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  1. Hi everyone? I was sorting my ASM run and I noticed that I have two ASM 143 but the background Colours differ. One is blue while the other is purple. Is this a printing error? What colour is it supposed to be. Thanks in advance for your feedback
  2. I just order it all from ebay. Bit the bullet. Cost 150$ USD all in for 200 mylars and 200 Full backs. I needed them so it is what it is. I think Mylars are a must for protection, time saving for changing bags and the look they give
  3. Hi fellow bordies. Looking to have a few books pressed and cleaned in or around the Montreal area. Ability to submit to CGC a bonus Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you
  4. Thanks will check it out. Ottawa not to far from me also. No one in Montreal
  5. So I pulled the trigger with the book. I think they did not do justice with the photos provided. I am thinking 8.0-8.5 with a good press and clean. All this can be pressed out. Let me know with these new photos. Thank you again and thanks to all who comment.
  6. Just wondering where people get their Mylars from when living in Canada. I contacted E Gerber and the shipping and duties they quoted more than doubles the price on 100 mylars and full back boards
  7. Hi thanks fir taking the time to give me you’re opinion. Thinking a press and a dry clean can help the grade.
  8. Hi looking for raw but in NM condition. From 1-28. Will also consider variants l. Prefer to buy from once source. paypal ready. And yes I have a kudos page
  9. Someone is offering it to me for 4,000$ CAD or 3,000$ USD. Worth it?
  10. Just wondering how much would marvel chipping on the spine affect the grade. See pics If it was not for this I would say book would be an 8.5
  11. Looking for ASM 9.6 raw, slabbed or signature series. paying 2,200$ Slabbed. A bit more SS a bit less raw. PayPal ready and verified have bought a few books here