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  1. 2 Books, both complete, 154 has tape on the inside cover/first page on the staples, 197 has a long piece of tape on both sides of the covers, and some tape on the centerfold. Both are 1.0 reader copies $100 Shipped
  2. Hello all! Usual rules, no one from the naughty list. PayPal only. US only. No returns. Think it over before you buy Kudos found here:
  3. OK, I picked up 2 out of 3 so far, still looking for Showcase 34 Atom. Low grade, but presentable on the front cover, no big missing chunks or tears. Back cover missing, torn, missing pages OK. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Comicdey, a little too much cover missing for me, but thanks again!
  5. I hope so. I have a thread about it, in the want to buy section for a week now. Just waiting A 2.5 CGC just sold on eBay for $1700.
  6. Recently started looking for a copy of BB28, to replace the one I sold a few years ago. Based on threads like this and the general state of DCEU movies , figured it was a good time to find a deal. But there are not a lot of copies out there right now. Maybe people are holding on to copies, hoping for a rebound?
  7. Hey all, looking to get this book again. Looking for a low grade to just have on the wall. .5 - 2.0 blue , purple, whatever. Missing pages and missing back cover is fine. Thanks!
  8. Got a MOC Hawkman for my SP collection, and picked up some Total Justice MOC on the cheap. I collected TJ as a teenager when they came out, but really digging them now side by side with SP. Its a great time capsule of 80s & 90s DC. Classic design VS 90s Edge, Barry/Wally etc
  9. Full notice: