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  1. The next one for me is Motor City in mid-May. Probably won't know until April if it's on. There is a small one in Toledo today but I'm not inclined to risk it.
  2. Tough for me with the finger print. Maybe it knocks it down to 8.0?
  3. Well, that’s good news for me or another tie breaker... Got lucky and nailed it
  4. Came across this in a recent purchase. (I think Flash #266) I started collecting at age 12 right when this was being hyped. Back then it sounded so cool. I still love this era just for sheer nostalgia while mixing in my older business-sense. Back in the day, I bought the Batman Spectacular new only to get rid of it in the mid-80's when I wasn't collecting. Since have bought it again though it cost more than $1 I think the Showcase Deadman run ended up in the Dollar Comics Adventures. (Which I have and love.) I wonder what that Showcase Deadman original art cover would be worth or if it even exists? Not sure if Demand Classics was produced?
  5. I love that I checked off GSX 1 already. Maybe HOS this year?
  6. HOS 92. X-Men 1 may be out of reach.
  7. Well, only a couple weeks in and I did land one of my "grails". I can happily say I own a copy of Giant-Size X-Men #1. Big thanks to October!
  8. Here’s to good health for Bob! One of the best dealers in the industry.