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  1. aardvark88

    Thanks to LA COMIC ART CON!

    My group of 3 flew in for the weekend from BC, Canada. Solid OA and vintage comic con, and excellent museums to visit around L.A. like Getty Center (The Irises), Huntington Library/Museums (Blue Boy), L.A. County Museum (Picassos, Kandinsky, etc). Ultimate con had a lot more BWS OA than I expected plus an incredible Steranko double page splash from circa Capt America #110 or 111:
  2. aardvark88

    Canada, eh? sales thread

    The beaver may hath been cast but @thirdgreenham has a pretty big pair of cahonies to compete against the big vendors/collectors in SDCC this week.
  3. Recommend you try Bud Plant, Inc. in California who is not at SDCC this week.
  4. Mermaids were near the pier that stretched out from Long Beach. I also visited Griffith's Observatory where Charlie's Angels part 2 was filmed with Demi Moore jumping off 1 level to escape into her Lamborghini Countach all the while looking stylish in her high heels.
  5. aardvark88

    Son of My 50 Year Junk Obsession

    There seemed to be 2 other conventions happening on the Hilton LAX's mezzanine level that had good lighting and fresh non-basement level air. The air on the 5th floor of 6 underground parking was particularly humid and stale. A dealer/collector from Vancouver, BC flew down to attend the OA side of this show. He has not been at SDCC or Wondercon in over 25 years. I was amazed to see him chatting/buying at a 1 day show in the USA.
  6. aardvark88

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018

    Small typo on your above artist/painter list for Vancouverite Camilla d'Errico.
  7. Some Torpedo vendors found the inaugural show slow for retail sales but this is not the end for Ultimate/Torpedo con, just the beginning of a new annual show. Thanks for all your hard work to organize this con, as it takes about the same promotional energy to run a 2 day show!
  8. I drove along the coast to visit Venice/Muscle beach, Santa Monica Pier, and Long Beach. Many fine attractions like ferris wheels and mermaids:
  9. At first I thought it was Batgirl cycle from 1967 then realized it was Batcycle with Robin side car:
  10. If one does not like to drive, across street from L.A.C. Museum (also had 3D comics and 3D movie room) is superb Peterson Auto (Motor Trend mag) museum for $16 admission to see cars from 2 Fast, 2 Furious and Back to Future plus Dark Knight motorcyle:
  11. About a mile away was a better than expected L.A. County Museum. Saw Roman antiquities but Japan exhibit closed for renovations. Foyer has framed movie posters: About 10 Picassos and a superb Kandinsky pre-Geometric period that moved me:
  12. Visited Public Market next to Fairfax mall that had a stand alone Taschen book store plus toy shops:
  13. Tremendous Frank Gehry architecture on Disney Hall close to Japan-Korea town L.A:
  14. There was nice original art drawn on walls of The Last Book Store in a bit of scary part of downtown L.A:
  15. Since others have posted many wall pics already, I will post about fun tourist sites upon my 2nd visit to LAX. Huntington Library, excellent museums, and Gardens had a structure to hear sounds from USA satellites in outer space: