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  1. Nobody was clamoring for Guardians of the Galaxy either. If memory serves me correct there was a bit of skepticism during production because absolutely no one outside of comic fandom even heard of them. Now it’s regarded as one of the best MCU films thus far.
  2. My dad took me to see this in the theater. It is so awesome and weird and has a one hell of a cast! I still have my Marvel Comics adaptation stashed away too.
  3. There was one boardie who did correctly predict a Skrull showing up. But I refuuuuuuuuse to tag him. Not gunna do it.
  4. I just watched this last night. It dropped on Hulu the last couple days and for an action flick I highly recommend it! Frank Grillo is freaking awesome with Naomi Watts and Mel Gibson as support cast. And I have to tag @1950's war comics for the cameo of Rob Gronkowski as the helicopter gunner (you can see him in the trailer).
  5. Yeah but the two Visions did not phase together. So right there half your points are gone faster than white Vision blasting off to the unknown.
  6. Dude! You are not kidding! Once I saw her it was like a light-switch for my 7 year old brain.
  7. I thought Overlord was an underrated movie. Straight forward and fun nazi zombie horror flick.
  8. So question for the marvel tv viewers. I just read in some Twitter comments that Ghostrider was the last one with the Darkhold. Is that accurate?
  9. Overall I felt the show was pretty good. Started a bit slow then teased some real promise but ended on a lower note than I had hoped (I blame you boardies for the buildup, thanks for nothing!) That aside I suspect it will fit in nicely once DS2 is released.
  10. Pretty certain (not 100%) that he’s referring to the fact that now mutants will be featured in the MCU after the Fox acquisition.
  11. Hold up. They aren’t going to use X-Men because of the Men in the title?