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  1. On my pile please Hope you're enjoying your weekend Mike
  2. Can confirm warmness occasionally occurs.
  3. I really hope marvel does Venom right this time around, I would love to have an awesome Eddie Brock Venom on my pull.
  4. First DC Lucifer appearance was in the silver age? I have yet to read the Gaiman Lucifer run, but I did stumble across this from 1962. Is Gaiman's Lucifer considered to be the one and only, is this in continuity? Thoughts?
  5. This is on the therapist's desk, looks like it's shining I really hope the movie is filled with this kind of stuff.
  6. Ya I think the flood will it hard on this one. A Kirby book that was bought heavily at release, there's gotta be an Eternal amout of books available.