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  1. This arrived today. It was sitting in an OO collection that was recently picked up in Kansas City.
  2. I picked this up at Ollie's the other day. The book is complete but 5 wraps in the middle of the book are duplicated all kinds of jacked up.
  3. Is that a Rob Liefeld Cover sketch? That's best know as d-i-ck touching.
  4. If you're storing comics off-site, insurance is essential. It's cheap and may even be included on your homeowner's policy.
  5. Would you pay more than 9.4 Blue for this book or less?
  6. Picked this up yesterday. The miswrap only affects the cover. The contents of the book are fine.
  7. The funny thing was, it was literally just that. They stacked up the 6 issues and glued them together with a cover. It's not like they did a special printing or anything.
  8. Back in the day, a friend of mine won one of these. It was indeed just all 6 issues with a cover glued onto it. Which #1 cover you got, Newsstand or Direct, was random. He ended up with not only the Direct Edition cover (which everyone wanted) but it was a double cover.
  9. The circulation for major newspapers in the early '80s was really large. The Dallas Times Herald's circulation (that also had several comics distributed through it) was in the neighborhood of 300,000. Even assuming half of these were destroyed, there would still be a ton out there. I assume the Chicago Tribune had circulation much, much higher than 300,000.