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  1. Patrick is easy to deal with whether it is making a deal for time payments or a straight up buy. His packaging is excellent and his shipping is very fast. I have a feeling more of my money will be headed his way in the future
  2. Welcome to the MCU...Mindboggling Chatboard Userthreads...
  3. This thread reminds me of a certain journal in the journal section. There are far too many similarities...for those of you who know which journal I’m talking about, the resemblance is uncanny ... If you can point out one similarity between this thread and the road to success journal, you get a no prize. Good Luck
  4. I’ll probably pass on Episode 9. Like I said, a combination of nostalgia for the original set of movies/characters and over saturation. If they ever get around to putting the Bobba Fett movie out, even though I like the character, at this point it’ll probably be another pass for me, at least at the Theatre. Hopefully it doesn’t happen but even all of the Marvel movies are getting to be a bit much for me, oversaturation again.
  5. This is another aspect that I should have put in my earlier post, thanks for sharing. I guess it is nostalgia and over saturation as to why I seem to have lost touch with the whole franchise.
  6. If you have the OP's pic and you tilt it slightly to the right, 1950's War Comics is right...the mastermind, it looks like....
  7. I was born in 1976, so Star Wars has always been with me. In fact, I brought out my old Star Wars toys, like the Ewok village playset and the original Millennium Falcon for my 5 and 3 year old sons to play with. Apart from any "facts" or "alternative facts", I still read Star Wars related news, however, about 3 years ago I felt that there was an over saturation of Star Wars related merchandise/movies and it has really made me go back to the original story rather than keeping up with anything new. When I saw the above article, in the back of my head I could see that there might be some merit in it because of the aforementioned over saturation.
  8. Phew! Good to know. Now I can rest easy and get back to reading the train wreck journal “My long road to success” over in the journals section.
  9. Is this decision by Disney a good call or not? https://cosmicbook.news/disney-resetting-star-wars?amp
  10. Hmmm, maybe I should dig out my old Sega 8 bit system and the 20 or 30 games I have for it and see if anyone wants them...none of them are sealed though Are there Canadian versions of video games like there are Price variants of comics or are they standard issue from both sides of the border?