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  1. I’m sure this has been discussed in the past but could not find anything. Plus having trouble finding a straight answer on eBay. What does eBay charge for selling books? Is there a fixed percentage and a cap? Thanks in advance. Anyones help is greatly appreciate.
  2. Wow! Congrats to both buyer and seller! 130K bam no problem. These boards are awesome. This is why I got into collecting. The hunt. And yes. banging my head for letting for not picking up an AF 15 CGC 4.0 for 4K back in the day
  3. I was actually looking at eBay to see how their final evaluation fees work. I was not able to find anything concrete but it seems they have a 10% fee capped at 750$. Can anyone help me on this. I would also appreciate it.
  4. Thanks for the info. That is super cheap compared to Canada
  5. Hi guys. Once more my apologies on being absent from a thread I created. I am just so busy that my mind does not circle back to these boards. I do want to let everyone one know that I do appreciate their feedback and thank them for it. I was always a buyer and very rarely sold anything. I travel to the US often enough that I have books both brought books from Canada into the US and from US to Canada. No one is every going to ask you if you have comics. The only question that may be asked if id you have more than 10,000$ CAD that your are crossing over the boarder with. They are normally referring to cash in relation to money laundering. It is not illegal to cross the US boarder with any amount of money or valuables as long as anything worth over 10,000$ is declared. They just want to make sure your the owner. I presume that they may ask why you are crossing over with such valuable, but as someone mentioned here "I want to show my cousin the book" would be fine. One the way back no one is going to ask you about the book as they will not have any clue. On the way back into Canada they are just going to ask you to declare the value of your goods. Being minus the books you would not be lying. Knowing people that are employed as border patrol employees, they are not interested in your comics or if you went over your limits. They are interested in drugs, guns and contraband. If your going to go to the boarder and say you have nothing to declare they will pull you over. Its an easy search to find people who spent over their limits. Crossing the boarder in say a minivan with your family and declaring 3,000$ after a 48 trip will not get you stopped. You can have 10,000$ worth of items. They are not going to sit there and go over 3,000$ worth of bills.
  6. Can anyone give me an idea what the cost of shipping and insurance of books would be from within the US? I imagine way cheaper than from Canada. Say you have 10k USD to ship. Appreciated.
  7. That ASM #678 is around 3K. Irony is I had 2 identical up for sale here on the boards. No one was interested at the time. So I sold one copy on Ebay and kept the other one. I then took the proceeds add another 200$ and got the ASM #129. Did a resubmit hopping for a 9.6 but got it back at the same grade being 9.4. Bummer was lost my white pages
  8. These would some of my better books.
  9. I can relate. I bought most of my books in the US. Those who were Canadian friend mostly got my business. I actually bought my ASM 300 9.8 here off the board. Timed the shipping to arrive at my hotel while traveling in the US. So yeah you need to be innovative.
  10. I'm not desperate and if people think there is an opportunity to steal the books I suggest moving on. If I decide on selling my CGC graded books they are going at or around GPA. I guess that would eliminate most re-sellers.
  11. I know what I have and what things are worth. I subscribe to GPA. I would prefer USD but hell who am I to refuse CAD + 30%.
  12. I'm in Montreal and as I stated I am contemplating selling my books. I have not yet decided officially that I will.
  13. Hi everyone. First I want to apologize that after posting this message I have not been around. I have been really busy as of late. I have not even read the comment on the thread yet. I promise to log in tonight at around 9-10pm EST after I put my girls to bed and answer. Any question and comments. For those that may be curious I am in Montreal I’m am in no need to sell any of my collection. The thrill for me was always the hunt. It’s been a few years that I have been quite on the comic scene and don’t have the same drive I used to have for the hobby. So I am seriously considering selling my books. I still have an attachment it it actually pains me to do so but the idea has grown in my that I might as well. It has also crossed my mind to maybe trade for 1 book an AF # 15 but as mentioned still mulling it. I also want to thank all those who have PM me. I appreciate your thoughts comments and interest. One thing I can say is when i was active in both collecting and on this board my experience here was amazing. You guys kept it fun and interesting. Thanks
  14. Hi their boardies. It's been a while since I have been on this board. I may be considering selling off my collection. I live in Canada and wonder what would be the best way to do so. I know these boarders are probably the best place as I have bought things offs this board. I was just wondering is the members here could offer any advise selling from Canada. I am presuming that people may be more reluctant from buying from a seller in Canada vs the US. I have always been a collector and rarely sold anything. I have several key issues that run between 1000$ to 11,000$ that are CGCed that I am considering letting go. As well I have a lot of stuff that is raw. I'm not the greatest person at grading stuff. Most of the raw stuff I have bough had a grade deemed by the seller but I am not a grader. How do I know I am being fair to both myself and the potential buyer? Any tips or advise appreciated. Thanks
  15. Hope your doing well Roy. It's been a while. Not sure if your remember me but we had met in Montreal a while back for a book.