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  1. Very excited about the casting thus far. Joker just added extra pressure to this film.
  2. Perfection minus 2 casting changes. Alec Baldwin wud have been much better as Thomas Wayne. DiNero understandably casted in that role but should have gone to otherwise a Johnny Carson esque like performer. Maybe Greg kinner. Otherwise. Perfection.
  3. I can’t remember a time since I joined the boards (2011) when they were close in price —pound for pound. I’m not saying they weren’t it’s just that I don’t recall
  4. China F’d it up for everybody. Thx for the insight
  5. Seeing with my wife this upcoming Saturday. That’s $30 right there 👍🏻 Hope it lives up to all the hype and great trailers
  6. What’s a Pay Copy again ?
  7. I know of two 7 figures players that read but do not post. One of which told me the boards are full of and for insufficiently_thoughtful_persons.
  8. If you can get it nice presenting Tec 27 page with bats on it for 10 to 15,000 I Wouldn’t think twice and do that. Just watching how the action one pages have increased in value over the last 7 to 8 years at this price it’s a heck of a deal IMO. Let us know what you decide and end up getting. If you have a shot at a action one page I’d go with either page one or page 5.
  9. Please share your specifics on the AC 1’s & Tec 27’s that have shown up “ recently “ ?
  10. Anyone have any data on what percentage the census increases year over year ? It’s been discussed in Gold but My wild estimate puts that book at around 10k surviving copies.
  11. What happened to the beautiful Action 1 & Tec 27 ? Any BG on the AC 1 you can share ? (3.5 )
  12. I once sold an AF 15 to Metro. They cracked it out and listed it a .5 higher. Possible they pressed it I guess
  13. HERITAGE anticipating 2 Million + 😳. Hard to believe with Verzyl’s copy in the wings ( and possibly the detective work on the boards s? )
  14. Where’d the unrestored Action 1 come from ? I think that Unrestored Tec will end up being a steal down the road
  15. Ankur- Lets see that Tec 27 !!
  16. I just got wind of one found in the wild down south. Looks to be about a 1.5 but it’s missing a coupon ( I don’t think it affected story ) From the looks of the house where they were found the guy kept everything. There was a Action 12 & Supes 14 in the mix. I don’t remember seeing anything else that stood out.
  17. And there was a comic about him so it counts.
  18. Added to the census and it’s predecessor grade deleted