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  1. Nope. There's still tons of junk out there. My LCS has $1 box for fill a bag for $10.
  2. X-Men #101 1st Phoenix CGC 9.4 (C-1) Very Small amount of color touch on Color Off White to White pages $1,100 Shipped There is not much GPA information on a purple 9.4, but here are the last two blue 9.4: Mar-28 $1740 Mar-27 $1925
  3. Hello all! Usual rules, no one from the naughty list. PayPal only. US only. No returns. Think it over before you buy Kudos found here:
  4. And its Friday so CBSI it out with its list of things that went crazy this week: 1 Daredevil (1999) #9 Remember a couple weeks ago when this hit the list? It had jumped to $100 raw at that point. Now it is double that and 9.8’s are now $800?!?! Think of what this would be if #10 was the cover on this #9? 2 Captain America (2019) #7 2nd Print Zero sales and then all of a sudden this is a $100-175 book? Jthoms posted an article right here on CBSI and it seems that some are jumping all over this one. That is a kind of ridiculous price bump though, right? 3 T
  5. Agreed. Just look at the list (and this has been the case week after week) all Marvel. With the exception of a 1st Harley bump here and there. Marvel movies and TV are popular, and it translates into sales. Snyder Cut has good reviews, but I have not seen a JLA bump because of it.
  6. Since the spec bros use Key Collector comics app, I have been looking at it lately. The Hot 10 is a real eye opener Amazing Spider-Man#252 Low $15| Mid $55| High $185 🏅 #10 on the Hot 10 TOP 3 RECORD BREAKERS [Previous High In Brackets]: 9.8 sold for $2,207 [$1,850 last week] +19% NEWSSTANDS: 9.8 sold for $2,400 [$2,138 on March 3] +12% 9.6 sold for $925 [$550 on March 9] +68% New Mutants#98 Low $90| Mid $320| High $650 🏅#9 on the Hot 10 TOP 3 RECORD BREAKERS [Previous High In Brackets]: 9.8 sold for $3,400 [$3,000 last
  7. Im very curious how prices will be at cons, as they start to become a thing again. You always hear about dealers making a killing at a show, and other dealers who make nothing, because the casuals and cosplayers aren't spending money. If cons have eBay and Clink prices, the casuals will continue to not buy., but will collectors pay those prices in person? And will the 'bored rich' go to a con to get more books?
  8. I think the first to fall will be the spec bros buying junk every Wednesday. At my local shop there are customers who only buy variants and whatever today's 1st appearance is. Holding their phone, looking at the spec app that's telling them what new issue to buy. And they grade everything immediately. Once those start dropping, it's not fun anymore.
  9. Some friends and I have also discussed some of this is market manipulation. It wouldn't take much for a few people selling to each other on the bay, driving up prices on a book. Then you have a few high price sold listings and then panic hits for those who don't have that hot new issue!
  10. I think it has to pop eventually, when the world starts opening up again. Bored people with money, I feel like, have been driving up the prices for everything. Once people start spending money on vacations, cars and more back to normal stuff, the money will shift. No cons has everyone fighting over limited supply on eBay. And its a lot of n00bs jumping in now, trying to catch up, driving up prices, fighting over scraps. For example GI Joe toys and comics are hot now. In a Facebook group I am in, someone asked "is this a good price?" the best response was "Well that’s because they’re not..
  11. Hey board, just looking for a lower grade, reader copy. Thanks!