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  1. Reach out to Ben, he's looking for the missing images from Canadian Price Variant collectors and many have already helped out willingly. Yes, the guide is constantly expanding with books, images, articles, etc...
  2. Hi David, the images for a few of the books on your list can be found on
  3. CGC Changes their labels from " Edition" to " Price Variant" for Australian, Canadian and Pence books starting tomorrow ....fantastic news !!! Two Thumbs up to STEVE and everyone else who helped contribute towards this positive change over the years !!!
  4. You should reach out to Ben at , he's putting together images for all the Marvel and DC Canadian Price Variants. You guys could share images and help one another. What are you planning on doing with the images?
  5. Subby1938: Definitely agree that key books are hard to find, particularly in high grades. *(Batman 357 is a 75c Price Variant)
  6. I'm in the same boat, it states GRADED as of today. Is there any way that at this stage I might see it ONLY on the CGC census but NOT on my online submission form?
  7. I agree with Finecollector who described it just perfectly . Although, your best bet would be to personally meet up with collectors in Montreal and Laval.
  8. SILVERXSURFER, I just sent you a PM. I'd be interested if you're selling. PM me when you can
  9. Andy, you bring up an important topic! It has happened a few times where a seller tells me " sorry I do not ship to Canada...only the USA" . I never understood that logic since it takes less than a minute for me to fill out a form and ship to a fellow brother in the USA.
  10. I do have a TMNT #1 CPV but looking for some of the other numbers if you have within one of those series . And it goes without saying that I’m also looking for other key C.P.V.’s in higher grade from other publishers. Let me know if you come across any interesting books please. Thanks for thinking of me
  11. Nice seeing so many in one collection. What an iconic cover and first appearance...congrats!
  12. Thanks Parabellum, I appreciate it...and promise to be very generous if you or anyone can help out
  13. Congrats on the grade ! I'm hoping on finding a 9.6-9.8 Canadian Edition if anyone can help ! Would pay a finders fee if a deal goes through !