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  1. Brittany M.

    $150 credit?

    May I please ask everyone who is saying that they haven't heard from CGC in months, what email you are contacting? Which address the emails are going to that are not getting answered?
  2. Brittany M.


    Hi We have no unread emails in our submission emails, nor any unread social media messages. Who did you email? If you'd like to send me a message, I'd be happy to help you.
  3. Brittany M.

    CGC needs to break out signatures in all grades

    That information is available on our census:
  4. Brittany M.

    Graded Stan Lee Book - Date Issue?

    This is mis-labeled, the sign date was 12/3/17. We have contacted the seller to get it back to fix the label.
  5. Great Questions! If the book is a pedigree, I assume CGC will identify it as such if you can verify it with that ped's markings; however, I do not believe every ped has distinctive markings. If I had purchased the book and it came without any COA or other provenance documentation other than what the other company notes on the label, what does CGC do in that case as far as preserving the ped? If no ped label indicator is then noted by CGC, do I have the option not to move forward with that book prior to CGC deslabbing? CGC will do its due diligence to ascertain whether or not a pedigree is valid. If needed, CGC will open the case, as some pedigree markings can not be seen from the outside. If a case is opened and book does not keep the pedigree, we will only charge the $10.00 fee and we will holder the book without it. This is usually not the case, books will keep their pedigree when it can be verified by the grading team. When CGC lets me know of their review and I proceed with with CGC deslabbing and grading, is it possible to have the books serviced by CCS first and that cost be charged to me? No, if it crosses, we will just cross it. If yours is getting screened and you are notified that it may not cross, we may recommend pressing, but it isn't a service that can just be added, because the book would need to be graded all over again after pressing. If you want your books pressed, you'd need to send them in for regular pressing and grading service. Does CGC return the competitors label with the newly CGC graded book? We will return those directly to the company
  6. If you need anything else, let me know!
  7. Brittany M.

    new batch of CGC books - no inner well :(

    It looks like the seal on the inner well didn't hold. Please email me and I will take care of getting these reholdered for you immediately:
  8. Brittany M.

    new batch of CGC books - no inner well :(

    We do NOT send books out without an inner-well.
  9. They must be in the hard outer shell, the could be damaged in shipping in the inner-well alone.
  10. If the grade drops, yes, it would be $10.00
  11. They are on our online form now: You can click the Cross/over Regrade option and then enter your books.
  12. Yes, if that happened it would only be $10.00.
  13. Jake, please email me with the cert number of this book, and I'll handle getting this fixed for you.
  14. Brittany M.


    I'd suggest trying to call customer service and see if they can have it pulled for review, and maybe sent back to CCS. 1-877-NM-COMIC