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  2. I noticed that in the ‘Wolverine (Complete with Variants) set’: ’Return of Wolverine’ #1-3 (and all variants) have been added. It would make sense to request to add these as well, which came before those: ’Death of Wolverine’ #1-4 (all all variants). thanks-
  3. Please add these to the Daredevil (Complete with Variants) set: 187 Canadian Edition (Price Variant) 189 Canadian Edition (Price Variant) 190 Canadian Edition (Price Variant) 191 Canadian Edition (Price Variant) Thanks!
  4. There’s a Batman ‘66 (Complete) set that includes many separate spin-off series, but would like to request a: Batman ‘66 set Which only includes the original series, including the Batman ‘66 issues: 1 1 Convention Edition 1 Fan Expo Edition 1 Variant Cover 2 2 3 3 4 4 Variant Cover 5 5 Variant Cover 6 6 Variant Cover 7 8 9 10 11 11 Variant Cover 12 13 14 14 Variant Cover 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 23 Sketch Edition
  5. Also please add this one to the Bill Sienkiewicz cover set: Joker's Asylum II: Mad Hatter 1 thanks! Slot added 4/6/21.
  6. Hi Matt- please add these 2 books to the Joker Asylum set: Joker's Asylum II: Killer Croc 1 Joker's Asylum II: Mad Hatter 1 thanks! Slots added 4/6/21.
  7. Avengers Annual #10 sold in an eBay auction yesterday for $1585 + shipping. Prices have been going up a lot recently for that issue. (GPA sales have been a bit more acurrate, btw).
  8. Hi I had originally requested this as an addition in last year’s thread, but was told at that time to request a new set (which was denied today (months after request), I copied and pasted response below. So, if I can go back to my original request to add on some books to the Amazing Spider-Man #1-25 set - these are all Stan Lee/Steve Ditko books. Would like request these remaining books to be added since they would complete the entire Lee/Ditko run: Amazing Fantasy #15 Amazing Spider-Man #26-38 and Annual #2. Perhaps any other collector who is for or against t
  9. Someone had Requested a X-Men (John Byrne) set last year (#108-143). Was that one created? Couldn’t find the post from thread last year. Hello @Lookin4Newsstands, No, unfortunately the set was not created. It was denied under the same policy. Thank you
  10. Hi Matt- to the Wolverine (Complete with Variants) set, please add: Wolverine Limited Series #1-4 and #2-4 Canadian Edition Price Variants. also, please place at the beginning of set chronologically, since this 1982 series was his first series- it preceded the 1988 series. thanks! Slots were created 4/3/21 and added to the end of the set, proper order is pending.
  11. Funny, was just forwarded this chain on the boards, noticed this- I had consigned that copy to CL last year - congrats!
  12. I got in touch w CGC about that a while back- should only be one date that’s been corrected- 5/78.
  13. Hi Matt- please create a set for ‘Hellions’ including all variants (Marvel Comics, 2020)- thanks! Set added 3/19/21