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  1. Do u have a spare X-men #4 missing original centerfold for sale? So glad u ship to Canada. Thanks, buddy.
  2. Correction to Feb, 2021 auction prices. Ah, those were the good ol' days.
  3. Interesting to re-watch 'Dark Angel' TV on DVD or streaming to see what producer James Cameron (Terminator, Aliens, Avatar) filmed in 2000 as to what years 2020-2021 would look like. USA and Canada get hit by a large electromagnetic pulse (E.M.P.). Young super-soldier played by sexy Jessica Alba rides her Ninja motorcycle and kicks butt. Filmed in Vancouver, BC but storyline set in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR.
  4. Actually the bottom 2 paperback pics have covers painted by Jeff Jones.
  5. Dearest Lou Fine, Could u do a summary of the high grade pulp auction since it seems like u are on HA.com daily? Recommend posting it in the moribund Pulp forum.
  6. I am looking forward to 'Son of Godzilla' a.k.a. the boxer vs the son of Kong. So bad, it is good.
  7. This is very important for comic shops outside of the USA (e.g. Canada, UK), as postage and partial boxes from another distributor in the USA would cost a fortune each week crossing the border.
  8. Don't think there are any movie theaters open in Western Canada. BC Health just shut down all dine-in cafes and restaurants for 3 weeks solid. Drive-thru, pick up, delivery and sitting outside on the wet deck to eat allowed still. Don't expect much of a box office in Canada for Easter long weekend coming up.
  9. Did you use archival or regular tape on the cover split?
  10. Guess I will be driving to Calgary expo instead the following month end , if it is allowed to go ahead per AB Health Authority rules.