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  1. A good analysis of TMNT #1 (and other copper/modern age curiosities) over at Comic Book Invest: Also, a couple sales of note. Both on Comic Link: 9.6 WP $17,950 (last sale $20,000) 9.0 OW/W $6.560 (last sale $8,000)
  2. Guys, just a follow up question. I shipped some live fish via media mail as well as some aerosol canisters and batteries. That's all cool right?
  3. Great pick up. This edition is one of my "ones that got away". There was an ebay listing, mislabeled where the seller was just selling a bunch of turtles comics and I was bidding it as well as another person. We kept bidding it up to where it was obvious something was valuable under the surface. My max price was just outbid of course. Doh!
  4. Been quiet here (I couldn't logon for a couple weeks, don't know if others had that issue) and quiet in TMNT #1 sales lately. A 9.0 just sold on ebay for ~$8,000 on 11/6. This is in line with recent sale prices of 6.7K and another 8K both in June.
  5. This one sold all the way back on 2/23/18 for $14,340 on Heritage lot # 91319. Minus the consignment fee of 10% on Pedigree, this is a profit of $1659 or 11.5%. Not a bad return for 8 months.
  6. It would be a nice problem to have, no? However, this isn't a record. The Heritage sale on 11/17/17 of $26,920 was a record for a 9.6 (cgc # 1294883001). Still a nice price and ebay takes less of a hit on sale(and buy) than Heritage.
  7. Didn't see that yet. That's a slight bump up from the average price of late. Seller had this up on Comic Link and ebay at several prices, originally 30K then 25, then 27, then 23.5. So he really tested the higher prices but settled at 20 for this one.
  8. Ok, finally had a chance to add some data that pubmonkey sent from GPA sales of 9.6 and 9.8's:
  9. Thanks! Wasn't sure if these would interest anyone else but good to know there's other data nerds here!
  10. Ok sure. Excel doesn't like different dates for different chart lines so it lumps them together but I think I can make monthly sales work.
  11. Here's 9.4 sales: and 9.2's (sorry the data gets bunched in spots, there's a couple sales for some of the lines, marked with different prices. and last one 9.0's:
  12. I track these sales of TMNT #1 9.0 and up. These are confirmed sales on all outlets, ebay, heritage, comiclink, comic connect. Was doing a bunch of Excel work for work and figured I'd churn out a chart or 2 or 3:
  13. It does happen all the time and it's a direct result of the ever-increasing fees charged to sellers and the ever-decreasing benifits sellers receive. It's not right but it just is.
  14. He says in the title it's a "replica" so I don't see an issue with it. It would only fool a fool I suppose. Never heard of this particular reprint.
  15. Just read the story of your "Grail", great get! So that painting is a one of a kind?
  16. Not from what I've seen. I track high-grade sales of this book and people just seem to want the book since its so rare - sig or not.
  17. Good observation, that ratio is common with the CGC grades. Uptick in grades are often doubling of prices. A good sale though, keeps the trend going. That person who got the 26K for the 9.6 really did well in retrospect.
  18. Now $11,000 w/ Buyer's Premium (BP) : $13,200.00. 5 days remain.
  19. I would skip it entirely or if you must, ask them to sign the interior cover like they used to. The cover is 90% of the appeal of a book and to have some scribbled writing in big thick silver or whatever color is a travesty, imho. I know some people love signatures but I track sales of TMNT #1 1st prints in high grade and, at least for now, they add 0 value to this book. Looking at AF covers where Stan Lee signs the middle of it I just shake my head. And people value that!
  20. Hey, a first print is a first print! Only 3250 or fewer even exist.
  21. Saw this freebie on Dealnews: Amazon offers downloads of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 Kindle/Comixology eBook for free. (It's the same price for iBooks and Google Play Books.)
  22. That was quick, now $8,500 w/ Buyer's Premium (BP) : $10,200.00. For reference, the last two sales of 9.6's I have went for $14.3K on 2/23/18 and $26.3K on 11/17/17, both also Heritage auctions. My best guess is that this one sells for around $18K.
  23. A 9.6 is up for auction on Heritage. Current bid $3,400, w/ Buyer's Premium (BP) : $4,080.00.
  24. Just another reason not to use fedex.
  25. What does it mean when there are two of the same comics, with the same or similar grade next to each other consecutively? I've run into this a few times now, with the final digits being a "1" and "2". The comics were same book and grade. Is this a reholder or is this just someone sending in multiple copies that happen to grade the same?