of 45)
  14. Coverless Tec 27's for sale

    I see his Tec 27 and Tec 38 went POOF ! Anyone have any news on what happened to the 27
  15. Your book up for auction I take it ?