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  1. That's right, because there's nothing else to do! (grew up there)
  2. I used to slab to sell, mostly. However just like raw books, unless its a hot issue then they tend to sit. And sit. And sit. You may be the best price on all Feebay but that doesn't mean someone wants to pay $60 or more for the pleasure of a 9.8. My last order of 30 books took more than a year to offload and I'm not a gouger by any means. Now I prefer to sell raw with as many photos as possible to maximize the bucks. That said I do slab the more valuable books in my collection. Protection and knowing what they're worth for insurance's sake are my rationale.
  3. I always tape over it and never had an issue. On the contrary, I didn't do this in the past and on rainy day the untaped area could get wet and smudge or worse.
  4. Anybody use Facebook Marketplace to sell comics? I'm looking to branch out from Feebay and saw this was a thing.
  5. I re-use Amazon boxes for slabs, mostly N3 and IB2 boxes. The N3 allows for a little more packing material and I may use that for something worth over $100, the IB2 is fine with plenty of peanuts. I usually pre-wrap the slab in a padded envelope taped snugly around it. Then put it in the middle of peanuts (or crumpled packing paper as a second option). Tape it all up and done. I've never had any damage to slabs I ship this way.
  6. USPS First Class rates went up maybe others too, don't know them well enough to report. I usually ship First Class 8 oz and it was a steady $2.77 for a while, now it went up 0.41 cents to $3.18. A 15% increase. Makes selling comics on the bay even less appetizing.
  7. I've seen this video a few times in my twitter feed and found its application to comic books intriguing. The laser vaporizes rust and contaminants on metal and doesn't affect anything else around it. Check it out if you haven't seen it. I have a few comics this would be great for. My question is, it seems pretty new and if it were applied to comics would it be restoration (assuming you could actually detect it) and if it were what would a service like this be worth on a per-comic basis? Just curious what people think.
  8. Or Heritage. They take a big cut but wow they find buyers. The two who bid up a 9.6 to $26,290 might like an upgrade!
  9. I looked for that and just can't find enough bids/history on the bidders to draw that conclusion. Also, he apparently has his hands on at least 3 9.8's over the past couple years, judging by the CGC #'s. That's why I think he just flips these books and the trail isn't pointing to anything else.
  10. I don't know. His feedback is too good to be shipping empty boxes to people. The simple explanation is that he flips these books and gets stuck underwater with sales below his purchase price or buyers that don't pay.
  11. That's the one, thanks! Couldn't remember it but that's where I got my turtles #1.
  12. Does anyone recall the name of the comic newspaper that was folded once and had some prices in the back but was mostly classifieds?
  13. GM8

    Conan Comics

    If they restart the series I hope they begin at issue #276. I know they won't but can't blame a guy for dreamin'.
  14. Not sure what to make of it all. I sent him a message and it seemed to go through. Will see if he responds.
  15. yeah, he seems to sell and/or resell a lot of copies. His listing said he was saving up for a house (again). I asked him about this specific copy and here is his response: Hmmm?. So the plot thickens. I just got a second chance offer from Nick Bridger for a TMNT #1 CGC 9.8 for $24,000. Quite a discount off of the $30,100 for the last one. How many copies of this book does this guy have? Is it the same CGC # as the one that sold for $30.100? What is the ebay item #?
  16. I remember how popular the Turtles comics were and these knock-offs had a quick run at ridiculousness and then fizzled. The Adolescent Hamsters seemed to be the "biggest" of them in my LCS at least. The whole zombie craze of the recent past is similar to me. Not even the comics really, just all the movies and tv shows.
  17. They already are, in high grade at least.
  18. So if the Post's story is correct (it is the Post after all, you have to be skeptical) these are nurses who work for an agency and are sent to his home. They don't technically work for him. I would imagine at any other time except now that the correct thing to do would be just dump him as a client the first sign of shenanigans. I guess these things will just need to be sorted out in the courts or maybe they already have and we're just seeing money grabs.
  19. I don't think the interest lost is the driver of any demand for this feature. It's more about time. While I don't see myself using it often, in a pinch if I needed money in my checking account quickly this would be nice and I would pay the relatively small fee. For Paypal it's all about adding another "service" that is redundant but can add revenue from fees.
  20. I see. Well that sounds like this guy is the Napster of digital comic books! I've seen these listings before but guessed they were comixology licenses or something. How silly of me.
  21. Is there some serial # that this seller is providing or is he just copying a DVD and sending it to people?
  22. I had a similar issue selling game codes a while back. If the buyer doesn't receive a tangible item then ebay forbids (or at least forbade at the time) selling of these items because there is no way to prove they were delivered. So Ebay cancelled my items and sent me a stern message about listing practices. Meanwhile there were literally hundreds of other similar listings live on the site, same as mine was. Whomever you spoke with on the phone is probably not authorized to remove listings in bulk and would need to probably spend time on each listing and not on the phone. Moreover, yours was probably removed due to a specific complaint from a user. Your complaining about all the listings was probably considered just retaliatory and not followed up on. I don't work there, but from dealing with them since the 90's (God I'm OLD) I see this as their M.O. To answer your question about suing, it would be an expensive uphill battle on your part and probably get you nowhere since it's their platform and can do most anything they want so long as it's legal. And let's be honest, the only pain you received was to your ego.
  23. I'll take your guys' word for the signature, but Marvel Super Action? What kind of sick person gets a Stan Lee sig on a Marvel Super Action? I reported it for listing practices, although they don't offer fake signature as an item.
  24. Hi there, great collection! I love the more obscure stuff and you've got yourself a ton of it! The #7 2nd printings apparently had a low print run and they are notoriously hard to find in high grade. The blue ink is very susceptible to rubbing off and leaving whitish blotches, almost like chalk on the areas that rub against other books. I have one high grade copy ungraded and it took me years to find it. All the others I've bought and sold have had spine creasing issues and the "shelf wear" issue.