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  1. So not Sentaur’s right ? Is there a 9.6 ?
  2. Beautiful ! It’s all just comics baby !!
  3. Love this !!! Pep 22 the only mega key over the last 8 years to see a small increase census wise. Please fill in the total number of graded books for each when you get the chance. Do you have an educated guesstimate on how many survived overall for the top 5 or so ?? Great stuff Rob as always !!! The Supes 1 average condition is fascinating
  4. Yes. I thought it was a 100k book then. Think it went in the 90’s ?
  5. I think 100k. Looks like the owner came down 5k ? What’s a pound for pound Tec 27 if that’s 6 figures ? Can’t think of another coverless that can get even close Years down the road .....
  6. There is also an action 1 page 3 up for sale in the same auction but with reserve. Trailing the Bats Pages by 5 k at the moment ....
  7. What count do you have for coverless conplete /almost complete Tec 27’s and Action 1’s. My guess is less than 10 for the Tec and less than 5 for the Action....
  8. Looks like it. My fave of the three. Either way 3 people’s opportunity to win a piece oif history- id just want a crack at one of them
  9. Marty, did I ever respond to this ? Don’t know enough about that book to make a educational guess