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  1. I love that I checked off GSX 1 already. Maybe HOS this year?
  2. HOS 92. X-Men 1 may be out of reach.
  3. Well, only a couple weeks in and I did land one of my "grails". I can happily say I own a copy of Giant-Size X-Men #1. Big thanks to October!
  4. Here’s to good health for Bob! One of the best dealers in the industry.
  5. Got mine from Silver today! Sorry, no picture as I was only home for minutes and then gone until next Wednesday. Beautiful Superman 1970 Adams cover goodness!
  6. GSX 1, HOS 92 or an outside chance of X-Men 1 for grails.
  7. I hear you. It is kind of frustrating when you don’t even get a PM. Maybe they haven’t opened?
  8. I'm honored you chose mine. I'll send a message to you!
  9. Always fun to see what everyone got and to thank the senders for their thoughtfulness. I got some books I've never owned from Aaron (guldanaaron1). Interesting reading upcoming!
  10. Form in. #26 From experience, there are great prizes here. And, I have been picked #1 once and Greggy's Raffle Prize is all it's cracked up to be! (Seriously... though the jokes will start... lol)
  11. I always felt Moon Knight "looked" and sounded cool but rarely did his stories do much for me. More on potential and hype for me.
  12. Note to self: Don't let my wife know I was anticipating this... that way it wouldn't be hidden under couch as a Christmas Eve surprise...