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  1. Hotel blocks are officially up. Quite a few additional options this year.
  2. It's going to be another great show. I haven't started just yet, but i'm sure I'll be counting down the days before long now that OAFCon is in the rearview.
  3. Good luck bud! Sorry I can't be there for the first show.
  4. Quite literally counting down the days until we head to Norman. Looking forward to another great year!
  5. Standard sub. Received 7/1, hit grading/qc this morning!
  6. I've got a standard sub in right now. This is my first go around with the new status changes. Needless to say I was excited to see "Scheduled for Grading" so quickly, until I caught up on this thread.
  7. I'll be there! Already looking forward to it!!!
  8. Just waiting for booths to go on sale...
  9. I'm trying to identify a facilitator who is available to setup at the Springfield Comic Expo on August 10th-11th at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Springfield, IL. My friend is the promoter (and not on the boards) and asked if I could help put him in contact with someone. This is a second year show and he hopes to have someone on-site for SS submissions (guests include: Mike Zeck, Kevin Nowlan, Ande Parks, Mike DeCarlo and Ashley Witter). Check out his website at: http://stlcomics.net If you're interested shoot me a PM or reach out to Eric via the STL Comics website or Facebook page. Thanks in advance!
  10. Bob and I are going to be there come hell or high water...
  11. It was rough. Worst sales I've had at one of these shows in a while. The date was stretched pretty thin with HS graduations, Mother's Day, etc. Then rainy weather in the morning on top of all of that. Best part of the show for me was the dinner the night before with a motley crew of MO/KS/OK comic folks. They all can't be the best show ever though. Ones like this make you appreciate the good ones. I also heeded the advice of a friend and bought my way out of a bad show!
  12. I've threatened to take a nap behind the tables before and really celebrate all of that space!
  13. Bedrock is great. Gator always has amazing stuff. Dale Roberts. Leroy Harper. Harley. Honestly it all depends on the day. Whoever has the book I'm looking for is my favorite!