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  1. Yah, cool episode, but stupid idea to have Rosita and Tyreese's sister, Bernice, go after Negan.
  2. Not really, they just leave it to the imagination, that after hundreds of years, he does actually age, albeit much slower than regular people. I find this much more realistic than Wolverine being truly immortal, like a vampire or something.
  3. It does make sense, though. Logan's failing healing power added so much tension and drama.
  4. I can't stop thinking about the movie!!! So aaaaaaawwwwweeeeesooooome!!!
  5. Yes, the chemistry between Jackman/Keen/Stewart was palpable. Transcendent performances.
  6. I am obsessed w/this movie now and plan to see it at least one more time. Dafne Keen was sooooooo good.
  7. Just got back from seeing it again and loved it this time. What a performance by Dafne Keen as X23.
  8. Thought it was just ok. Antagonists were generic. X24 = stupid. X23 was FANTASTIC, best part of the movie. 2nd half of the movie was better than the 1st. Fight scenes were great, but mean very little when the villains are so generic and blah.
  9. Please don't stop posting WD related Skybound stuff here!!! Shawn is awesome!
  10. Too bad it is one of the WORST books in the history of comics. Serious dung that title was.
  11. I thought it was largely disappointing. It is 25 minutes of story and then just gun fire the rest of the movie. The only new character that was mildly interesting was the deaf girl. Loved the 1st movie, this was ok, but nowhere near as interesting.