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  1. I remember buying it at drug store. Was unique at time but I was only 13. No historical context
  2. I went there around 1981. You could see it in the distance from my aunts condo
  3. One of my favorites. Best Bond.
  4. Thanks. I struggle with selling them. But I’ll probably include a print in my Holiday Raffle prizes. Sometimes people enjoy them.
  5. Always liked Perez and probably influenced me. Mix in Byrne and Adams as favorites as well. I love Wrightson but have struggled to develop his “flow” and shadows. Growing up I used to try and recreate many of these artists pictures. Big John Buscema is probably mixed in as well. Loved Conan as a kid.
  6. Thanks. I realized this picture wasn’t the final version. Added some more details before I sent it to printer. I was happy with Loki it’s those horns can be tricky.
  7. It’s been about 7 years since I did my first Avengers drawing. Wanted to do another. On its way to make some prints for family. Thanks for letting me share!
  8. I’m relatively happy. My focus does have the completionist curse. I tend to like 1970’s era. Late 70’s was when I started. DC and Marvel. Glad I stopped buying new books 5 years ago. Was just filling space.
  9. Great owner. This was my go to for about 10 years when I bought new books. Stopped about 6 years ago and don’t work nearby anymore
  10. Brave and the Bold 28 - 30, 130 - 200, all Adams issues but 1 Justice League of America full run Conan full run DC Comics Presents full run X-Men 94 - 300 Avengers 147 - 255 but still looking for 221 close on completing Marvel Team Up. Need about 20 or so issues i am cursed by the Completionist Dilemma....