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  1. Angela stuff is starting to move again with the news of the "Asgardians of the Galaxy" series on its way with Angela and Valkyrie. I thought Marvel had forgotten about her.
  2. Oh yeah, well I up you clouds and bet you stratosphere.... Asking prices are just that but you've got to hand it to the guy, he's ambitious!
  3. Ok I see what you're saying. They're adding an extra layer...annoying but they already make you click on extra time to see a sold item's details, this seems like just another layer. Ebay's gonna ebay.
  4. I don't get it. This was relisted and didn't sell. You're saying it sold and the page with the sale price isn't available? Unless this sold, I don't see anything different here. I use ebay all the time.
  5. Hmmm not sure what to make of your situation with ebay. I would try other computers & browsers to see if you can get the original view. I'm not seeing this issue on my end, just checked again to be sure. Usually when ebay changes something they just do it and don't make it sometimes work and then othertimes not.
  6. There are two different ebay pages for each listing, and this is not new. The first one from above is normal, desktop listing information. The second is a special version of the page that I get only when googling an item and opening that item through google search results. It is less informative and disorienting since I'm so used to seeing the "normal" desktop version. I would say make sure you are searching ebay through ebay, and not in a google search bar.
  7. I don't have GPA but the people who I've seen quote GPA have stated last sale, so those other numbers they may have sound great if they're ever used. I'd love to see them, why don't you post them for this book?
  8. The previous two 9.2 sales I have were $7900 on 3/23 and $9947 on 3/6. GPA seems to determine value by last sale which is not the best way. You really need a weighted average but with sparse sales like the Turtles #1 first print have, even an average works better. In the case of 9.2's that would be $8815. That was so March 2018! Now 9.4's are listing with asking prices of $13-13.5K.
  9. Just sold for $38,240.00 (includes buyer's premium). A new record.
  10. Now at $30,000 w/ Buyer's Premium (BP) : $35,850.00 Well that didn't take long. This is now at the exact sale price of the previous 9.8 that sold at HA in late February. Will it go higher? With 19 days left in the auction it sure seems so.
  11. This looks like it just opened bidding. Current bid at $11,000 w/ Buyer's Premium (BP) : $13,145.00 Now $20,000 w/ Buyer's Premium (BP) : $23,900.00
  12. This is normal. Copies of #1 have a semi-glossy cover, while #2 had a more matte finish cover. While it is more standard paper-y feel it is a thicker density just like you would expect with a cover. Then #3 and 4 resumed the semi-glossy cover like #1.
  13. There was some "discussion" about this earlier in this or the other TMNT thread. It seemed more about emotion than the reality. The reality here is that 4 of these 9.4's have traded since 12/1/17. Of those, the OW/W page ones sold for $10.5K, $10.3K and $10.1 K. The 4th one with White pages? Sold for $8225 on 12/17. The sales prices are almost singularly determined by the grade with this book. It's so rare especially in the higher grades that the page quality is an afterthought for buyers, apparently.
  14. This 9.4 SS sold for $10,100 approximately. It was flipped from a previous sale back on 11/29/17 for a $2500 profit (not including fees). This new sale price is in line with recent sales of 9.4's.
  15. That's a crazy story. I believe the best thing you can do is to, as you did, have a supervisor note that this happened. Maybe report this higher up. Without getting into it, any employee who doesn't fear for their job security needs to have mistakes like this noted and on the record. I ship daily through my PO and rarely have problems.
  16. What range do these sell for? I am a Turtle fan but really have no idea about these.
  17. I used it for some books and couldn't be happier, a signed book with ball-point grooves as well as some ncb creases came out a 9.6 for example.
  18. Very nice. And in retrospect I believe you got a very good price. Having both those auctions at the same time really split the bids I believe. Two 9.4's just sold recently for around $10.5K each, and asking prices on current ones are higher.
  19. Wouldn't it be fair to assume that once JC and Stan rid themselves of the parasites, that he will still have a steady income from Marvel royalties and ventures? I think it's awful that people take advantage, but I would think there's more coming to him/them over time.
  20. A 9.2 just sold on ebay for $9,947. This was a set of 2, 3, and 4 also...but you can take maybe $200-300 out for those and get a value of the 9.2.
  21. Is this new? Or was it possible if you select an option about combining shipping? I combine but always just refund people after the fact. It may reduce some sales but I am not bothered by it all that much.
  22. That is a fact. I would guess that we don't see this copy again for a while and it goes into a proper collector's hands.