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  1. Good thing there is some competition in the form of Voldemort grading who may be more sensitive to your issues and spelling concerns.
  2. + 1. I liked all the spoofs and tropes referring to the 60s Star Trek tv, and ST:NG series. Let the series and characters develop in a few more episodes. Anyone else think the back end of the Orville starship is a Seth tribute to an open toilet lid?
  3. Avengers 1 1.8, Avengers #4 2.0.
  4. PGM Peanuts #1

    raw 2.5. Great Peanuts.
  5. 2017 Edmonton Expo - September 22nd - 24th

    Sorry to hear that. Hopefully, they can make it to the Fan Expo Vancouver, as shooting of Riverdale should be over by mid-Nov/17. Any market report from Saskatoon expo at all?
  6. Fan Expo Vancouver, November 10-12, 2017

    Zeck and Tim Bradstreet plus others. Thanks.
  7. Very hard to guess-timate value of a collection. e.g. Just looking at a small bundle of consigned SA keys I brought to Calgary Expo Apr, 2017: AF #15 raw pre-grade 7.0, Cgc 7.0 off-wht to wht just auctioned for $125,000 US. ASM #1 pre-grade 7.0, Cgc 8.0 off-wht to wht. ASM #3 pre-grade 9.4, Cgc 9.4 wht, just auctioned for $16,000 US. ASM #14 pre-grade 8.5, Cgc 9.6 off-wht to wht, just auctioned for $24,000 US. DD #1 pre-grade 9.0 raw, Cgc 8.5 sold for about $5,800 US. FF #1 pre-grade 8.0, Cgc 8.0. Brave Bold #28 pre-grade 6.0, Cgc 9.0 off-wht to wht. Last copy sold to another Eastcoast dealer for $108k US.
  8. WTB foom #17

    Is that the Howard Duck cover?
  9. Fan Expo Vancouver, November 10-12, 2017

    Balance btwn booth rates and Vancouver cash $$ paying fans, collectors, cosplayers through the door. Glad to see that online promotions for Van Fan Expo starting earlier than 3 weeks before the event.
  10. Were sales steady for Clobberin' Time? AB 'recession' over?
  11. Fan Expo Vancouver, November 10-12, 2017

    After the small HH con discussion, it seems like half the Van Expo comic vendors may not be renewing their booths but a decent comic guest list may turn the tide.
  12. Vancouver Comic Con today...Who's going?

    I could only stay at the con for about 45 mins, as I had to run off for some family matter. I really wanted to buy a published page from Chaykin but never got close enough to dig thru his original art. I did flip thru some of his pre-drawn illos but they did not have any prices written on the back or front and Chaykin was too busy chatting with his fans to discuss prices.
  13. Greggy's chauffer is in Banff now.
  14. 7 of my Steranko comic items have been consigned to Nick D and Branko M from Vancouver area who I believe have upgraded to a corner booth. Sorry, too busy hiking smokey Banff and Yoho this week to join the con.
  15. It hit 101 degrees in San Fran and 105 degrees in San Bernardino couple of days ago. Heatwave on the Westcoast all the way north to Vancouver, BC. Glad you had a good con sales wise.