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  1. I can’t help think All Star 8 should be much higher. Maybe the market doesn’t say so but for a myriad of other reasons. Nor sure where I’d put it yet.
  3. Nothing like going against your own marketing mantra to get a collection.
  4. I don’t think that is CBCS ‘s business model. I have books in both and find them to be pretty consistent ( within .5 each way ). I trust Matt at CGC and I trust Borock at CBCS.
  5. I think AA 16 ranking had a lot to with rarely. Certainly a lot rarer than Bats 1 but not as rare as it once was if you look at the census ‘
  6. Heritage had over 1 million in video game sales. Sure seems like video games started out hotter than comic books ( even accounting for inflation )
  7. I hold both companies in high regard. I wouldn’t bet the house that one is more correct than the other at a quick glance.
  8. Has anyone ever called BS to the face of one of these sellers ?
  9. I think I prefer the CLINK 8.0 coming up. They’ve got some honorable mentions with a 9.0 AF 15 & OA spidey cover #91 for our SA freinds.