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  1. If it makes you feel any better, there's a Magic the Gathering card up in the same auction that some other yahoos have bid up more than this Turtles book. That's what made me think this one could sail way higher, that Gold sale was another level. The amazing thing to me is that this is organic. There's no movie out or any other major news really.
  2. The premium is very clear and obvious. Price is what someone is willing to pay. In this case right now, someone is willing to pay $75,000. It doesn't matter the seller only would get $62.5K. He'll likely get even less with taxes and other costs already spent. So yes, the floor is whatever the final strike price is, including the BP.
  3. Wow. Well, that's what happens when you have few 9.8's come up for auction at a site like Heritage for a year. Ebay has had several 9.8's listed since for far less but no bites. Heritage has the access and trust of wealthy buyers. Pair that with a rare comic and boom.
  4. Interesting observation. Probably the difference in the ages of the buyers.
  5. A little update on these two 9.8 first prints over on Heritage. This competing listing has had its start date changed to November 21, 2019. That's smart. This one currently at auction is priced at $40,800 now with the buyer's premium. A record with 5 days remaining.
  6. Ok thanks, well that's as good a result.
  7. Annnnnnddd it's ended. Nice work guys, looks like the attention made him cave. At least someone isn't out thousands for that garbage.
  8. Now this one I don't know what to say. First of all the "previous owner" had the thing signed by KE in the "80's". The marker used and style looks more like 2000's or later to me. KE and PL used to sign in thin pens back in the day - I don't know when exactly they started using these fat-tipped, light color markers but I didn't notice them until at least starting in the 2000's. Plus the photo of KE looks much later than the 80's. My point being that his description about how noone should ever open this first print is a little concerning. Hmmm..
  9. Well I'll have to revise my # now, since there's 2 9.8's on Heritage now. This new listing was a copy previously (or maybe still) owned by nick_bridger of ebay fame. It was listed as sold on ebay back on 12/28/17 for $30.2K, although I messaged with him and he said that the buyer flaked and he 2nd chance offered it to someone for $24K. Either way, it doesn't effect the market value of this book, since sales following this have established $35-38K as the latest price range for this book. But with the second copy now up, I revise my estimate for the listing already on auction (currently at $26K) to $40K. Here's the upcoming listing:
  10. That's a good question. IH181 has done very well, as has TMNT1 more recently. If I had to guess %-wise increase where each one would be in 10+ years I'd go TMNT1. Wolverine will always be popular and with the Marvel universe, he'll keep gaining new fans every generation. But the MU is big and fans are fickle. Look how strong X-Men were 10 years ago and now its all Avengers. TMNT is owned by Nickelodeon and their heyday was with 90's kids who will be at their peak economic power in the future.
  11. This one is out of the gate and running. Already w/ Buyer's Premium (BP) : $25,200.00. 16 days left. What's your best guess where this one will land? Spiderturtle thinks it will be higher than previous sales of $38,240 and $35,850. I think it will be significantly higher, around $50K since we haven't seen one listed at auction for over a year, stock market highs, and the recent astronomical sale of a Turtlemania gold. We will see!
  12. A 9.2 sold at a discount on Ebay for $7500. This copy last traded less than a year ago in august of 2018 for $9,000 also on ebay. Recent sales of 9.2's were $8600 in April, 11,251 on 9/1/18 and the $9,000 on 8/31/18.
  13. Just when you think you've seen everything, now there is a 9.8 I've never seen certified by the "other" grading company that does the larger magazine sizes. Signed. Only $37K! Snap it up people!
  14. A 9.8 is coming to auction over on Heritage on 7/12. This one looks like its first time being publicly sold (at least going back to 2005 where my data starts). It's one of only 28 9.8's out there, according to the CGC census (24 Universal, 1 Qualified, 3 SS). Last sales were $38.2K on 5/12/18 and $35.8K on 2/23/18. Any guesses what the final price is (including buyer's premium)? In my opinion, it tops the last sale and gets into the $50K area due to strength in the recent auction of the Turtlemania gold as well as length of time since a 9.8 TMNT #1 has been on the market. The US equities market overall strength helps also.
  15. Make posters list the price they will pay. Otherwise this is mostly just a fishing expedition for lowballers. They can do that on ebay.
  16. Congratulations! I've only seen an altered copy of a 3rd printing, not an actual counterfeit copy. So in your post "Great thread for TMNT #1 buyers! (thumbs u Here is some of the info:" which rules does this counterfeit break or is it a perfectly done one?
  17. Loved the series and the final episode was great just as it was. It's clear that in this day and age of instant gratification of every whim via app, and the ability to find any echo chamber of our liking, that anything and everything is going to be criticized. But I don't own the show and am simply happy to have experienced it over the years. John Snow's fate was the biggest surprise to me. With the wars he always had something to do but as they ended by his hand, it makes sense that he needed something to do that fit with his persona. Night's Watch - sounds good to me. I can see the council of leaders disgusted so much by the capitol being burned to the ground that they just upend everything. Tyrion as a spokesperson was a little awkward but if noone else would offer any ideas, I can't see his character sitting still. Arya going on her mission to wherever - fitting. Sansa being the queen of Winterfell - just right. Great show. Going to miss it. I guess I'll see how the prequels measure up.
  18. Final sale over at HA for a 9.4 OW/W Blue label: $10,200 (includes buyer's premium). Slightly down from the past three sales of $12,500 (W) on 2/6/19 on ebay, $11,000 (OW/W) on 5/27/18 also on ebay, as well as $10,100 (OW/W) on 3/30/18 on ebay.
  19. It's not your job to do the dealer's due diligence. But if your conscience bothers you, like someone said, if he believed it was missing then he likely bought it for a discounted price anyways. He had a chance to research it himself and that's his business. I sold a book Turtles book on ebay that I believed wasn't an error edition (not Tales of TMNT #1/#4 2nd print). The buyer came back to me later and said "Thanks! that WAS the error edition!" No effort to give me extra $, nor did I even ask. I had the chance to research it, did, and was wrong. My mistake and I chalk it up to next time paying more attention.
  20. Another 9.6 sale to report, signed by E&L interior cover. This time on ebay for $20,000 (seller confirmed). But this is a step up from the previous sale of $14,400 on Heritage. Interestingly, the same seller sold another 9.6 (unsigned) last October for about the same price. Must be nice to have multiples of this big daddy laying around!
  21. This was a dip in the price of 9.6's that is certain. Ironically, the same book sold exactly 1 year ago for just under this price ($14,340). I didn't see the scratches in the case but everyone wants new and shiny so that could factor in. OW/W may be a slight factor but not much more than the case in my opinion. The signatures don't really have much positive influence either by my observations.
  22. Just saw this, above $10K there is no commission on resale through HA. That's a nice perk since they really stick it to you on the first sale. Comics: 50% reduction in seller's commission for all items between $1K & $10K, and no seller's commission for items $10K and over. Also, the 9.6 on HA is up to $9K with buyers premium.
  23. Just another way for ebay to charge sellers more I assume. If it's free I'm game. Does anyone know how this works? Is it invitation only at this point for sellers?
  24. An update on this 9.6, Heritage has posted photos and we can see that this book (CGC # 1294822001) sold less than a year ago on 2/23/18 for $14,340, also on HA. It looks like someone is trying to flip from that price which is a bold move since HA takes a big piece of any sales price. New 9.4 listing coming up for April bidding:
  25. Ok great thanks for this. >9.0 (SP) February 26, 2012: $1,300 (same book as the previous sale) >9.0 (SP) December 16, 2011: $800 This was a very nice flip. Didn't have this data. Thanks. >9.4 (SP) June 12, 2011: $1,623 (CGC Verification doesn't have a match for this number...??) >9.4 (SP) April 04, 2011: $1,700 (wondering if this is the same book as above...) Not the same CGC#. Teh same on 4/4/11 was the one I referenced above, a Comic Connect sale for CGC# 1003475001. Link here: Looks like you got your book for a song. Nice buy! And I wouldn't undersell what you have, btw. Prices have been trending higher for both 1st and 2nd prints since 2017. If I had your book I would price it at $4999 and go down from there until sold. GL!