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  1. The Top 3 that started you on collecting

    I was an abnormal child who hated Marvel's Amaz Spider-man the most circa 1975. Only had 50c , so bought the thickest and greatest DC 100 Pagers: Superman Red and Blue, JLA vs Royal Flush Gang, and read Neal Adams/ Giordano's Batman and Detective Comics so much, I ripped the cover off !
  2. Best & Worst years to own a store?

    1991 to 1993 was definately crazy peak Marvel print runs with lots of 1st issues and X-men related reboots:
  3. What do you listen for in a comic shop?

    Like " I could not afford to pay double guide for that hot comic 20 years ago but I am (somehow) willing to pay 20x that price today for that same comic but in a lower raw grade. I will go to the bank for you" as long as you are reselling that hot comic for less than eBay price ... just as long as my partner or spouse does not find out.
  4. PGM Captain Marvel 18

    8.5 but pressable to 9.0.
  5. PGM Whiz Comics 4

    To clarify, it should be Green married label. My main concern is that if Cgc designates interior with brittle edges, the Green grade would be lower than 2.0 even though the covers are sharp.
  6. PGM Whiz Comics 4

    apparent 4.0 but possibly brittle edges to interior pages meaning downgrade to app. 1.5?
  7. PGM Canteen Kate 3

    3.5 if that is a tape pull on back cvr else 4.0 raw.
  8. Is the Big 4 Building undergoing large renovations meaning those economy pop culture vendors, artists, inkers and publishers will need to shoehorn into the main comicon halls?
  9. I got Robbed

    Actually, the 2 proprietors of Central City Comix were both trained by their previous boss at Golden Age Collectable of downtown Vancouver to get the seller's I.D. when buying comics or collections. I wonder if any of these sold slabs will show up at local HH con this Sunday for reselling. Would be nice to see a list of all 8 Cgc slabs that were initially stolen from Surrey, BC.
  10. I got Robbed

    Recommend that we take a step back, and let the 2 proprietors of Central City Comix sort this out with the local Surrey, BC Police.
  11. Chinese News Service says Last Jedi 'insults the IQ of the audience,' thus box office dropped 92% after 1st weekend in China.
  12. It was the peak of the shinier, the better: Jim Lee, Liefeld, photo covers, etc.
  13. I got Robbed

    Not everyone is on FaceBook. Were some of the stolen comics an Amaz Spidey #7 Cgc 5.0 2nd Vulture, or raw ASM #6 3.0 1st Lizard with tape on cover? The latter was sold via cr card on Boxing Day Dec. 26/17 sale to a lawyer in Toronto area.
  14. Atomic Blonde

    Yes, all the Post-Punk, New Wave angry Britons from Canada unite! Hard to beat any soundtrack with New Order.
  15. Good episode directed by ST:NG's 'Number 1' Jonathan Frakes.