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  1. That’s interesting. They’ve had better books in years past where they never did that. Winder if they refused to budge in the 10 percent fee in order to save a book from going somewhere else. Seems a little desperate giving their mantra for years of no BP which differentiates them ?
  2. Any love for the DC File copies of Action 1 and Tec 27 or the Bob Kane file copies of Tec 27 and Bats 1 ?
  3. I currently rank them at # 3 as well. Digging where Hakes is heading btw
  4. I think this may have been touched in the body of a different thread. Apologies if there is re tread .....
  5. CC didn’t mention it’s the first time Clark changes into Supes ( if memory serves ). I wud have mentioned that in the listing if I’m right
  6. I’m still trying to sort out all the emotions I had reading your story. You were truly ahead of years ( and sounds like u had to be ) I don’t think m I’ve run across u in this thread before but I could be mistaken. Regardless. Glad I found you here now. Thank you for sharing such a personal story with us This is the kind of stuff that you shud go into over street every year imo.
  7. Huh. Didnt see them there yesterday. Thx
  8. Highest graded AS 8 and Sensation 1 gone from CC website. Assuming if they sold it would have made some news.