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  1. I had this too! It was so awesome! My mom sold it in a yard sale when I was older and didn’t care at the time
  2. I was in a FB group that ran these. I think I bought into 2 of them for a grand total of $50 and didn’t win either so I stopped immediately. I stayed for a while to watch and it doesn’t take long to see that many of the people participating are degenerate gamblers. Saw one raffle where a guy bought in $600 worth of spots for a $900 book...and lost. Naturally drama ensued.
  3. This thread is a funny coincidence. My sister was helping my mom clean stuff out of her basement this week and mailed me these. Loved them as a kid.
  4. Ahhh yes MOS was solid, my bad. I tried Aquaman but it was just too heavy on CGI for me. I haven’t seen Shazam yet either, I guess my enthusiasm has taken a punch. Their animated stuff is really good tho!
  5. Looks incredibly dumb. DC/Warner is such a mess. WW is the lone bright spot, everything else is just complete garbage.
  6. I made it through a handful of episodes that I actually watched and the rest were in the background. I’m sure it’s way cool if you read the books or played the games but I’m all set if I have to go down the reddit hole or YouTube to make heads or tails of what’s going on.
  7. I find no fault with this approach. It’s cliche but it’s true...the dollar is our vote and Disney really doesn’t deserve many votes at this point (although signs point to a decent course correction within the SW universe).