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  1. PUNISHER appreciation thread

    Nice! I have the Hot Toys Netflix Punisher pre ordered at my LCS. Just waiting....
  2. PUNISHER appreciation thread

    Picked up the classic Jim Lee Litho Bad night for Ninjas!
  3. Each figure was recently bought brand new, and briefly displayed for about a week or two. All comes with all accessories, stands and box. Freddy and Jason are the newer releases. Freddy $180 Shipped Jason $180 Shipped Cobra Commander $125 Shipped
  4. Hello all! Usual rules, no one from the naughty list. PayPal only. US & Canada Only US Free Shipping, Canada + $15 for USPS Priority. No returns. Think it over before you buy Kudos found here:
  5. PUNISHER appreciation thread

    Went to a local show today and picked up some great early Punisher
  6. PUNISHER appreciation thread

    Picked up Punisher Armory #1 at LCS. Those are still a great read.
  7. Seems like international shipping is high these days as well. If I do get an offer from say someone in Canada, I get a shipping quote and its really high, and they bail.
  8. Yeah that's true. Such a pain these days.
  9. In my sales in the last month or so, I only get a bite if I have a bottom basement price. And I don't get nearly as many offers as I used to, if at all. So in my experience, it feels like sales are down.