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  1. Alan Davis announced. Adds more books to the stack
  2. No kidding. I feel like I need a personal assistant.
  3. Thanks for the tips! A couple of more questions: If there is a sig already on a book (allready there, non-witnessed) and then you get another signature that is witnessed, will the book qualify for yellow then? How are polybagged comics treated? If the bag is signed, does that count for SS or does it need to be the comic only? Thanks!
  4. WTB Tom Lyle Robin Artwork/Pages Hello board, does anyone have any Tom Lyle artwork for sale? Specifically pages from his 3 Robin mini series, or his few issues of Batman or Detective? I am not looking for anything particular, just some cool pages featuring Robin. Thanks!
  5. Hey boardies, I need some advice with Signature Series. I have only done it once at Heroes last year and fumbled through the process at the booth. This year at Heroes I want to get a lot of books signed: 14 books all modern, signed by 1 artist. 3 Signatures on 1 modern book. 3 SA books signed by 1 artist What is the best way to make this easy and smooth? I am going to follow the guides for signature window/placement to speed things up at the table. But what can I do at the CGC Booth? Should I have the PDF forms on me and filled out? Submit online form first before the con? Also I know this will occur after price increase. So if I am reading correctly, Modern will be $20 + $5 Signature Series? I assume they will bill me later if I have my CGC account number, rather than paying upfront? Thanks for any help provided
  6. I just need the cover
  7. Good looking copy and a great book to own. (i've had 2 copies in the census) Good luck!
  8. Beauty!
  9. Of course Signature series goes up June 1st, when I want to crush Heroes Con a few weeks later
  10. Looking for a Batgirl 1 from the new 52 line, 1st print, VF-NM
  11. Is it me, or are sales down in the sales forums? Seems like I am seeing more "closed" and "off to ebay" than I used to.
  12. Good article on the real data behind the slump
  13. They had Tom King and then lost him to DC. And now he is writing the best Batman ive seen in years.