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  1. This is why I don't trust red carpet reviewers. Obviously I'll see it and form my own opinions. But from all the hype I really thought this movie would be better than Infinity War (which is saying a lot).
  2. I always put Gone With The Wind as the real target. You have to adjust for inflation to make a true comparison of history.
  3. I got spoiled!!! Some insufficiently_thoughtful_person posted in the title of a YouTube video "(Spoiler Info Here)...Warning: Spoiler Video" and you can see the movie capture picture.
  4. Transformer: The Movie...when Optimus Prime died. That movie traumatized a lot of childhoods. So if Endgame is able to make me cry (which I doubt) it will hold a special place in my heart.
  5. Why are so many people saying they cried. That only makes me think Captain America or Iron Man is gonna die (or both!). Stan Lee cameo? End credits? Do I need to stay 10 minutes after the 3 hours? I have no patience.
  6. Just looking at his avatar I think his opinion might be a bit biased. I never trust these red carpet premier reviews/opinions. I challenge anybody to find a movie premier where somebody comes out and says "eh, the movie was okay". Having said all that, for this movie, I believe every positive word. This will challenge Gone With The WInd. Don't think it will topple it...but there's a chance.
  7. I think they will leave some things unanswered for George RR Martin to resolve. The show just needs to answer the one and only question...who will be on the iron throne when all is done.
  8. I almost quit collecting comics because of this. They somehow made Iceman an Omega level mutant. Gambit was somehow able to achieve beyond Omega levels. It seems like the only mutant who isn't Omega or beyond is Jubilee (for now). Release the movie already!!! I don't know how much longer I can avoid spoilers.
  9. My theory on what makes a hit show... 1. Action (check) 2. A good story/concept/idea (check) 3. Nudity (check?) ***The trailer looked fantastic
  10. . Just put it on Disney+ and be done with it...or cancel. At this point it is reaching "Justice League level" of red flags.
  11. For the toy geeks...go pick up the Hot Toys version of this Iron Man. 1/6 scale of pure awesomeness. Pre-orders are available and some sites have it ready for shipping. Range is from $600 - $800.
  12. Agree. He states it in his description area. We can't police stupidity. Plus those bids are probably fake. He has a burner account or some friends bidding.
  13. Wait, wut?!?!?! I haven't been keeping up with the Kardashians...been too busy with MCU threads. But is the title really "The Rise Of Skywalker"? It better be Luke!!! Also just watched the teaser/trailer (I don't know what the difference is these days) and it was "eh". Show me some new robots, show me a bigger Star Destroyer, show me some weird looking aliens! I think all the excitement has been systematically beaten out of me through years of disappointment. Edit: And why are you running from a speeding vehicle?!?!?! Starkiller took down a Star Destroyer with the force. Use the force!!!
  14. $6.99 a month!!! I spent more than that this morning eating breakfast! Things I can give up once a month to afford this: - one breakfast - a tin of Kodiak chewing tobacco - One Starbucks mocha latte - Belle Delphine Patreon membership - 3 Totinos pizzas
  15. - "And then"...that cracked me up (yes, I'm easily amused) - Hellboys new look (or just the fact that I didn't see Ron Perlman when looking at him) - Action filled For a trailer, what else could I ask for. It's a good trailer.