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  1. Well as you may remember I was going to try Gotham Central comics in Mississauga instead of Paradise for submitting books. I had some done by them at the Niagara Falls Comicon in early June and I got them back last week. They were not fast tracked so overall I am pleased with the service. There is life after Paradise.
  2. Zevgoli


    Ditto. Can’t afford too.
  3. I have the exact Spider-Man vrs Superman book with the exact same Stan Lee signature. I am betting it is from the same batch book signings back in 1976. The only difference is that mine has Neal Adams signature too.
  4. I’m having my Ditko letter slabbed by CBCS under their art category. Better to hang on the wall.
  5. I agree. You need to up the pressure more by going in and seeing Peter.
  6. I hate to disappoint you guys but I went back and used them this year for some John Romita Sr. signings. Books aren’t back yet but I don’t expect them to be. They have signings that no one else seems to get.
  7. RIP Mr Ditko. I will treasure the letter that I got from you.