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  1. not at all! just getting ready for some other things in life:)
  2. planet 53 rockford pedigree 4.5 asking 700 whoever takes this will get 62 free! unless 62 sells first.
  3. first up! planet 60 Toledo pedigree qualified 9.0 asking SOLD
  4. Feel free to email with offers but first , or equiv, in the thread wins. No returns on CGC graded books No reprobates or HOS. Paypal preferred whoever takes 53 will get 62 free! unless 62 sells first.
  5. sushi-cuz I make it and love it! x- mystery so sushix! avatar-the cat looks funny with
  6. why dont you throw me that planet 10?
  7. I asked the exact same question little over 3 years ago when I first got into GA and I believe it's never to late! but my advice is collect what you love and dont get discouraged if you cant find a specific book because if you wait patiently enough it will pop up!....get ready to have a blast!!