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  1. Watched 9 of 10 episodes so far. Reminds me of Dark Phoenix and Harry Potter in a good way. Good use of 1970s and 80s music. Recommended.
  2. Watched first 2 episodes so far. Umbrella Academy more interesting than Deadly Class. Only read 1 issue of each title before streaming so just had a bit of background on the characters and story.
  3. bump. Most of the main and side roads are clear now, as the snow is melting. Possible snow on Tues. but clearing for next week's Vancouver Comic Show at the Pacific National Exhibition Forum building. See you there.
  4. Vancouver Comic and Toy Show is growing up to 22,000 square feet at NEW location Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) Forum south end at 2901 East Hastings at Renfrew Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. About 200 x 8' vendor's tables full of pop culture like vintage back issues, new comics, action figures, model kits, graphic novels, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who collectibles and Funko Pop. Expanded hours 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for more family fun. Top door prizes are two (2) x $100 gift certificates to be raffled off. ATM will be available. Food trucks have been added for more variety. Admission is $12, kids under 12 FREE. Parking is $15. Comic and independent press guests to be announced at Vancouver (BC) Comic Show new location A wide variety of comics and magazines will be available:
  5. Interesting, as I thought the Fatal 5 were Legion of Super-hereoes villians (not JLA) from circa 1968.
  6. aardvark88

    2019 Chinese New Year (of the PIG)

    Sorry, I only speak poor Guangdong wah. Some kung hei fat choi Capt Marvel and Avengers: End Game one sheet posters to celebrate Year of the Pig: Marvel movie posters in Chinese
  7. Check out the reasonably priced published original comic art available for sale from Vancouver Comic (and Toy) Show's guest penciller Stephen Sadowski (JSA, Invaders/Avengers, etc.). Lots of competition at the PNE Forum about 1 week before the Fan Expo Vancouver.
  8. aardvark88

    2019 Chinese New Year (of the PIG)

    and (Cantonese) sun tai gien hong (Good health in new year).
  9. What type of condition on the early # issue 'I, Lusiphur' do you prefer?
  10. aardvark88

    WTB Marvel Silver Age OA

    I assume SA Marvel OA up to 1965 is all twice up or large OA that you desire?
  11. I enjoyed all 3 season 2 episodes so far especially how they expand upon newer characters and bring back season 1 villians.
  12. aardvark88

    2019 California Comic Con - Post your Photos

    Just watch out for California sun off-wht to tanning pages unlike your frosty wht pages from the tundra of Canada. Don't forget to attend the preview evening to scout out some choice comics from independent vendors that could not get a table in the sold out Cal Comic-con itself.
  13. aardvark88


    Perhaps last of the Atlas Marvel Tales.
  14. aardvark88

    California Comic Convention 2019 ( CalComicCon)

    Saturday's preview was like a forumite meet and greet. On Sunday, Robot Man had a nice mix of Atlas and discounted silver age DC and Marvels. I bought an interesting coverless first Vickie Vale Detective Comic but preferred not to have my pic taken at his booth. Terry Stroud was selling next to Mick R outside on the fresh air deck. Bought 2 CFA OA issues from Mick.
  15. Was a good idea to put Boardie names on name stickers. Met streyoutofcomics who was being led outside to a dark van selling funnybooks out of the back.
  16. aardvark88


    Roughly 1954 so way before FF# 1.
  17. aardvark88

    Wizard World Chicago — August 22-25, 2019

    Wizard Chicago are exact same dates as big Fan expo Canada in Toronto (that moved from Sept. Labor Day long weekend) so I don't know if the Toronto promoters already locked up the 'better' media or comic creative talent ?
  18. aardvark88

    National Comics collecting thread

    Hmm, who drew the cover to National Comics #32?
  19. aardvark88

    Calgary Expo - April 25-28, 2019

    That is true, but Vancouver is glad to also get Arthur Suydam (Marvel zombie covers artist/painter). Will share BC's Pamela Anderson (Barb Wire, Baywatch) with Calgary.
  20. aardvark88

    Calgary Expo - April 25-28, 2019

    If you have a look at the Fan expo Vancouver comic guests that was posted today, I imagine most of them will make the Western Canada tour to Calgary Expo (e.g. Arthur Adams, Mike Zeck, Joyce Chin, etc.).
  21. Looking forward to more Godzilla. Perhaps Marvel's (Curtis mags) first Godzilla issue from 1975:
  22. Recommend you set up the For Sale ad now to give the prospective buyer a better chance to arrange hotel, parking and/or flight for crowded Seattle, WA ECCC.
  23. aardvark88

    The most affordable key comic book?

    For affordable GA semi-key, I recommend More Fun #14 Superman prototype gd $2k. Affordable Gold Key, I like scarce Jonny Quest #1.
  24. 4.0 due to staining? Scarce coveted first Sabrina cover.
  25. aardvark88

    California Comic Convention 2019 ( CalComicCon)

    How will the weather be on the weekend of your Cal Comic-con?