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  1. I’ve now read and heard (podcast) a few times in the past few days the rumor that Pedro Pascal either walked off or was kicked off the set of season 2.
  2. Season 2 wasn’t as good as the first but I sure am looking forward to Season 3
  3. I’m not assuming anything. It’s clear he feels his character was over-marketed for the role he played. What’s not clear is why. He had the second highest amount of screen time in the first film and had the third highest amount in the other two. Hence why disney pushed his image so much. He, or anybody, might not like his story but that does not change the fact he’s featured prominently in the films.
  4. Here’s screen time per movie per character. For a character that is side-lined he’s in there a lot. Saying he was over-marketed seems like a stretch imo.
  5. I think part of the problem is that he’s vague. ‘They didn’t know what to do with my character but did with Ridley and Driver’ doesn’t tell us much. The story-line for the trilogy was a mess, they didn’t know what to do with anyone’s character. Still, he was a big part in all 3 movies so I can’t sympathize much with that part of his statement.
  6. Transformers #3 @ 20% off X-men 211, Questprobe 1 and GI Joe Special Missions 1
  7. Whoa. I don’t think I’m ready to know yet. Pine Barrens is easily my all-time favorite episode. The comedy of errors throughout is priceless. I was pretty bummed they just let that entire thread go but I made my peace with it.
  8. Really enjoying this podcast. Michael and Steve are doing a great job with it. I hope they get David Chase on soon (sounds like he has already agreed to come on). Definitely check it out if you watched the show.