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  1. Where do you find these beauties What’s the biggest key you own in a bound volume ?
  2. All time. Last number I saw didn’t include Archie. Was a couple of years ago. Batman was leading at around 16k. Supes was a close second at 15k. WW was at 7k. Only 3 characters I could find
  3. Have a up to date list how many time a single GA character appears ? Assuming top 3 are Bats Supes. and Archie’s gang WW a distant forth. Heck , Archie May lead the pack ?
  4. Here’s another Assuming not legit ??
  5. That’s arguably a solid top 3 in that order.
  6. If this went to auction would it be the greatest WW cover to do so ? If not which one is ??
  7. Do You think brittle pages on a complete action 1 or Tec 27 would be a turn off to peops ?
  8. Odds are good for all 3 of those it seems
  9. Just found another one at Metropolis for sale. That’s 5 thst I currently know of publically plus 1 privately. 6 total
  10. Supe 1. No contest. Condition regardless.
  11. Actually. 3. A coverless too
  12. Wo ! Yeah. Just seeing a lot even pre pandemic. Plus another one found in the wild right before first of year. The low census numbers made it more appealing to me imo. Never a fab of the book because it’s mostly reprints. Pandemic hasn’t seemed to bring Action 1 or Tec 27 out of woodwork ?
  13. sheer numbers for sale in the last year or so has taken some luster away from this mega key imo Heck, HA had 3 in their last auction