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  1. My bad. I didn't read the entire thread! It was fun while it lasted and I know the hard work everyone used to put in.
  2. Thanks to all who put this together! Great time to spread our joy of the hobby. Here's to a great 2021!
  3. #4 pick on my end! Happy to catch it at #17
  4. Wow, I'm honored to have mine picked so high! Message sent
  5. Wonderful gifts from my Secret Santa, Ron C! Happy Holidays!
  6. Mystery Box of comics from me (most likely heavier DC). Will try to get things as close to person's interest. Additionally, if the selector would like, I'll throw in one of my prints. (Spidey or Avengers)
  7. HOS 92. Came close this year but got two other grails instead
  8. I remember buying it at drug store. Was unique at time but I was only 13. No historical context
  9. I went there around 1981. You could see it in the distance from my aunts condo
  10. One of my favorites. Best Bond.