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  1. DC Superstars #7 with Aquaman. Bought at a supermarket in Adrian, MI while visiting grandparents
  2. Two 3’s to close it out. Didn’t think I’d end up this high. Congratulations to all!
  3. Here's my prize to offer: 8 - DC 100 Pagers, including all the JLA ones. A virtual Omnibus! Conditions range from VG to Fine -, maybe VF on one. Nice reader set. I bought most of these at Comic book shows back in the late 70's, early 80's when my early teen self wasn't as concerned with the "grade". Have since upgraded.
  4. Nice! Mine is only a VF8.0. I'm the same with Adams B&B's. I think I need only 1 more of those Adams ones. I'm working on wrapping up the early 100's so I'll have the final 100 issues. My Grail is in B&B as well. I got #28 5 years ago from Bob Storms.
  5. Slowly. Thanks to Greggy's Mystery Box and some easy purchases, I'm about 1/3 through on that one.
  6. I have a similar dispensation... Most of my biggest collections involve "team-ups/groups". In order for me: JLA, X-Men, Brave & The Bold, Avengers, Worlds Finest... My largest outlier is Conan. On a side note, I like your avatar. I've seen Yes three times: 1984, 1991 Reunion Concert, 2000 with surround sound. Sadly, the loss of Chris Squire stopped the band in my opinion.
  7. I've got #3. #20 is one of the 28 left
  8. Very happy to find a beautiful, reasonably priced copy of MTU #1. Big thanks to Superworld! In the process, also got MTU #95. Only 28 issues to go to complete my MTU run. (Yes, I'm a completionist…) Good thing is all expensive issues are now in hand. I trace my interest in MTU back to a Treasury Size Spiderman from the late 70's. The X-Men crossover (#4) reprinted in spiked my curiousity. But that was about it. I only bought a few issues back in the day. It was only when I started collecting again in 1994 that I focused a bit more by buying #4. Dabbled a bit and then won the Greggy Mystery Box which added almost 50 issues! And, there we have it. Excelsior!
  9. Last Sunday I decided to go looking for some smaller books for my collection. Additionally, I wanted to buy some books that struck me at the moment, like I did as a kid. LOL Spent about $90 but am happy. The Marvel Premiere was one I owned fresh off the newsstand back in the day but got rid of in the mid-80's. The FF Annual and Giant Size were totally spur of the moment and prices I couldn't pass up. Most of these were plugging holes in the collection or upgrades. Fun to just buy on impulse at times...