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  1. Title says it all, just making a run and looking for reader copies. Thanks!
  2. Hello all, so here is my favorite book in my collection, and my original childhood copy. Signed my Hama, Zeck, Beatty and Shooter. I want to get it graded, manly to have it in the CGC case, looking cool on the shelf. But with 4 unwitnessed sigs, how will it come out? Green, purple? Isn't there a way to request blue and take the grade hit with the signatures? Just curious what the board feels would be best for this book. Thanks
  3. Yes, absolutely. Even if I am not interested in the book, i still like to see what the market is doing.
  4. Posted this over in the other Stan Lee sig thread, but it may be more appropriate here. Only one million dollars
  5. Has then one been posted yet? Only 1 Million Dollars
  6. Low grade, but its mine Put me in the club!
  7. X-Men Lot, various conditions, great cheap reader lot of 104 books $75 Shipped Uncanny X-men: 114, 124, 132, 136, 146, 151,154,157-161,163,165,168-170,172,174-176,178-182,184-190,192-196,198,199,201,203-209,214,215 218 ,223-225,227,232, 240,241,243,247,249, 252,255,258, 259,261,271-272,274-276,280,288-293,303,304, annual 9 X-men 2,3,9-13,19,28-31 phoenix end song 2, 3,5 phoenix resurrection 3,5 X-men & Teen Titans Classic X-Men 1 X-Factor 1 Uncanny X-Men #1, New series that came out this week.
  8. Hello all! Usual rules, no one from the naughty list. PayPal only. US Shipping only No returns. Think it over before you buy Kudos found here: