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  1. You guys are making me reconsider my offer to CC. Damn you !!!!
  2. $125k for a nice presenting one with good page quality wouldn’t surprise me but since pre pandemic we were talking 105k. I’m cool with that through 115k
  3. my favorite analogy is that you don’t see anyone wearing any Micky mantle jerseys anywhere but you see plenty of Batman. Spiderman and captain America. Shirts. Back packs and hats on kids everywhere of all nationalities.
  4. If I had the million I’d buy the 6.0 for 900 k or less. Hear that Fishler ! The 🐠 !!!!
  5. U also have to have $20k laying around to spend on one
  6. I was just looking at an upcoming Hollywood memorabilia auction. Although some ( not all ) are one if a kind it seems the prices they get rival and exceed grail books in certain conditions yet I can’t see the appeal lasting the generations that some GA characters have on pop culture
  7. You are real close ! Never seen a front cover as well. I offered, comic connect 15 K for that center fold page but the seller wasn’t interested. I just can’t see going above that.
  8. There is no S-146 on an original Tec 27 page 1. Bottom left panel FYI
  9. Zen was talking about added value on a Frankenstein book. Darkseid. What pages are u missing besides FC CF & Bats ??
  10. No one is touching the Tec 27 CF at comic connect for 30k. High offer 10k. Great looking quality page too.