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  1. The funny thing was, it was literally just that. They stacked up the 6 issues and glued them together with a cover. It's not like they did a special printing or anything.
  2. Back in the day, a friend of mine won one of these. It was indeed just all 6 issues with a cover glued onto it. Which #1 cover you got, Newsstand or Direct, was random. He ended up with not only the Direct Edition cover (which everyone wanted) but it was a double cover.
  3. I found one in a ASM 165 several years ago.
  4. The circulation for major newspapers in the early '80s was really large. The Dallas Times Herald's circulation (that also had several comics distributed through it) was in the neighborhood of 300,000. Even assuming half of these were destroyed, there would still be a ton out there. I assume the Chicago Tribune had circulation much, much higher than 300,000.
  5. Reached out to me about something that I listed a loooooong time ago (kudos for using the search). We quickly agreed on a price and he paid immediately. Very smooth transaction.
  6. This is the counterfeit - 100% positive. Go back a page and look at my earlier post.
  7. One book on the block and just in time for Christmas. Fantastic Four #1 CGC 2.0 c/ow $7,250 $7,000 $6,800 SOLD shipped in the US (split international shipping) No HOS or Probies Unconditional beats all in-progress negotiations.
  8. I got a call from a LCS down the street asking if I could come look at some books for potential pressing/grading. In the stack was TMNT 1-4, all first print. The books are beat but it's pretty cool finding them all in an OO collection.
  9. ASM 300 has a pretty broad range of red in the cover too. Stuff like that happens as the ink on one plate gets used.
  10. CGC does not verify signatures after the fact nor do they slab posters; they are too large.