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  1. Transformers #3 @ 20% off X-men 211, Questprobe 1 and GI Joe Special Missions 1
  2. Whoa. I don’t think I’m ready to know yet. Pine Barrens is easily my all-time favorite episode. The comedy of errors throughout is priceless. I was pretty bummed they just let that entire thread go but I made my peace with it.
  3. Really enjoying this podcast. Michael and Steve are doing a great job with it. I hope they get David Chase on soon (sounds like he has already agreed to come on). Definitely check it out if you watched the show.
  4. Just got some books in the mail from Barton. Great books, shipped fast and top-notch packaging! Thanks again!
  5. I was probably into GI Joe comics for about a year, then that Christmas I opened a box that held Secret Wars 1 thru 12. Read them a zillion times and still have them today