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  1. No, it wasn't straight forward. If it was straight forward then the question would be "what else has he directed for you to be excited?". To me it doesn't matter what else he has directed (in fact I haven't seen those other movies he's directed). But I like what he did in the MCU. I liked what he did in LOTR...and I love Venom. So I'm excited (look at my sig line). ***Then again, I was excited for Shane Black to direct The Predator
  2. I don't understand your question. Are you asking to wonder why I'm excited? Or are you asking for an actual answer to the question?
  3. Instant upgrade to CGI and motion capture. One of the rare movies where I think part II (two) will be better than part I (one). ***I'm so excited!
  4. Blade (hope they have Wesley Snipe cameos) Natalie Portman as Female Thor (Don't like her character and the MCU still has male Thor...would have rather seen Iron Heart) Tessa Thompson being a lesbian (I just really like her character) Eternals Black Widow Overall I'll give it a B+. I was really hoping form X-Men news.
  5. Looks like he pulls his inspiration from Calvin and Hobbes.
  6. Cool stuff. Thanks man. Just as good as being there...almost. ***Get to the Hot Toys display!
  7. C'mon man. You can't make that argument. Both story and characters were already developed in the comics. I don't know how original something can be when it's built on an existing story and idea.
  8. I would have done the same thing. Lonely and horny is a bad combination. On topic...I need to find out if they're re-releasing Endgame in my theater. Just think, they might show off Fantastic Four or some other characters in Phase 4.
  9. Jennifer Lawrence in that swimsuit is better than the bartender. I don't like her recent acting performances but she's still hot. I didn't like how mean her character was to Chris Pratt until he risked his life and almost died (or actually did die). The things you have to do to impress Jennifer Lawrence. Plus you would think if they were going to build a spaceship it would withstand space debris.
  10. Great move. If you get this close you might as well go for it... (I like this new emoji LOL)