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  1. aardvark88

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018 *date changed*

    Sorry, did not realize it was the weekend of NYCC, as that huge USA show is on the opposite coast.
  2. aardvark88

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018 *date changed*

    CGC and Voldemort grading do qualify as guests to Vancouver. Guess FEV could not book the Thanksgiving long weekend a week earlier due to Van Hallowe'en in downtown showcasing their own Expo over 2.5 days and annual Granville St. Sunday parade.
  3. Over night parking is $24 if one is staying at least 1 night at Hilton LAX comicon rate. Day time parking is cheaper.
  4. aardvark88

    RIP Steve Ditko

    Thanks for the crazy Spidey-anatomy. Ditko kept on drawing up to Squirrel Girl.
  5. aardvark88

    Amazing Spider-Man #800 Variants

    I saw the ASM # 800 third printing on the racks. Very nice cover. Let's see if Marvel will do a 4th printing but seems like too many 1st prints are still on the racks at the same time.
  6. The choreography or CGI in the battle scenes btwn Wasp and Ghost were solid. Back story to Project Goliath was interesting. Almost too many family jokes from Ant-man but the 7 year old kids in the theater loved them.
  7. aardvark88

    Batman 50 OA debacle?

    At least Nightwing actually married Oracle/Batgirl in Convergence July, 2015. 3 years later, Batman almost married Catwoman July, 2018: I feel sorry for the OA Batman collector who got caught up in the marriage hype to the tune of $18k.
  8. aardvark88

    DC 100 Page Giants Walmart exclusive

    Waste of gas driving from Vancouver, BC suburb. The closest WM across the USA border had 3 month old DC Spotlight mag 1/2 price at $5. The 2nd closest WM in WA state was a Supercentre that had nada, nil, zip, not even an empty DC cardboard display stand next to their Pokemon card area.
  9. aardvark88

    DC 100 Page Giants Walmart exclusive

    At least USA Walmart Supercenters make DC Giants available 24 hours a day for a comic fix at midnight.
  10. aardvark88

    X-Men #129 cgc 9.8 for $15,000??!!

    Was that not Emma Frost several years ago in the X-men: First Class movie with Sebastian Shaw? Can't remember if movie mentioned 1960s Hellfire Club by name.
  11. Any movie with Walton Goggins playing the co-villian(?) (from tv's The Shield or crazed in Justified) should be a success.
  12. aardvark88

    DC 100 Page Giants Walmart exclusive

    I believe they are brand new covers to the DC Giants. Is it just the super-Walmarts that also sell groceries that got these 100 Pagers or all Walmart USA? Pretty low trial print run if Walmart just racking 5 of each title monthly.
  13. I always found ASM #101 to be aggressively or overpriced. Try Gulacy's first art in Fear #20 Morbius solo: