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  1. I would probable make fewer mistakes if I kept such detailed charts. Typically buy books I really like without plans of flipping, but we know how well that works out.
  2. Nice 6.5 CL copy at 80k with over 11 days left.
  3. One of the best 5.0 I've seen! Congratulations
  4. If this poll was done any other year except this year, FF1 would be the easy pick especially if in the same grade and condition.
  5. If this poll was done any other year except this year, FF1 would be the easy pick.
  6. Batman 1 5.0 for $360,000 unattractive 3.0 for $192,000 0.5 for $51,600 Wow, but appropriate when compared to the crazy prices on those Marvel SA keys.
  7. Science Comics 2 3.0 $8,500 $7,250 GPA 2021 sales: 5.0 $10,500, 6.0 (c) $4,550, 1.8 $3,360
  8. The rules: First in thread gets the book, normally trumping any ongoing negotiations. However, I reserve the right not to sell to anyone for any reason. A negotiation is not a deal until both sides have agreed on terms and an is posted by either I or the buyer in the thread. If you have an ongoing time payment with me, please PM prior to No HOS or Probation list members. References maybe requested. No returns on purchases. Shipping is $20 in the continental US. No international purchases unless approved by me prior to in the thread. $40 to ship to Canada;
  9. The FF1 8.5 will be considered a bargain. A 8.5 CBCS copy sold on CL for 150k 2yrs ago and GRRC sold a 8.0 copy for 100k. So based on the significant increases in prices for all FF1 grades in general, the 8.5 copy did not perform as well as I would have expected, especially considering the hammer on the 9.0 copy. The beautiful 8.5 copy that sold a year ago on HA for under $100,000 was a steal.