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  1. The score was perfectly haunting alongside Arthur’s hopeless existence.
  2. Gary (had to look it up on IMDb). The one part where I heard audible laughs was when Gary goes to leave and can’t reach the door lock
  3. Just got back. You don’t get many performances like this folks. Go see it.
  4. This was one of GL’s reasons for the Special Editions. He wanted to smooth the transition between the 2 trilogies so they didn’t look like they were filmed 20 years apart.
  5. Listening to the latest episode of Rebel Force Radio and they were again talking about Mark Hamill’s disagreement with RJ’s take on SW. Nothing is certain in this world but I think we have seen the last/only R Johnson Star Wars film.
  6. When exactly was Yoda a pacifist? He specifically said that he would train Luke only if he committed to finishing the job AKA taking out Vader and the Emporer. And Kenobi and Yoda didn’t retire because of the horrors of war. The Jedi were hunted down and killed by Vader, this forced them into hiding. The only thing the TLJ story-line had in common with Kennobi/ Yoda was that Luke was hiding on a far off system. The reasons for it are entirely different.