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  1. Is there some serial # that this seller is providing or is he just copying a DVD and sending it to people?
  2. I had a similar issue selling game codes a while back. If the buyer doesn't receive a tangible item then ebay forbids (or at least forbade at the time) selling of these items because there is no way to prove they were delivered. So Ebay cancelled my items and sent me a stern message about listing practices. Meanwhile there were literally hundreds of other similar listings live on the site, same as mine was. Whomever you spoke with on the phone is probably not authorized to remove listings in bulk and would need to probably spend time on each listing and not on the phone. Moreover, yours was probably removed due to a specific complaint from a user. Your complaining about all the listings was probably considered just retaliatory and not followed up on. I don't work there, but from dealing with them since the 90's (God I'm OLD) I see this as their M.O. To answer your question about suing, it would be an expensive uphill battle on your part and probably get you nowhere since it's their platform and can do most anything they want so long as it's legal. And let's be honest, the only pain you received was to your ego.
  3. I'll take your guys' word for the signature, but Marvel Super Action? What kind of sick person gets a Stan Lee sig on a Marvel Super Action? I reported it for listing practices, although they don't offer fake signature as an item.
  4. Hi there, great collection! I love the more obscure stuff and you've got yourself a ton of it! The #7 2nd printings apparently had a low print run and they are notoriously hard to find in high grade. The blue ink is very susceptible to rubbing off and leaving whitish blotches, almost like chalk on the areas that rub against other books. I have one high grade copy ungraded and it took me years to find it. All the others I've bought and sold have had spine creasing issues and the "shelf wear" issue.
  5. That's similar to other responses I've had. Either it's all a big ruse or, more likely, he just has a boatload invested in TMNT #1 1st print cgc 9.8's. Not a bad place to be IMHO.
  6. His history of selling TMNT #1 1st Printings CGC 9.8 is interesting. I've been keeping track of all sales for the past couple years. He's listed at least 3 different copies: 0950071001, 1463959001 and the one that just ended for $30,100: 0202540001 (It's hard to make out it may be "75"in the middle there). The 0950071001 was listed as sold on Comic Connect on 4/1/16 for $27,222. Then Nick Bridger had it listed and sold on Ebay on 4/29/16 for $24,100. That doesn't make sense to me.
  7. That is lower than I expected. Ebay is really not a great platform for selling luxury/expensive items.
  8. It is the same comic, perhaps he's consigning that copy there? I've corresponded with the seller before and he seems on the up-and-up to me. His ebay feedback is spotless.
  9. I'm surprised this is still under $30,000. There must be a bias for Heritage Auctions that makes people believe their items are more valuable, and I don't mean the buyers/seller's premiums. Ebay is a do-it-yourself platform that doesn't translate to high-priced items, it appears. Maybe because HA has the items in-hand and they certify them. That said, I think this ends at $33-35K.
  10. How would you like that cheese. with wine and a baguette? Come on. That's trying way too hard to hold on to the past. Yoda was living alone on a deserted planet and a practical joker. Yet he was the most powerful jedi of all. Oh and he was a puppet. Was that enough to complain about. What this whole thing has shown is the power of the mob. A loud mob of nostalgic, aging people want the world THEIR way or else. Or else we'll use our vote (pun intended) to lash out. Meanwhile the majority just take it until it gets too painful for our tunnel vision to tolerate. I'm there.
  11. Or those were genuine reviews and the ones downvoting it were just responding to nostalgic groupthink?
  12. (spoilers) I grew up with the original films and don't think there was anything blown up. Luke died. Han died in the last film, and even showed a little sappiness, did you flip out over that? He was never sappy before. I just don't get it. It would have been great if Luke was restored to greatness and ran a new Jedi academy and whatever. But he died saving the resistance just like Obi-Wan. No glaring hole. No universe blown up. No character blown up. Just different than you and some other holdouts expect.
  13. An unwinnable argument. You think the studio owed you a Luke you remembered. I think they gave us a Luke that is completely acceptable. But clearly there are those that feel the way you do and have made your voice heard on Rotten Tomatoes.
  14. (spoilers) I understand where you are coming from. But I loved Luke's character in the old films and as much in this one. He's a human and in my eyes none of his core beliefs changed. He made the ultimate sacrifice just like Obi-Wan. There is nothing more selfless than that and the only falseness that I see is from consumers who expect a fictional character to do as they desire.
  15. I don't see anything in TLJ as unlike what a normal human being's life is like. No one is the carbon copy of themselves as they were a child. If so, what's the point? We grow, change and have the world affect us. If it makes us better people then so be it. Sometimes it does the opposite. I don't see anything Luke did in TLJ as being morally objectionable. To the contrary he showed great heroism and sacrifice.
  16. Go for the second printing if you can. It has the same dark red coloring on the cover as the 1st print and as you mention a small print run.
  17. Things for me definitely slowed after the back-to-school time, sep and oct. November has been better, especially for higher priced items.
  18. He raised the 9.8 to $40,000. That was smart imho. The 9.0 on CC sold for $5900.
  19. Oh I really feel like a geek now. Ok so there's a 9.8 WP for sale on ebay now by a repeated seller nick_bridger. He's *only* asking $30,000. Since a 9.6 just went for $26,000 and change I have got to think this is a steal in light of recent sales. Just my $0.02!
  20. If it isn't clear, you need to use your phone. Only the mobile app will work with this coupon.
  21. Probably a smart move. Hold on to your winners. They ain't making any more of these!
  22. Not a bad day huh? So now the question is are you going to stay a TMNT #1 club member or sell it?
  23. Latest on that 9.4 on HA is a final offer of $10,500 came in and it says "sale pending". Assuming that closes, the Comic Link buyer for the 9.4 at $7600 got a steal. Both have OW/W pages too. HA: CL: