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  1. Will have it at C2E2 for sale if it doesn’t sell this week here on the boards.
  2. The only ones I have I believe you already have. ( Heritage BC and insides minus the CF and the Metro certified centerfold )
  3. Makes the most sense to me. They saw the first print run reading “ no one “ ( No 1 ) and corrected it. More than 1 print run of Supes 1 , MC 1, and Bats 1 sure do bug me for some reason
  4. I think the dot came second. I have No data to back that up. That’s my hunch.
  5. So 6 copies of each issue or 3 copies of each issue ? Sorry I need some clarification .....
  6. The library started in a closet. That sure seems like a lot of space. My research hasn’t gone beyond their copies of action 1 & Tec 27. I’ve seen pictures of 2 Action 1’s. 2 Tec 27’s and 1Tec 27 in person (no longer in their possession )
  7. Dunno. I’ve tried to reach out to their libertarian but no response.
  8. I’ve only seen pictures of their Action 1 and Tec 27 AFTER they were removed from bound volumes. ( both copies still had their binder holes ). Action 1 had its cover still.
  9. I don’t get it. Guess I have to go back to page 1. Is is that laminated project ?
  10. I have an acquaintance from Chicago who toured in 2016. Any insight into how many Action 1 ‘s and Tec 27’s they have ( or had at one time ) ? Any insight as to why the Tec 27 they currently have is coverless ?