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  1. All three have their individual pros and cons. They overall present well. With the last book, the scratches at the top are strictly on the case.
  2. An unrestored Superman 1. A restored copy was one of my very first big buys. Very memorable since I had to sell my BMW to pay for the purchase.
  3. A 6.0 and 6.5 with moderate resto sold about 2 years ago for around 55-60K. Here's the scan of the 6.5 copy raw.
  4. closed, PM if you're interested.
  5. SC 22 and X-Men 1 no longer for sale. Price reductions on GA books.
  6. Price reductions. Free fine condition Liberty Comics 15 to the buyer who purchases both the Hangman 3 and Mystic Comics 2 (v2)
  7. Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson 134 9.4 (1st Darkseid)