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  1. Wonder if there were 3 Boston copies of this first Batgirl comic since that pedigree had multiples? Will be astounded if this 9.8 hits $90k like #181 (Batman, not Hulk #181).
  2. Was going to snipe but that rusty staple is not in a mylite baggy and the description says published by DC instead of National Periodicals so I am out.
  3. First EC comicon book from 1972. Also great summary of pre-code horror comics with b/w cover pics from a UK published book. Both recommended.
  4. Flipped through the brand new 50th Anniversary of Overstreet tribute book that retails for $20 US. Has a full page glossy pic of Mask Comics #2 and a smaller pic of Mask #1, thus I figure Overstreet 2021/2022 Covid edition will have the nm values reversed where they should be for these 2 L.B. Cole classic covers. How much for greggy sig series since his SDCC backside is once again in Overstreet?
  5. May walk away due to mold, rusty staples, cat p , rat krap.
  6. Seems like Hulk #181 Cgc 9.8 is the Charizard of the bronze age of comicdom.
  7. This is like Pokemon card collectors peaking in on a krazy debate about a Cgc 9.8 vs 9.9 $$ value on a rare comic book.
  8. a la Cliff Robinson who is a nice Bolland art clone for covers and pin-ups.
  9. Very interesting with the Q-tips, multiple low heat pressings and Absorene or Silly Putty for mold reduction therapy on funny books.
  10. Not if your name is Gerry Ross of Quebec. He will deny receiving anything in the mail even if you paid for Canada Post signature confirmation. He will just redirect blame to Canada Post who allegedly never delivered the parcel and never asked for Gerry's signature. This was his shenanigans circa 1976.
  11. I imagine Yellowjacket that is primarily a gaming shop will have to get their DC Comics via Lunar sub-distributed from next door Legends Comics especially since the minimum DC monthly order will be $500 US retail by December 2020.
  12. Agreed. Usually not that expensive to buy a coverless GA comic missing centerfold or 1st wrap so you still get 15/16 wraps of reading and GA art pleasure.