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  1. Mines only an 8.0 by my estimation. Still love owning it.
  2. Have owned this for years and it really hasn't grown much in value. But I love the JSA/Solomon Grundy angle which I why I bought it 20 years ago.
  3. I've been converting all my "over $15" books to the Mylite2's and Full Backs/Half Backs for a couple of years now. They look great. Regarding Full Backs vs Half Backs, I agree with Domo Arigato. Space is an issue so the Half Backs come in handy for a lot of books. The other thing that helped me with space was I stopped buying new, modern books in 2015... Found I was just feeding my completionist curse and not really reading them.
  4. The value is more curiosity. I can count on one hand the amount of times I've sold a comic (much to my wife's consternation... )
  5. So, it's amazing the little comic things that entertain me... I bought ASM#200 for my nephew's birthday. Looked like a 9.0/9.2 in the bag and it was only $9. I got home, removed it from the bag and what do I discover? It has 2 covers. And this is the first time in almost 40 years of collecting I ever stumbled across a double cover. The outer cover is completely loose with no staple marks. (Light is reflecting off a bit in picture.) Assuming it's worth the normal 9.2?
  6. As George Takei would say, "Oh my!" Great Raffle gifts!
  7. I think it's an easy 3.0/3.5 but could go as high as a 4.0.
  8. As much as I love Wrightson Swamp Thing, HOS92 does seem like it's jumped up a lot in recent years. That said, I still need to get it...