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  1. fyi, there was a yellow cover reprint of this that retailed for about $5 from independent press, if you are just looking for a sci-fi wall display comic.
  2. Used to read Batman, GL, Justice League vs Darkseid graphic novels from local public libraries when they were open b4 Covid-19. Bought a few Batmans, Detectives, Isola floppies when I see them on sale, as LCS's starting to re-open now.
  3. So nice to see Gaiman speak live on FB about the crazy line ups of fans to see him at the Beguiling and Silver Snail Toronto comic stores. Looking forward to the Sandman Audible 20 episodes with voice actors like James McAvoy and Michael Sheen (David Bowie voice reading as Lucifer). After Covid, hopefully Netflix will show the 11 episodes of Sandman tv set in current UK times.
  4. Think Rob Liefeld is still charging $80 to sign NM #98, or a mere $40 to sign Youngblood #1 or #2 so your overstock will then be 'valued' at $20 each .
  5. I am sure pre-orders on comics will be cut to the bone this Covid-19 summer. My LCS has a big sign on their front door saying 'Only 1 customer allowed at a time inside the shop.' LCS recommends calling or texting ahead of time for curbside pick up of their comic subscription from the front of their shop. Basically, not allowed to chit-chat or meander the new issue rack or back issue bins anymore. Perhaps LCS will allow max. 2 customers at a time inside their store by June 1, 2020, if provincial/state health rules allow it. Terrible summer for small business.
  6. Recommend you should ask the person under Golden Age Forum who just used cyalive for an Instagram posted interview video on artist Lily Renee (Fight, Planet, Jungle Comics) Tues. May 12/20.
  7. 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card. PSA Gem mint 10 sold for $96k HA.com recently ... but I still have my Howard the Duck run.
  8. "Yes, as my Duck comics are a solid unrestored vg/vf raw eBay condition. "
  9. 'Please fax me a xerox of the comic cover,' as I have no email, no PayPal, not on eBay, no Smart phone, no Facebook. 'Vot is texting?' 'Never heard of Instagram. wtf u tokkin' about?'
  10. +1. Season 3 music was more electronic like Vangellis to establish the eerie Bladerunner-like future dystopia. Too many rifle battles for me in S3.
  11. Roter may have done this as 99% of Pacific Comics Exchange inventory was consignment stock, and it was a bit sweaty at overcrowded SDCC in August each year.
  12. Wow that is a great video of Mike Goldman (Motor City Comics) and Joe Verenault at Metropolis booth. Those were the good old days when I would try to see a Showcase #4 laying flat on the corner table but Metro staff were sitting on it eating a union hotdog with extra mustard. Vinnie Z. was sharing a SDCC booth with Carbo back then.
  13. Love Bill Ward's 'telephone girls' series of huge Conte crayon (about 2' x 3') from 1960s and 70s drawings with the detailed fabric, hosiery and curtains with white chalk highlights. Enjoy the simplicity of Wm Van Horn's 'Walt Disney Comics and Stories,' Donald Duck, nephews, and Uncle Scrooge twice up original art panel pages. These are usually folded in half horizontally with tape holding the 2 bristol board sheets since they are so large. Bigger is better?