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  1. aardvark88

    Heritage Feb 2019 Auction

    Matt Baker OA cover to Seven Seas #5 with large image of Baker-girl. I just wet myself.
  2. aardvark88

    Scott Williams Uncanny Xmen variant covers

    Who is the inker of your covers: B.A.?
  3. aardvark88

    "How Astounding Saw the Future"

    Sign of the times. Late 1920's and 1930s, folk were hungry for sci-fi and magic stories:
  4. I thought price guide was by 'Chris' Pedrin.
  5. aardvark88

    Star Wars #1 question

    +1 before green tite milk:
  6. aardvark88

    Star Wars #1 question

    yes, that is true, as Vader's black helmet would have been hard to see against the dark blue color of space backdrop. Chaykin's original SW poster #1 before Hildebrandt's:
  7. aardvark88

    Calgary Expo - April 25-28, 2019

    Since Fan Expo Vancouver (FEV) has media guest Pamela Anderson, perhaps you would like to get Lynda Carter (WW, Supergirl tv series) at Calgary Expo?
  8. For those vendors that have 'wall' tables and wish to lean their wall rack against the wall, the wall's height is 5 feet 2 inches.
  9. Bump for the new origin of female Capt Marvel trailer. Flashback to fighter jet reminds me of Star Sapphire's jet from Green Lantern movie. Looks like quite a lot of outer space CGI on the helmeted Capt Marvel. Marvel could expand the Kree-Skrull war plot over 3 interlinked movies including the 2nd (or is that 3rd if you include the Roger Corman low budget 1st film) rebooted FF movie.
  10. The problem is not in skimming the top 10 raw comics out of a collection. The problem is the amount of labor, space and time to turnover the rest of the 4,000 comic collection. Also, the LCS proprietor has been trying to quietly sell his shop for last 3 years with no active buyer wanting to run a comic and gaming shop close to the suburbs. You can forget about the outrageous downtown triple lease rent (monthly rent, utilities plus property tax). Depends on the local economy of your state or province too: job creation, ageing seniors, demographics, lack of young families, recession, crazy rent or townhouse prices, shrinking home sizes so no space for long boxes anymore.
  11. aardvark88

    An Open Letter to All Convention Organizers

    I would recommend that the comicon organizer also update their website with pics from their latest con showing the layout, variety of vendors of Pop Culture, and their happy fans/collectors. In some cities that have 3 or 4 different comicon organizers (not counting weekend flea markets or monthly antique shows), I notice some 1 day shows are taking place on Sat. rather than Sunday, as the calendar is too crowded.
  12. aardvark88

    Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    Don't forget the 1st app. of Spider-Duck in the back pages of Marvel Tales with Todd McFarlane's Spidey and X-men cover. No downside, as Peter Porker needs an extended family in his animated universe. Time to spec? Cross-over potential with Howard the Duck and GotG?
  13. M.I. #2 had signature John Woo directing like slow-motion villian stomping toward hero (Ethan Hunt), white doves floating upward, pistols blasting, great motorcycle stunts being launched against one another.
  14. aardvark88

    Sad day on Jan 4th 2019 ...

    By Uptown New Westminster, did you mean near Columbia St where 2 skytrain lines cross? That is where first Golden Age Collectables shop circa 1975 started out. Rent would be cheaper in New West than Lougheed Mall or expanding Brentwood Mall with it's new condo towers and community center being built.
  15. Don't forget the $10 to park at the southeast corner of Hastings at Renfrew St, Vancouver. I imagine the vendor's vans and SUVs will all take up the $15 PNE parking next to the Forum building. Restocked some good reading: