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  1. I didn’t think of it that way, but that’s probably a valid reason. I thought the only reasons he may have returned it were (1) he didn’t read my message saying to keep it or (2) he REALLY didn’t want it taking up space in his house if he wasn’t happy with it I just wanted to do something nice for him because I felt bad that I didn’t inspect the poster close enough and now he got something not as described. So I thought letting him keep it instead of hassling with returning it would be the nice thing to do. Thanks for the input!
  2. Thanks, that’s how I feel too. I was trying to be nice by letting him keep it and refund him. I just thought it was weird that someone would spend their own money on return postage after receiving a full refund.
  3. I wanted to get some opinions from you guys... About a month ago I sold a limited edition poster. When the buyer received it there was a tear in it so he wanted to return it for a full refund. I felt really bad that I didn’t see it had a tear so I told him to keep it and gave him a full refund. The money cleared and the refund was closed on 2/26 Today the poster arrived in the mail... I don’t know why the buyer went ahead and paid money to ship it back to me after already getting a full refund. Should I ask him why he went ahead and returned it anyways, or would that come off as rude? Should I just go ahead refund him the $10 shipping he paid to return it? (Can I even do that now that the refund is closed and the PayPal transaction already shows up as being refunded?) I just don’t know why you would pay money to return it when you’ve already been refunded. Even if you really didn’t want it. If it were me and I didn’t want to hassle with trying to sell it I would just give it to a thrift store or something. I’m assuming maybe he’s just trying to be nice/honest and show he wasn’t scamming me? Any advice on how to handle it would be appreciated.
  4. For the last few years the thing I wanted more than anything was Batman art by Frank Quitely and a few weeks ago I finally got something
  5. Oh ok, and they won't be able to leave feedback?
  6. Okay, so I had an auction that was marked as US shipping only, I even excluded every other location and had the little box checked to block buyers who don't live in a location I ship to. I even added in big red letters to the description "Shipping to United States only" Despite all of this somehow a buyer from Chile won the auction anyways. I decided to go ahead and send him an invoice for shipping to Chile (I figured he wouldn't want to pay $20+ for shipping on a $15 item). Sure enough the next day he messages me and says that he can't afford it and wants to cancel. If he is unable to make an official request to cancel since more than an hour has passed then I will have to be the one who makes the request to cancel correct? I'm worried though because if I do make the request to cancel he can still leave me negative feedback even though he never paid right? If he does actually leave negative feedback I may be able to get eBay to remove the negative by showing them his message where he says he cannot pay but I feel like there's no guarantee that they'll definitely remove it. I'm inclined to just let an unpaid item case be opened that way I am protected. Do you guys think this would be best or should I take the chance and request to cancel the transaction?