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  1. Chicago Boy

    Batman #1 Club

    Sell them ALL and buy a Tec 27. If you can find one
  2. Chicago Boy

    Action 1 FS at Metro

    6.5. EXTENSIVE RESTORATION. No price. Just “ Call”. Anyone have the backstory on this one ?
  3. Chicago Boy

    Sparkle City Action 1 on ebay!!!!

    That is outstanding ! Great buy ! Anyone know if the Action 1 was graded. ??
  4. Last time I was there the basement was full ( it’s a 4 story building full of comic related items ) of slabbed GA books. I remember a lot of Timelys.
  5. Mine is Eides Entertainment in Pittsburgh PA. Hand down.
  6. Chicago Boy

    Superman in Cleveland

    Those are awesome ! Here’s something I’ve posted before in another thread but worth another look here maybe ......Sotheby’s purchase after his passing in 2012
  7. Chicago Boy

    AF 15 vs ASM 1

    No contest. AF 15. Every day and twice on Sundays
  8. Thanks Bronty. Any big ticket items ( ie 5-6 digits )
  9. I think Europe would explain no Shocker etc. My Spidey- Sense tells me that Mysterio is making himself look like the hero and he’s a villain.
  10. Chicago Boy

    Detective Comics #1 CGC 5.0 up for Auction

    $6k a point ?? What was it 5 years ago ? Realize it could just be the auction house but maybe not
  11. Chicago Boy

    Venom Movie

    So bad it’s good. I found myself hating and looking forward to the sequel at the same time. Hardy and venom make it
  12. Horrible movie. It should sleep with the fishes
  13. Meh. I’m sure it’s solid though. Trailer didn’t get me psyched. Like the twist in aunt May , flash , and mj. Why no spider sense with Fury’s arrival ? Mysterious. Excellent !
  14. Excellent work Rob. Thanks for your contributions as always !