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  1. Depends if 427Impaler's magic solution can remove most of that rather long cover scuff mark safely.
  2. I don't think Stan Lee 'conceived' the FF, Silver Surfer, Galactus or Spider-man. Page from Scioli's 'Jack Kirby' illustrated biography. Recommended reading and was part of Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) summer, 2020:
  3. Is that a reference to the Fly being drawn by Bob Powell? Arguably first Spider-man 'prototype' drawn as a villain by Kirby in 1958 with later ASM spandex suit colors:
  4. Pmail @427Impaler. He can help you reduce the finger print smudge on cover quite easily and do other conservation work as needed.
  5. Rest are a mix of short boxes and mag boxes full of mylared comics, fanzines, prozines, mags.
  6. Ask for the Covid liquidation discount, as no mid-size cons to dump drek for another year.
  7. 16k comics and mags: roughly 40 longs bagged and boarded. That was 25 years ago when I stopped counting funny books = Obsession, compulsive disorder, no room for another skid ... or kid.
  8. The 4 month period is the key point in grinding the liquidation price down to $10k. We are still in Covid for at least another year. Canada/USA border still closed until at least Oct. 21, 2020 to well-heeled USA dealers from driving across into AB to make a counter-offer on the Western horde. The average cowboy collector would be about 80 years old now and I don't think they plan to restock Western comics this long after they have retired. Sorry but that is Capitalism in Canada or the USA. I have heard from 2 LCS that would have paid the estate's ask price of $25k, and a local to Calgary, AB hard core collector/dealer that would not have paid more than $5k for this 'boat anchor' collection.
  9. Sold for about 31x condition guide vg $504. Guess I sold my Cgc 1.8 copy too soon about Dec, 2019 at 22x condition Overstreet.
  10. ... but most of the hardcover books in video #2 do not have dust-jackets so 'retail' price plummets 90%? I don't think his videos will win him any more estate sales after he used his pricing gun and slapped $200+ retail stickers on the mylars and plastic bags after trumpeting he paid $1 each at the 1:12 minute mark. Also, 4 months ago, the hobby shops were wondering if they would still be in business by Labor Day or shut down by Covid for a full year.
  11. I have never seen Cow Puncher in Canada. Don't worry about this Western horde, as you did not have space for another skid of comics in your house. If you really want to 'invest' $10k into this collection, I am sure 90% of it will be available at Edmonton Antique cons when they start up again in 2022. Would have been better if this collection had a long box of GA Archies and even Classics Illustrated to diversify it a bit.
  12. $10k Canadian is about $6,500 US greenback. Just feel sad for the estate that dumped the entire contents of the storage unit so they would no longer need to pay the monthly lease. Interesting that the vendor referenced an online price guide rather than brand new Overstreet and their steady cowboy prices that have been the same the last 15 years.