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  1. So,, this may be a pretty interesting list to see from everyone else. What are your guys picks for the most overrated characters, and the most underrated ones? In comics and In comic book movies. Or television.
  2. Yes the Drek of the 90's eh.. So, as some of you already know, Valiant is getting into the Cinematic Universe, Starting with Bloodshot, in 2017. Matthew Vaugn writing the movie, and The directors of John Wick.. This is for bloodshot only..
  3. Whoa, had to put this one up guys who do you guys think would win and why??
  4. Disuss what do you guys think are the best golden age hereos in my opinio. i would have too say Jim Corrigan The Spectre, Cap, Batman, Doctor Fate, Superman, and the list goes on..