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  1. X-Men #125, ASM 153, 188, 208, and 213 per PM 5 raffle tickets
  2. Nice! Do you have the other two?
  3. I don’t know too much about Mr. Nobel but I do know that Doug Sulipa who collaborated on the guide is well respected. Typically, when you have several authors/collaborators on a project, one person doesn’t taint the whole project.
  4. Is no one using this guide? The 2018 Price Guide for 1980’s Marvel & DC Newsstand Canadian Cover Price Variants (Type 1A)
  5. Just a question, maybe it’s been asked already, but here goes, when you lads go to sell these CPVs what are you using to decide on a price point? I know condition will be important but how do you decide on a starting point for price? my apologies (obviously I’m Canadian because I apologized ) for the poor photo quality, it’s my first photo upload on the boards.
  6. dhgladiator

    Canadian Buyers/Dealers and Exchange

    The exchange rate....sigh...but we do have Canadian price variants , Flapjacks , and good beer why is anyone complaining ?
  7. dhgladiator

    What are your comic collecting goals for this year??

    I was almost finished my Xmen run from 1-544 but I got sucked into the variant vortex my plan is to finish it this year though.
  8. dhgladiator

    Ebay 20% off

    We will use anything as currency as long as you don’t slap a tariff on it and no worries we have no issue leaving the flapping and jacking to you
  9. dhgladiator

    Ebay 20% off

    Most excellent! it works for us canucks, it almost puts our dollar on par with the greenback. I just saved $40 American which is like 3000 Canadian pesos and 4 flapjacks...
  10. dhgladiator

    Are the days of wholesaling drek over?

    What about Hamster Vice should I keep mine or sell ‘em?
  11. dhgladiator

    Elusive X-men comic

    Okay....keep me posted on what you find either here or pm me. thanks for the help, dave