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  1. I hit their page over the weekend and wasn't wowed with what I saw. Which is kinda bumming me out since I can get a pretty cheap flight out that weekend!
  2. I'm VERY excited for Bagley! Not that you didn't already know that.
  3. Yeah. It's pretty sparse here in the flyover this year. Don't they know us hill and plains people have money to spend on comic book grading and encapsulation as well???
  4. It's making my Planet experience considerably cheaper! I'll just wait until the next convention I go to that CGC is setup at. More funds available to pick up collections and good deals at the show this way.
  5. From what I see on Facebook, they've got JRSR on lock down. I would love to get some JRSR signatures, but am hesitant to go through DWC.
  6. You know I'm going to put together a Fish and Chips party the night before!
  7. @mysterio Your under copy of MT93 wasn't exactly hard on the eyes! Congrats on a good year sir! Looking forward to catching up with you in a couple of months!
  8. Looking to pick up the ugliest copy of Tec71 in the world, with only one condition: I need the centerfold to be intact. Slabbed or raw. An ideal candidate would be coverless and missing outside wraps, as my intention is to marry the centerfold with my existing, and otherwise complete, copy. Off-white pages to match my current copy would be great, but I'm not holding my breath. Would be willing to pay up to $300, with a reasonable level of flexibility, based upon the page quality/color and overall completeness (or lack there of) of the book in question. Thanks!
  9. Don't be shy with those dates when you get them!
  10. I'll vote for the first one of the two I'm able to acquire. With that in mind, my vote may be outstanding for a significant amount of time.
  11. Indeed! The ticks have just been awful the last several years. Hope this winter is particularly brutal to knock them back a bit.
  12. I saw that. I feel like they're usually slower to get Planet on the schedule than some of the other larger shows.
  13. @G.A.tor We've only met a couple of times, but I was just able to read about your experience over the last couple of weeks and I wanted to say how sorry I am for what you and your family and neighbors have had to endure. I know that these are just words piled on top of weeks of other words, but I'm sending my best vibes your way sir.
  14. Putting out some feelers for a low grade Crime Patrol 16. Preferably beat but complete. Open to restored/married copies as well. Shoot me a message if you've got a spare or an under-copy floating around. Thanks!