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  1. My primary reasoning for wanting to sub in person is to save the expense/liability of the additional shipping leg of the books. It's not a ton of money, but when I submit, I typically submit books for pressing and grading, so every little bit helps.
  2. I’m biased. I enjoy setting up at Planet each year 2020 will be my 7th time setting up since I first setup in 2012. I spend a lot of my time in my booth and enjoy the benefits of being a vendor, so I don’t have many attendee level experiences (early floor access, no queues). Though, I do agree with @Mysterio in that most of my experiences with volunteers vary widely. Sometimes they’re on a power trip, sometimes they have bad info, but most have been cordial. I’m there for books, so the guest list isn’t typically a big deal to me. My priorities are: sales and vendor quality. I’m in the quality
  3. I don’t think on-site grading will ever happen, but facilitators don’t cut it. Nothing against the facilitators themselves, but another layer of complication, time and fees is ridiculous. C2E2 is no doubt a great SS show and is significantly bigger than Planet, but I can’t understand how they skip over KC year after year to do smaller shows in markets that they already serve on an annual basis.
  4. Planet Comicon Kansas City is a perfect example of a show that CGC should religiously attend. 50k+ attendees year after year. They have not been to a show in KC in years. I don't think they have been to a show in Missouri (either KC or STL) for 3-4 years. @SSkufan, @mysterio: Am I wrong?
  5. I'm staying the same place I did last year and the block rate is $40-50/night lower than what I would have paid last year, had I not bought the rate down with points. The Phillips is an awesome Hilton property. Its a block further walk, but the art deco design and HHonors points are worth it. $169.00/night this year. Cheaper than the Marriott for a significantly nicer hotel. Not as new/flashy, but they spent a ton on the remodel a few years back and its a gorgeous, comfortable high-end room with character.
  6. Anyone have any insight as to why CGC routinely avoids shows in the mid-west outside of Dallas and Chicago? There are people between the coasts that would gladly pay for their services, if they'd ever show up.
  7. Hotel blocks are officially up. Quite a few additional options this year.
  8. It's going to be another great show. I haven't started just yet, but i'm sure I'll be counting down the days before long now that OAFCon is in the rearview.
  9. Good luck bud! Sorry I can't be there for the first show.
  10. Quite literally counting down the days until we head to Norman. Looking forward to another great year!
  11. Standard sub. Received 7/1, hit grading/qc this morning!
  12. I've got a standard sub in right now. This is my first go around with the new status changes. Needless to say I was excited to see "Scheduled for Grading" so quickly, until I caught up on this thread.
  13. I'll be there! Already looking forward to it!!!
  14. Just waiting for booths to go on sale...