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  1. For 2019, 9.4's there's been a few sales and this Clink one is on the low end of that range but in line with the most recent sales. I have heritage sales of $10.2k on 8/1 and $10.2k on 5/16, and $12.5k on 2/6 on ebay.
  2. The Comic Link auction had some activity today, up to $48K, close to the hammer price on the last Heritage copy. There's 4 days left on this one but the reserve hasn't been reached yet.
  3. This is already cold by now probably but it was news to me:
  4. That may be very close to the last bid. But I'd have to guess it never reaches the reserve price. One buyer is already out of the market and there aren't many who can afford a 5 figure comic book. It's a similar situation to the 9.6 that sold on heritage not long ago for 26k, then multiple people listed theirs and the price fell back to 18's and 19's.
  5. As I've stated, my price expectation for this sale (without competing books listed since they are fairly rare) was between $69K and $90K. Why? Well because one just sold for $90K and subsequent offers posted for other Heritage books have seen offers as high as $67.5K. I think the competing books really effected this latest Heritage auction. Your interpretation of 30 copies being a lot I just flat out disagree with, particularly in a print run of 3,250 roughly. And speculation about there being lots of ungraded, very high grade copies sitting out there is unlikely in my opinion. In
  6. That's what I thought too but this one says "sold for...". Then down below it says the 21st-24th auction dates. So I'm lost too.
  7. This one is the same book from dotcomcomics that was on ebay for $100K. Bid up to 37K now. Meanwhile the ebay listing just changed its price twice from 91K to 89.5K now to $79.9K. The Heritage auction closed earlier than listed for $52,800, quite a bit lower than expected. Although with 2 others available right now, the water is very muddy, so to speak.
  8. Less than 24 hours in the auction of the 9.8 on Heritage and there's been more activity. It's over $50K as of now. Last one sold for $90K over the summer. After the proxy bidding ends there's an additional live auction segment that runs from the 21st through the 24th. So we're not there yet but by Sunday we'll have more price clarity on 9.8's - and someone will have themselves a pretty sweet comic. And then
  9. A quick update, the 9.8 above on Heritage is now at $34,800 total with just a few bids in the last week or so. Auction has 4 days remaining. Of note, the 9.8 that was on ebay for $100K BIN has been pulled. Also, the Turtlemania Gold on ebay that was listed a second time has also been pulled before a sale - at least that we know of.
  10. There is a cap for sellers with eBay stores, $250. For everyone else $750.
  11. Now it's 30K with 2 days left. Wonder if he'll pull it again.
  12. That is strange. The seller must have gotten an offer off ebay and just sold it directly to avoid fees. It happens all the time. The 9.8 is up to $31,200 as I write this. Someone sent this to me, it's a way to view past offers on already-sold items at Heritage. There have been 3 offers recently around the time of and since the 90K sale, 48k, 48k and 67.5k. I'd adjust my guess for the one at auction now as somewhere between 68k and 90k.
  13. The "other" 9.8 is at auction on Heritage and it's at $25,200 for now (including buyer's premium). In case you've been living underground in the sewers () you'll recall that the previous 9.8 sold this summer for a whopping $90,000 also on Heritage. We'll see where this 9.8 ends up but I believe the sale prices will mimic the turtlemania golds of recent yore. On ebay right now #6/10 is at $41K with 1 day remaining. This past summer #7/10 sold for $58K. I think collectors final bids will be similar in these books and the 9.8's hammer price on Heritage will behave in a similar fashion. http
  14. Ive got a few spawn comics that either were sprayed on top while in a stack of something similar. They only show the color on the edge, not on the front or back cover. Probably 1"-2" of length affected. Any guess on how much this dings the grade?
  15. A couple come to mind for me. First is Star Wars #9, because of the rabbit on the cover and his comment. This one I bought, no idea why. It sat in my collection for years. And this Marvel Age also lingered in my long boxes forever:
  16. I never, ever, ever buy cardboard to ship comics. I imagine my situation is different than most since I live in nyc where my neighbors and everyone gets boxes sent to them everyday and they are put in the recycling (but even you burbites have recycling day right?). The trick is to use boxes that are not cheap and super-thin (like priority mail boxes). The grain of the box I try to alternate for each comic - one up and down and one side to side. I have a nice box cutter and I simply eye-ball them to fit in the ebay 10 x 12.5 branded sleeves. I use a priority mail mailing envelope to cover the b
  17. So the 9.8 that sold at auction on HA appears to not be in their buy it now section any longer. However if you view the auction itself it shows the previously shown message "owner is actively entertaining offers.." with the previous $117k starting price. To any HA experts, what does this indicate?
  18. I read a little bit about the history of Turtlemania and Metropolis...but what faux stuff are you talking about that's recent? Not trying to be dense, genuine question.
  19. They have definitely gone up. I put one up for BIN a little while ago with a fantasy asking price and it sold right away. That was a while back and they continue to sell like crazy.
  20. it is very easy. seller just goes to selling>orders>awaiting payment and in the actions column there is a drop down box with "send invoice"
  21. A sale is a sale, and price is what people pay, so to speak. While November will provide more clarity of price it will be no more valid than the $90K sale. I would guess the Nov book falls short of 90K since there are 2 now for sale at the 100K mark and that feels like a top at least in the near term. But it will be Christmas season and things always get a little nutty around then for gift giving so it could be close. I'd guess 70's to 80's.
  22. A fairly large comic dealer just put a 9.8 1st printing up on Ebay for $100K w/ best offer. This particular copy hasn't traded hands publicly since at least 2011 by my records. Interesting note, there are 28 in this grade, and 13 have traded hands since that same year, 2011. The others are sitting in collector's hands. The same book is also for sale at ComicLink:
  23. The schadenfreude around this book is palpable. There were 35 people bidding on it so they weren't alone. What are the haters going to do when this book eventually hits $500,000?
  24. Well you are right in that the same book that sold at auction for $90K is now listed for $100. However, it says the same owner who bought it has listed it. There's no reason to think this isn't the same person since the day after it sold they indicated it was available for resale immediately for $117K. It seems the owner has just lowered their asking price.
  25. Please tell us where this LCS is, so we all can get rich.