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  1. 2018 Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention

    Primarily a pulp and vintage paper convention. Sometimes you may see some original cover paintings for sale but not comic-centric.
  2. [CLOSED] Holiday Giveaway

    One of my fave obscure GA covers would be Anarcho, Dictator of Death. Oddball Timely one-shot filed under C for 'Comics Novel' #1:
  3. So you want to re-watch Star Blazers dvd with Space Battleship Yamato, the Star Force vs Gamilon Empire with a side order of Queen Starsha of Iscandar? Fire the Wave Motion Gun !
  4. Fan Expo MYSTERY BOXES 2017

    Was that an $80 US 'Merry X-mas' gift box from Informa? How else do you expect Fan Expo to sell their yearly overstock?
  5. Seven to Eternity Thread

    Yes, some collector/dealers got up to 8 signatures from the "Deadly Class" cast Signature Series, as Cgc popped over as witnesses from Vancouver Fan Expo even though this store signing was not part of Fan expo.
  6. Superman 75 - 25 Years Ago Today...

    My buddy had a similiar situation happen on Killing Joke 1st prints that he pre-ordered 50 copies of on a spec. Retailer only put 1 copy in buddy's file box and slapped $20 right away on the other 49 copies LCS held as 'back stock.' Buddy was pizzed and pulled his subcription of at least 100 titles/month plus speculation each month and moved all his business to another LCS.
  7. Sorry, never been to a Toronto area comicon. Will be visiting Volcanoes National Park on Big Island instead. Have a great show.
  8. Sounds exciting. Roughly how many vendors booths do you think this Toronto show will have?
  9. When will the “comic con” bubble burst?

    Depends on where you live geographically. From Vancouver, BC, a collector can drive south to Seattle's Emerald City comic-con or drive/fly to Calgary Expo in AB, Canada: both shows have over 86,000 fans/collectors. The promoters of the 3 times/year local Vancouver Comic Show must be doing something right with a comic centric con that sold out of 175 x 8' dealer's tables show: Vancouver Feb, 2018 sold out Show
  10. Fan Expo Vancouver, November 10-12, 2017

    Hi Kevin, Everytime I walked by your corner booth area (where Stv Skroce set up), you seemed exhausted from all the wonderful work you did organizing the expanded artist/inker/writer alley. Props to you. The official vendor list was OK online, as this vendor did eventually buy his booths for FEV. I would recommend that the FEV website be updated as a vendor who booked 4 booths in a row is no longer offered the discounted booth price as of Nov, 2017 expo. For the 2018 FEV, I recommend Fan Expo place a display ad in the weekly Georgia Straight entertainment journal, as I don't recall seeing a display ad for the Nov/17 Expo in the daily Metro or 24 like Fan expo advertised in Nov, 2016. Thanks for your consideration.
  11. Fan Expo Vancouver, November 10-12, 2017

    But the exhibitor list was not accurate. One vendor was wondering why his name was on their website when he had not renewed or paid for an island of booths up to 15 days before the Expo. Perhaps this is the trend also reflected by Wizard World Chicago (used to be comic centric) in Aug, 2017 that only had 6 comic vendors out of 100 booths show up?
  12. Fan Expo Vancouver, November 10-12, 2017

    In short, you wish Metropolis Comics from NYC would vend at FEV rather than from Metrotown. Big Pete's Comics and Toys got smart by selling only NON-comic stuff at FEV like caps, Pop toys, ties, anime prints, pins, non-lethal swords. kimik: The vintage back issue vendors and $1 blow out dealers will be at the sold out 3 hall Van Comic Show end of Feb, 2018. Please visit if you are in Vancouver that weekend.
  13. I wonder if Informa from the UK (they run international conventions selling everything from heavy equipment, tractors, comics) who is the umbrella company for the Fan Expos across Canada will take over running the stronger Wizard cons in USA for 2018?
  14. Fan Expo Vancouver, November 10-12, 2017

    +1. Sounds promising for FEV. The only warning I will give is that last time an Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta promotion team tried to enter the Vancouver downtown Comic Expo market on a well placed summer weekend, the show refunded all vendors their 10' x 10' booth rentals but I was still out of pocket $50 in misc. fees.