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  1. Realistically, I don't expect the Calgary comic vendor to make the long and $$ journey back to FEV. Harley will return to FEV in Feb, 2021, as long as he is not relaxing at HNL, Hawaii con that same weekend which was the conflict he had re: FEV in Feb, 2019.
  2. Think it would cost too much to pro leaf cast the edges of the front and back covers, as platinum age comics have low market value. I recommend getting the amateur front cover resto removed and try to go for Cgc conserved grade by having a conservator infill the cover edges but not add color matching of the black. Recommend u get a pro conservation $$ quote from @427Impaler
  3. Harley's long boxes made it into Vancouver rail yard by Friday but it seems the rail staff were not allowed to unload them due to native Indian pipeline protest until Sat. afternoon of the Expo. Heard 1 male cosplaying as a big USA talk show host 'the Butt-man' was tossed out due his his revealing costume not suitable for Family Day. See you all at Van Comic Show on Sunday March 1, 2020 PNE.
  4. I thought Ontario, CA meant the Revolution was in Canada, not California.
  5. Think you were too busy lining up for Todd McFarlane. Just blueline art pro inked by a vendor who skipped last year but was at FEV Nov, 2018. Deodato blueline from ASM; Adam Hughes blueline from perhaps Classic X-men (not sure).
  6. Mike Golden could initial your MIcronauts or Avengers comics for $10 loonies. Family Day Mon. tix reduced to $35. Parking about $30 downtown which is 1/2 price compared to Seattle's ECCC where comicon hotel parking averages $50 US/day.
  7. The buying is always better for me when joeypost and greggy do NOT attend ECCC. See you at Calgary Expo.
  8. Are you close to selling out of vendor table space at the Brewery? Looking forward to the event and beer.
  9. TMNT in Kid's Play area compliments of Stanley Park Aquarium: greggy did not spend all his loot $$ on comics so was generous enough to pay for my lunch. Thanks greggy! Think Todd McFarlane was signing 1st 2 comics for free. Seemed to have a steady 2-3 hr line up. Some collector-fans must have driven up from Seattle area, as there were US $ greenbacks passed around.
  10. Ran around and bought some OA panel pages I could afford: X-men from X-tinction Agenda nicely inked. Got my early Y: the Last Man comics signed by artist Pia Guerra. Stv Sadowski was there with a new assortment of OA pages and some splashes too at reasonable prices.
  11. Add 32% exchange rate to Harley's prices. 80% of Harley's comics still stuck on CP Rail train in Vancouver not able to unload until Sunday 4 p.m. due to Native Indian pipeline protest this weekend. Mike Grell arrived a bit late Sat. Charging $10 US ($13 Cdn) for each signature.
  12. Great Expo. Aisles were crowded. Seems like attendance may be x 2 last year's. Jigglypig Chad was there in full force: Nels Anthill Books and Comics were right behind Jigglypig. Got my Little Bird #1 signed by the Image writer.
  13. Seems like the LCS's were each offered at least 1 pass, as long as one has picture I.D. to confirm they are indeed that person, thus other retailer staff or LCS's best subscribers can not 'borrow' the boss's badge to enter Fan Expo Vancouver (FEV). fyi, Misumo (or whatever that Japanese $2 retailer chain is called) in downtown Granville St. has a great red ASM store front and window set up. Not sure if this is for FEV weekend or for whole month of Feb, 2020.
  14. Thought this thread was about Rob Liefeld. So disappointed now.
  15. Episode 4 still watchable especially as 7 of 9 re-introduced to the TV mythos.