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  1. 5. FF illogical reboot 4. Catwoman Halle Berry 3. Spirit 2. most Transformers movies 1. Jonah Hex
  2. aardvark88

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018

    After the 16 hour drive from Edm to Vancouver, thehumantorch would 'enjoy' the bonus of face-time with his family member. 2 side by side FEV booths for Clobberin' Time would only be about $2k for attendance that is 25,000 on a good weekend. We would love to have attendance hit 35k+ like Edm Expo in your lifetime.
  3. aardvark88

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018

    In terms of square footage, it looks like FEV could fit in the Big 4 Building plus 2 medium size size rooms for artist or media guest panels. Corporate sponsors like London Drugs get a good size display. Comic vendors along 1.5 lanes at FEV. Remember the 8' x 8' booth is 36% smaller than AB Expo's 'standard' 10' x 10' booth. The booth cost per square foot at FEV is MORE expensive than at Calgary Expo not even counting the vast difference in attendance at the gate, as Calgary Expo and Edm Expo each crush FEV.
  4. aardvark88

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018

    With your varied vintage to modern inventory, realistically you could do $5k sales each on the Friday and Sat, but your sales on Sunday may flatline to $500. Even Harley displayed 19 longs of 67c comics. Race to the bottom $.
  5. aardvark88

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018

    Clobberin' Time is welcome to roll the dice at the FEV show. We have an 8' x 8' non-wall booth ready for your team for $970 plus $33/day parking unless booth rates go up for March, 2019 plus your gas, time away from family or day job, plus hotel, plus meals, wear and tear on your van or SUV. Good news is you don't have to worry about being downwind of greggy, as he has retired from FEV.
  6. aardvark88

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018

    At least FEV got the tower of t-shirts vendor back this time after they had abandoned Vancouver for at least 1 or 2 Expos. Taxes (property, fuel, transit levy, anti-pollution, maintenance fees, etc.) LEAPING up every year. So happy price of regular gas dropped down to as low as $1.619/litre on Sunday. Now I can afford a Costco hotdog. We hope to reach Edm Expo's attendance in 6 more years.
  7. aardvark88

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018

    I might consign 10 aggressively priced comics there but not planning to attend Calgary expo, as not retired from day job yet. So 2 collectors from Vancouver post about FEV out of the 5 forumites that attended, as greggy and Flatliner1313 are out?
  8. aardvark88

    My New Mega OA Haul!!!

    So the bottom line is you were able to buy the Jim Lee original pencils to this cover or the blue-line inked by Scott Williams? There are quite a few competent inkers inking blue lines of Jim Lee's scanned OA pencils. Example:
  9. aardvark88

    This is why no one likes the Donnellys

    Donnelly's have a vast trove of 1970s and 80s original artwork at aggressive prices. Sometimes you have to deal with the Devil you know rather than ....
  10. Try reaching out to penciller Stephen Sadowski of Vancouver, BC who drew 'Avengers/Invaders' for Marvel/Dynamite in 2009. Just bought re-intro of GA Vision OA that has villian D'yspare that looks like the Destroyer but does NOT have skull on chest though. Series has GA Capt America, Bucky, GA Human Torch, Toro vs Red Skull, and a Thor with skull emblem on chest.
  11. aardvark88

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018

    Emerald City comic con, Seattle, WA will be March 14-17, 2019 so I guess FEV March 1-3, 2019 wants to be ahead of ECCC and Calgary Expo in April, 2019. Strangely, Dazzler #1 was selling this weekend for $15 due to movie hype to newer collector/speculators. Anthill Comics and Books:
  12. aardvark88

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018

    If we have to ask, neither one of us can afford the OA to HOS #92 cover especially after Wrightson passed away. Waiting for Fan Boy or another OA forumite to report back on the quality of the panels and Sat. crowds at FEV.
  13. aardvark88

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018

    Freshly Pressed Comics had a good location left of Harley's booth near front entrance. No onsite pressing:
  14. aardvark88

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018

    Main complaint was there was no food stalls on the Expo floor. One had to go upstairs near the foyer entrance to find a small cafe that will likely run out of food this weekend. Most vendors will have to bring in a flat of bottled water or pop Sat. morning. Close up of Anthill Nels' comics including scarce Tarzan b/w: