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  1. Thank you- if you can also add that book to a slot in this set as well, forgot to mention it before: X-Men (1963) #1-#544 Including Variants
  2. Would like to request a change/add some issues on to the Amazing Spider-Man #1-25 Set, I’m sure a lot of Spidey fans would agree- it would make more sense to change this into ‘Amazing Spider-Man (Stan Lee/ Steve Ditko Run) including the full Steve Ditko run: Amazing Fantasy #15 Amazing Spider-Man #1-38, Annual #1-2.
  3. Cool- I imagine the Canadian Edition Price Variants for that title ran between #64 (10/82)- #106 (8/86)- missed the last issue #107 by a month I guess- Although I’m a huge SW fan, dont have any of those price variants (or SW: ROTJ 1-4), but have some US versions. Have Canadian Editions of other 80s titles.
  4. See my last response (to other post) these are indeed Canadian price variants- both 75 Cents as opposed to their 60 Cent US counterparts. Slots added. Thank you
  5. All Marvel Canadian Editions between Oct,1982- 1986 are indeed foreign price variants. Starting in 1982, the US edition standard size Marvel Comics were 60 cents, Canadian Editions were 75 Cents. The two comics listed above fall in this category (Side note: Uncanny X-Men #162 was the first issue in that title to start the 75 Cent Canadian Edition Price variant). In the next price jump for Marvel Comics (before 1986), standard size US comics were 75 cents, while the Canadian Edition Price Variants jumped to 95 Cents. Slots added. My apologies for the delay as our experts needed to edit all of the book data in our system.
  6. Thanks Matt- I noticed it in the Alex Ross cover set, but I didn’t see it in the Batman One-Shots set. This book was added into the existing slot along with the other variants. This goes along with the format of the rest of the set.
  7. Yes- My favorite modern run- fav cover is 609 but many good ones met Lee, Williams, Sinclair- at events or cons- all great-
  8. I would be as well, but find that a lot of those multi-signed for sale have sig placements that take away from art- this one has good placement and can be submitted for other creators- if you change your mind or would like to see let me know.
  9. Have #616 CGC 9.8 WP Sig. Series signed by Jim Lee if interested...
  10. Please add: Uncanny X-Men #499 $3.99 Newsstand Edition to the following 2 sets: X-Men (1963) #301-#544 Including Variants X-Men (Complete Including Variants) Thanks! Slots added. Thank you
  11. Looks like CGC Trading Cards Only grades Pokémon TCGand Magic: The Gathering cards. Would be interested in this if Vintage 70’s Marvel Comic Book Heroes Stickers would be graded as well. Just picked up a bunch. Also hoping that 70’s Treasury Edition size comic books are hopefully able to be graded eventually as well!
  12. Near Mint with a NM grade of 9.4. No pun intended....lol
  13. To X-Men (Complete Including Variants) set, please also add: Uncanny X-Men 174 Canadian Edition Uncanny X-Men 188 Canadian Edition thanks! Foreign Editions are not eligible for the standard sets, only foreign price variants.
  14. To X-Men (Complete Including Variants) set, please add: Uncanny X-Men 164 Canadian Edition Uncanny X-Men 171 Canadian Edition thanks! Foreign Editions are not eligible for the standard sets, only foreign price variants.
  15. To the Amazing Spider-Man One-Shots set, please add: Spider-Man #1 German Edition/ Romita Variant Cover (Panini Deutschland, 2019) Cert. # 2548026002 (This reprints Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #1, with a Virgin cover for the Romita Variant Edition). Thanks! Foreign Editions are not eligible for the standard sets.