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  1. Looking for an AF 15 1.0-20 cover must be firmly attached. No tape, no restored books
  2. Wanted ASM 194 9.8 white pages paying 2,300$ thanks
  3. Value wise is what are we looking at. Is a Canadian varient more valuable then the regular copy
  4. Please help me grade this. All your help appreciated. Description It is Bright & Vivid with all the original gloss to the covers. The interior pages a just as nice with a slightly off white colour and vivid inks.Staples are Solid & Tight.The only noticeable defect is a small scuff/chip in the top left back cover and a bit of faint yellowing on the back. When I was taking photos, I picked up a defect you can’t see on 1st inspection. If you look straight on you really can’t see it so it does not show up in the scans (pictures with blue background - photos have black backgrounds).
  5. Hoping to get some opinions on this ASM Annual #1 which is a canadian variant. Please let me know what grade you think it is. No clue how to price it. What I see. In my opinion, the comic is an very attractive copy. Giant Size spine is square with no obvious faults. Inside the staples are totally sound and the pages are an off-white with very bright inks. Front Cover is Bright and Crisp but with a a faint touch of yellowing. Slight wear along the front cover bottom. Back cover shows a bit of wear and a slight yellowing with a small reddish stain towards the top right. Main defect
  6. Here is a pic I want one for my collection and I don’t know what to value it in comparison a standard copy
  7. Hi I was hoping someone could tell me what is more desirable. I have the opportunity to get a really high grade ASM Annual #1. This I believe is a canadian copy because of the white blank copy. Is this more desirable or less desirable? Any info is appreciated.
  8. Hi looking to fill some holes in my collection. Looking for the following at reasonable prices. I have been a member here for a while on and off. I stopped collecting for a while due to other priorities but back in it now. My kudo link http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=7583882#Post7583882 Please DM me what you have with pictures. Want list. Will not be able to to pic all these up at the same time but seeing what I find ASM 194 9.8 ASM 238 9.8 (with tattoos) Found ASM Annual #1 7.0 JIM 85 7.0 - (upgrading
  9. Looking for 9.8 copies. Newsstand, Signature Series thanks
  10. Hi, looking to upgrade my JIM 85 CGC 5.5 to a 7.0 Can included in trade if someone looking to downgrade or just pay for it right out. looking to pay 3K Thanks
  11. Hi everyone? I was sorting my ASM run and I noticed that I have two ASM 143 but the background Colours differ. One is blue while the other is purple. Is this a printing error? What colour is it supposed to be. Thanks in advance for your feedback