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  1. damn! what the hell I was eating and this...smh
  2. here is my 2nd planet I own now!
  3. I got to step up my game!! it seems like planets are extremely popular right now and maybe forever because I've looked at at least 10 different sites and they barley have any in stock.(in grade I want.)
  4. where do you keep finding these!! lol .....congrats!:)
  5. SushiX

    PGM: Planet Comics #10

    ...........oops wrong forum....
  6. thanks!! hope it finds a good home:)
  7. first in thread wins, PMs welcome. Shipping is free! No returns on CGC graded comics. Paypal preferred! asking 850.....offers welcome:) 
  8. SushiX

    Pedigree Comics

    I got this(windy city pedigree)on the boards from Starw-man! its nothing crazy but I love the cover(reminds me of the little rascals)it was less than 200 bucks! I believe the person who bought the whole or most of the windy city collection is here on the boards (moondog I believe) which is way cool! you should definitely be on the look out on the sells forum because like this, you can always find wonderful pedigree books from time to time.
  9. I know I shouldn't say what I'm going to bid on but whoever is going to bid on 15 be ready to go to war!!!
  10. 2 fine ladies! I love them!