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  1. Diamond's Scoop reporting Calgary expo attendance about 90,000 which is WAY higher than Fan Expo Vancouver: Calgary Expo pics
  2. Anything that creates even speculative demand is good for back issue sales on previously dead or slow sellers (Atlas/Seaboard comics 1970s). Seems like the newly found semi-key comics spike up 2 to 5 X guide, hit a plateau then go down 20% due to a new spec being 'discovered.' e.g. Marvel Preview mag of 1st Star-lord, then 1st Rocky Raccoon in the Marvel Preview 'Satanna' mag and in Hulk comic.
  3. Wonder why Vicki #1 cover price was set at 50c: double the cost of a regular 25c Atlas/Seaboard?
  4. Looking forward to UK Marvel films like Capt Britain, Excalibur, and Black Knight:
  5. Also collect assorted sci-fi signatures. These are sigs from 'The 100' tv series filmed in the Vancouver, BC area:
  6. Also collect circa 1950s lobby cards that are sci-fi or comic book related:
  7. Plus Black Knight was a partner with Capt Britain who is being hyped now.
  8. First full app. of newer Black Knight, choice white cover with full image of Black Knight. My LCS has a Voldy slabbed 7.5 aggressively priced at about $485 Cdn funds. Trending that hot now?
  9. 2 different Jan, 2020 preview evenings for the Comic Book Illuminati. New hotel location looks OK as much closer to John Wayne airport.
  10. More Frank Thorne and Ghita (not Red Sonja):
  11. Gil Kane and Romita Sr drew most of the 70s Marvel covers so the above Red Sonja cover deserves to garner an aggressive end price. Frank Thorne as the Wizard:
  12. Sheesh, one of my faves 'Conan vs the Man-ape' did not even make this list of prime Frazetta oils. The detail on 'Thuvia maid of Mars' was astounding when viewed in person at the Frazetta ranch.
  13. I think this Frazetta was called 'Savage World' used as a wrap-around mag cover in the 1960s.
  14. I just booked Quality Inn across from casino in Fife, WA for 2 queen beds and comp breakfast, free parking for $122 CDN including taxes. Free wi-fi per Expedia.ca . Have stayed there before.
  15. Is your hotel in Fife, WA or closer to Puyallup con? I will try to attend on the Saturday before Father's Day Sunday.