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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking for the following books with no restoration and they can be raw too: 1) Witches Tales #25 - (let me know what grade you have) 2) Any Timely (All-Select, Cap, Human Torch, Submariner, etc) or golden age Schomburg war issues from other publishers. I have a bunch of them, can't remember issues, just the covers. If you have any that you are willing to part with, please let me know. I am looking raw or graded issues, in the 2.0 to 3.5 range for these, no resto at all. 3) Weird Science #9 - (let me know what grade you have) 4) War Comics #11 5) Trick r' Treat CGC 9.8 signature series or a raw copy 6) Tales of the Crypt #35 7) Real Life Comics #5, #7, #13, #15, #26, and #28. 8) World War III #1 (Atomic bomb cover) 9) Vault of Horror #27 Also looking for any Macross/Robotech and Godzilla toys. Thank you!
  2. Forgot to post my reveal! I received my gift from @comicparadox and I loved it. I didn’t even know they made large magazine size EC reprints! I absolutely love them!! And the other goodies. Love the Creepy too!!!
  3. Just gotta keep using those dehumidifiers then.
  4. They work really well. One of them covers 300 sq ft. I have three of them in the safe lol. Total overkill. And they last 10 years. The Damp Rids are good, but it’s a one use item. I also have them in my gun case too with a bull frog rust inhibitor. I’ve seen Costco sell the two pack Eva Drys for $19.00
  5. I bought a safe from Costco, the big gun safe. I have all my slabs in there. I also have three of these in the safe. Which is overkill. But I also have insurance, not sure if it covers rust forming. I think it might cover everything but that, like natural disaster, fire and theft. I got it after the house next door caught fire and my comics were stolen from a storage unit. New and Improved Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier Ive never had any problems and the humidity is year round here. I occasionally just open the same to air it out and to recharge the dehumidifiers. Again, no problems with them or with rust forming.
  6. I’m glad you like it. Didn’t get a chance to put my name on anything. I just dropped it off and forgot to label anything lol.
  7. I’m glad you like it. Didn’t get a chance to put my name on anything. I just dropped it off and forgot to label anything lol.
  8. Yeah I know lol. I thought it was $50, before I posted, then I noticed it was $25.
  9. I have a $25 amazon gift card and a few boxes of Mac Nut Chocolate and kona coffee. All together. Will post a pic later.
  10. Mailed my secret santa yesterday! via priority mail. Hope my person likes it.