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  1. It was rough. Worst sales I've had at one of these shows in a while. The date was stretched pretty thin with HS graduations, Mother's Day, etc. Then rainy weather in the morning on top of all of that. Best part of the show for me was the dinner the night before with a motley crew of MO/KS/OK comic folks. They all can't be the best show ever though. Ones like this make you appreciate the good ones. I also heeded the advice of a friend and bought my way out of a bad show!
  2. I've threatened to take a nap behind the tables before and really celebrate all of that space!
  3. Bedrock is great. Gator always has amazing stuff. Dale Roberts. Leroy Harper. Harley. Honestly it all depends on the day. Whoever has the book I'm looking for is my favorite!
  4. They certainly have been available more recently compared to last year, but you're right on the LOW grade part. The last decent one that was on my radar I finished the race in 2nd place
  5. Nice score! I've been chasing this issue for awhile, as I share your love of the cover. One of his best!
  6. Yeah! Looking forward to it! This show is always good for us. Hope to see lots of folks at the show!
  7. I hit their page over the weekend and wasn't wowed with what I saw. Which is kinda bumming me out since I can get a pretty cheap flight out that weekend!
  8. I'm VERY excited for Bagley! Not that you didn't already know that.
  9. Yeah. It's pretty sparse here in the flyover this year. Don't they know us hill and plains people have money to spend on comic book grading and encapsulation as well???
  10. It's making my Planet experience considerably cheaper! I'll just wait until the next convention I go to that CGC is setup at. More funds available to pick up collections and good deals at the show this way.
  11. From what I see on Facebook, they've got JRSR on lock down. I would love to get some JRSR signatures, but am hesitant to go through DWC.