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  1. Yes, one pays $35 for the CVA Exceptional sticker.
  2. I agree; not heretical. I think Mask #2 should be at least equal in value to Mask #1 due to the stronger Satan cover on #2. Like Suspense Comics #3 being worth more than Suspense #1 even though traditionally, any issue #1 is valued higher than #2 per Overstreet trend.
  3. If you wish to complete the run, there will be a Mask Comics #2 CGC 1.8 cream to off-wht pages at ComicLink no reserve auction starting Nov. 19, 2019. Only a 2 issue run to collect. Mask #2 CGC 1.8 at cLink
  4. Nicely done spaghetti western in outer space: 'The good, the bad, and the Droid.' Good world building so far.
  5. I hope fractional shares has a solution for when one gets married or divorced, as to how much your spouse or partner owns of 'your' AF #15 or Batman #1, etc.
  6. 'Dark Fantasy' Island seems watchable. Better than these constant reboots of 'Charlie's Angels' in movies or tv.
  7. BA heavily influenced by introduction of R.E. Howard characters like Conan, King Kull, Red Sonja, Solomon Kane by writer/adapter Roy Thomas. Also 1st app. of King Kull by Wrightson released before HoS #92 Swamp Thing so seems under priced:
  8. Small correction: 'Marvel Tales' #1 reprints AF #15. Plus the GRR have totally different back covers compared to SA Marvel keys.
  9. "All wraps completely split" so would take quite a bit of pro conservation to save this comic. Perhaps the buyer has the correct loose back cover to marry?
  10. From the Vancouver Chinatown collection, not a pedigree:
  11. The convention has updated and renamed their website: W. Canada Collectibles Experience in suburb of Vancouver, BC A variety of vintage comics and some graphic novels will be available from Phantom Eclipse Comics' 3 tables:
  12. Pics have been uploaded. Please click to enlarge to see the comics and crowd: Vancouver Comic & Toy Show PNE
  13. Podboy's Action #19 is probably similar to my Action #14 in that all the tears and flaws are on the back cover making eye appeal outstanding: