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  1. Chicago Boy

    Detective Comics 39-50

    I know there are A lot of Robin haters out there a la the Dark Knight wasn’t so “dark” anymore. I just finished issues 39-50 for the first time and I have to say they seem very reminiscent of Tecs 27-37 IMO.
  2. Chicago Boy

    Cap 1 vs Bats 1

    Cap not caught in time period Starting out in WW 2 is how he hit his start. Upon thawing now in present so that works
  3. Chicago Boy

    Cap 1 vs Bats 1

    Typo. Oops. Supe 1. Thx
  4. Chicago Boy

    Cap 1 vs Bats 1

    Can’t argue with 1st appearances of Joker / Cat. That being said will Bats 1 catch up with Supes 1 $ wise ? I think there are about 100 less in the census ? But seeing that .5 Bats 1 with front cover for Heritage go for so low makes me think it won’t happen anytime soon. I wud think an equivalent Supes 2 wud have sold for double ??
  5. Chicago Boy

    Cap 1 vs Bats 1

    Yeah. I’d never b satisfied with a spidey 1 knowing the AF 15 is out there. Same for Tec 27/ Bats 1 scenario.
  6. Chicago Boy

    Cap 1 vs Bats 1

    I confused myself a huge Supes fan as well and hdve never had any interest in Supes 1. Love the cover and the fact that it’s the first sole title devoted to the character. But to me it’s just a bunch of reprints for the most part.
  7. 130k I’ll take it. Awesome ! Congrats to Adam and GCG Love seeing that !
  8. Chicago Boy

    Cap 1 vs Bats 1

    Supes 1 Certainly less available than the other two but its census has picked up quite a bit in the last year or so more than doubling Action 1s and Tec 27 for that thsts worth
  9. Chicago Boy

    Cap 1 vs Bats 1

    Did NOT know about the Bats 1 0.5.! I wouldn’t have made my post if I did. That seems like a steal ! I also would say that this 0.5 Cap 1 is the best one out there that I’ve seen ( the other one became a qualified 4.0 I believe )
  10. Chicago Boy

    Cap 1 vs Bats 1

    I think there is enough public sales data recently to say these 2 have separated and that Bats 1 is clearly the ppp victor ?
  11. Chicago Boy

    Anyone familiar with tonyetrade on the bay?

    I must have seen incorrectly. Still give it a
  12. Chicago Boy

    Ask Gator

    I went to college in Bloomington. Indiana scares me 😱
  13. Chicago Boy

    WTT/WTB Tec 27 CF

    Holy Bump Batman !
  14. Big time GA Supes & Bats books. Supe 1. Cgc 6.0 blue
  15. Chicago Boy

    Cap 1 vs Bats 1

    So is the red skull in cap 1 an equivalent of jay Garrick and Alan Scott ??