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  1. I hope fractional shares has a solution for when one gets married or divorced, as to how much your spouse or partner owns of 'your' AF #15 or Batman #1, etc.
  2. 'Dark Fantasy' Island seems watchable. Better than these constant reboots of 'Charlie's Angels' in movies or tv.
  3. BA heavily influenced by introduction of R.E. Howard characters like Conan, King Kull, Red Sonja, Solomon Kane by writer/adapter Roy Thomas. Also 1st app. of King Kull by Wrightson released before HoS #92 Swamp Thing so seems under priced:
  4. Small correction: 'Marvel Tales' #1 reprints AF #15. Plus the GRR have totally different back covers compared to SA Marvel keys.
  5. "All wraps completely split" so would take quite a bit of pro conservation to save this comic. Perhaps the buyer has the correct loose back cover to marry?
  6. From the Vancouver Chinatown collection, not a pedigree:
  7. The convention has updated and renamed their website: W. Canada Collectibles Experience in suburb of Vancouver, BC A variety of vintage comics and some graphic novels will be available from Phantom Eclipse Comics' 3 tables:
  8. Pics have been uploaded. Please click to enlarge to see the comics and crowd: Vancouver Comic & Toy Show PNE
  9. Podboy's Action #19 is probably similar to my Action #14 in that all the tears and flaws are on the back cover making eye appeal outstanding:
  10. I understand your concern and your desire to collect pure Blue label CGC comics. My concern is that my GA comics are about 80 years old now and indeed need some conservation or de-acidification. CGC's own definition of conservation allows for a small amount of color touch or paper piece in-fill, rice (Japan) paper, small amount of re-gloss, married interior wrap(s), solvent cleaning and archival tape. I hope we live to 100, and can still enjoy GA comics that are not brown/black and flaking apart as we attempt to flip the lignin pages.
  11. Agreed re: Ferd. I believe Harley also had a coverless Hulk #181 at about $850 US so I sure hope it has the MVS inside. Now I have to go raise the sticker price on my coverless Hulk #182.
  12. Sorry to hear that you left the show without buying a key or semi-key comic. Next PNE show will be Sunday March 1, 2020, and post-Father's Day con will be Sunday June 28 when Harley may visit us again unless he is scheduled for 2 cons on the same weekend on opposite coasts again.
  13. You are right, as 'Youngblood' had a co-writer for the memorable dialogue.
  14. Liefeld as a writer/artist 'created' Youngblood. Can't even compare to Kirby in his later DC period of work 'Kamandi' still showing creativity:
  15. One of the better Kirby 'Love Romances' 12c covers:
  16. If they also introduce Yelena Belova(spelling?) as the younger newer blonde version of Black Widow, it will be like Sasha Luss's lead role as 'Anna' (like a Russian 'Atomic Blonde') directed by Luc Besson now available on DVD that I enjoyed.
  17. Seems like attendance was up about 15% from previous high. Some dealers reported having their strongest retail sales; was my 2nd highest for comic sales at a 1 day local con. Not sure if I should be happy or sad when Harley is my best customer: must be wholesaling my GA, SA, and EC. Some sample raw sales from memory: ASM #344 nm Carnage Avengers #4 vg+ Batman 23 Joker cover 5.0, Batman Wal-mart 100 pgs. $10 Micronauts #1 x 2 copies sold about 6 x 7-11 DC and Marvel plastic cups including a scarce Stan Lee as ASM cup to @Fan Boy Spider-woman #1 x 2 copies. Darkhawk #1 $20 Marvel Age with Darkhawk preview requests for Darkhawk vs Venom issues. Has Darkhawk been confirmed for GotG movie or some new hype? Vicki #2 scarcer Atlas, Capt Canuck #1 nm: consistent seller at every con for me. Ghost Rider #2 Son of Satan first app. (out of costume?) vf, Eternals #2 low grade, Venom Marvel Firsts ASM #300 reprint: consistent seller at $5. Moon Knight #1, Marvel Tales #1 low grade. Walking Dead #1 Image Firsts: consistent seller at $5-$6. X-men #9, 14 Juggernaut, #98, and a few Byrne X-men #121 Alpha Flight 2nd. Next PNE Forum show in early March, 2020 after Vancouver Fan Expo mid-Feb, 2020 Family Day weekend. New 2 day pop culture and sports show at downtown Parq Casino early Feb, 2020 with Vancouver Canuck guests.
  18. Looks like clouds with sunny breaks on Sunday; no rain. I will set aside $20 Absorene for you. Vicky #2 about $20. See you all at the PNE Forum!
  19. Yes, as too wide to fit in my safety deposit box.
  20. Had 3 girls Trick or Treating yesterday. Gave them candy, Wondergirl, Batgirl and spare religious history comic, as I ran out of freebie Archies.
  21. Agreed, as Betty and Veronica Summer Fun has been done MUCH better in the past:
  22. bump * for @lou_fine as this Langley Sportsfest and Collectibles show for the Sunday Nov. 24, 2019 will offer 200,000 square feet of family fun with FREE admission, free parking, nearby fast food franchises, in-house White Spot burgers. Toy Traders warehouse has renewed their 5 tables of pop culture. Also, discount gas if u drive to east side of Langley.
  23. Admission was $8 when show started out at non-union Croat Cult Ctr. Then they were forced to move and expand their convention to the union labor PNE Forum building. $12 admission but a huge 20,000 sq foot show of fun so you may as well drive in to Rain-couver and dig around for good deals.