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  1. Technically I believe Disney hasn’t fired RJ. They’re just ghosting him.
  2. The wife and I are liking this series, but I have heard it’s a bit different from the book. Watching this past weeks ep now.
  3. Don’t know anything about Rogue Trooper but welcome to the boards!
  4. Sorry but I must respectfully disagree. I liked him a lot as Batman but he had a long history of being a dramatic person_who_is_obnoxiously_self-impressed. And I must say... after seeing him on Bill Mahers show going off big time about things he clearly has no understanding of, my impression of him is sealed. He may be a very talented actor and director/ writer (the town was awesome) but he’s still just a Richard.
  5. No, it’s not. That’s my point. For someone who 1) has all the resources in the world and 2) plays make-believe for a living , falling on this sword seems in very bad taste. People in this world fall into the grips of this for a lot better reasons than “problems with playing Batman in the movies”.
  6. Look, they made Peter Dinklage like 20’ tall so I’m sure they will figure out how to deal with this.
  7. Very interesting movie. It’s fun to go back after and watch the Shining, you won’t look at it the same way again.