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  1. Looking for superman 1 pages...

    theres a page 1 or first wrap coming up for auction on CC. saw it in the catalogue today
  2. GA Dealers in Chicago/Milwaukee

    Welcome to GA ! It is addicting! The closest shop to you it sounds like is in Kenosha . A store called Inner Child. Owner is Dr Steve Kahn. Fantastic and honest guy (Overstreet Advisor too BTW). It's not a GA store per say but he is always looking and might end up with some depending on what inventory he brings in week to week. He is a collector too and has GA so he might be interested in selling some of his personal collection (can't hurt to ask). Are you looking to travel into the City at all ? I'm sure you are aware of WW in Rosemont next week --a plethora of GA if you haven't been.....
  3. Anyone ever see one of these raw or slabbed ever? Never came across one.....
  4. Flash Comics #1 Club

    No love for Jay Garrick on the boards
  5. Flash Comics #1 Club

    Thanks Burntboy, I've had the same questions GPA still has this book being sold at $10,800.
  6. Wizard World Chicago -- August 24-27, 2017

    Which restoration/ pressing services will be there this year ? The usual suspects ? (Matt Nelson, Joey, etc.) ??
  7. Wizard World Chicago -- August 24-27, 2017

    Houston isn't really what I call a "City" (it's just a bunch of land) If we annexed everything too we'd "grow" (and that's quite the skyline they have there btw ) Don't even get me started on that hick Metroplex
  8. Qualified .5 ?

    I also cannot think of anything other than a .5 blue. On the same topic I have a NG Qualified with a married front cover and most of the insides--just picked up a back cover--how many pages inside do I need to qualify for a .5 ??
  9. Never realized he knocked the guy off the girder. 2nd Robin --so cool. yet another Robin Tec before bats 1
  10. Wizard World Chicago -- August 24-27, 2017

    CGC doing on site grading again this year? Just assumed they would be but it is not mentioned on their home page
  11. Wizard World Chicago -- August 24-27, 2017

    Or from where I reside small cities
  12. If that is the case I'm curious to see if their is an affect on AA 16 and Flash 1 after the movie comes out myself.......
  13. on the AS 3 above. Is that a stronger price than's been seen as of late ? If yes, why do you think ? Movie effect ??
  14. WTB x-men 3,4,5,7, 12 9.0

    Are you looking for 9.0's for all the books listed or just the #12? Just need some clarification--thanks! I have a #4 5.0 that is for sale.
  15. WTB X-Men 1 5.0-5.5

    Hi, I've got a 4.5 that fits the bill if your willing to come down a 1/2 a point ??