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  1. Yeah. Loooong gone is right. Nice presenting c/c Action 1 is 100k. Nice presenting c/c Tec 27 is 80k I’d say.
  2. Actually I think it’s in line with a 0.5 price wise ?
  3. I think it’s worth 100k as well. If someone paid 105k to nab it I could understand it , but no more than that.
  4. I hope not. Leave this masterpiece alone
  5. There is a lot going for both. Personally I can’t get over it’s not the first appearance of either hero ( Batman or Robin ). That being said when I stated this topic I think the books were close enough in ppp to ask the question. The market has spoken however and spoke awhile ago even in the midst of all the Cap hoopla in popular culture.
  6. I thought it looked great when you had it and deserved a universal holder then