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  1. Chicago Boy

    Go Collect vs GPA

    Preference ?
  2. Chicago Boy

    WTB. Tec 27 Centerfold

    Seriously though......maybe I’ll go that route with mine .....
  3. Chicago Boy

    WTB. Tec 27 Centerfold

    Awesome!!! What is that you keep it in??
  4. Chicago Boy

    WTB. Tec 27 Centerfold

    Oh boy. Well the hunt will be fun. I thought there’d be more interest in the one on CC. There’s a few civerkess missing the CF that I’m aware of.....wonder because they wudnt get a grade change if the $ was to high and still have an incomplete. While we r here ever see a back cover for sale ? I seem to recall one at one point .....
  5. Thanks. Good to know. Still curious as to why the choice was made where labels with more notes had it noted while the 27 & 1 did not. I don’t think it’s anything nefarious just find it strange especially if they all came in to get get graded together ( which I assume ). One last question : All 4 sides trimmed ??
  6. Man those are sweet ! Anyone know what the highest graded 14 is off the top of their head?
  7. Chicago Boy

    WTB. Tec 27 Centerfold

    Yeah. I don’t remember seeing one ever before that one but I wasn’t exactly in the market for one and paying attention. There was only one person making bids on The CC one and they gave up after $7500. Have you ever come across any others in your pre Robin Tec searches ?
  8. Niagra Falls area also fair game......
  9. It does seem odd that those 2 books would not be noted trimmed while the rest were ? Assume they all came from the same volume (or maybe 2 volumes ) ??
  10. Thanks Peter. So some were and some weren’t. The two I saw ( Tec 27 & Bats 1) are not. I just assumed because they were in a bound volume that all copies would be trimmed. Apparently not the case .......
  11. Chicago Boy

    Opinions Wanted !

    It hasn’t been submitted yet. I was thinking of dropping off in person at WW in Chicago next month. I spoke with a person I respect off line and the thought was there was a good shot it wud come back a Qualified 0.5. It was also the second confirmation I got that this particular copy was a DC file copy. Trying to figure how , if at all , it’s possible to get that added to the label as I’d hate for its history to get lost over the years.
  12. Appeared to be and they did come from a bound volume but no indication on the label of a couple I’ve seen on line ( Tec 27 & Bats 1 )
  13. Chicago Boy

    Upcoming Top 10 Overstreet predictions ?

    Couple weeks I think. Later than usual that I know.
  14. Chicago Boy


    Haven't been watching these as of late but I was thinking the same thing. Not to long ago there were around 10k a point ish. These sales seem low for books with nice eye appeal. While Im here I recently heard that the print run on this book was 1 Million. ANy truth to that ? (especially with that being a last issue and all of a supposedly failed sci fi rag)