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  1. Would buy from again, shipped safely, quickly and the books look great. Thanks so much!
  2. Thank you everyone! The dealer I bought it from had it listed as F/VF on their site so I was pretty disappointed when I got it yesterday and saw the tear on the back. With that tear, I thought the highest it could probably get is a 5.5 so it’s good to hear some of you think it could be a little better.
  3. It’s a small chunk that’s still barely attached on the bottom edge of the back cover
  4. There is a tear on the bottom back cover that is about 3/4" long.
  5. Thanks guys! Ive been looking for a nice copy for a little bit and this looked really good for the grade so I couldn’t pass it up
  6. Thanks, I will check for that when I get the book in hand
  7. Don’t have this in hand yet so I’ll use these scans. Wanted to get your guys opinions